Investment conditions in Egypt for Saudis 2022 (detailed)

Investment conditions in Egypt for Saudis 2022 (detailed)

Investment in Egypt has spread to Saudis in particular and to all foreigners in general, and this is because investment is one of the most important means that can raise the status of countries economically and work to increase production. In reducing unemployment, increasing national vinegar, and investment takes various forms within each country, there is public investment, foreign investment, and private investment.

Investing in Egypt for Saudis

A large number of countries, led by Egypt, are keen to encourage foreign investment in them, in order to pump foreign currencies into their economy significantly, as well as work to help them in growth and development, and the matter is not limited to achieving gains for the country that encourages investment within it only, but it extends to gains for the investor. The foreigner himself and his assistance in achieving great material gains by obtaining the quarters as a result of this investment, in addition to benefiting from the large number of advantages granted by the state to encourage him to invest in it.

Investment goals in Egypt

Egypt seeks to greatly encourage investment within it, due to the achievement of a set of goals behind this investment by foreigners and Saudis, the most important of which are the following:

  • The Egyptian government is keen to encourage investment to support the national economy and help in its growth.
  • Investing also benefits the investors by reaping significant gains.
  • Creating a suitable environment for investment to attract a large number of investors to it and thus facilitating procedures for more new investments.
  • This is done through the General Investment Authority promoting investment opportunities and thus encouraging local investments.

The most important conditions for investing in Egypt for Saudis

There is a set of investment conditions in Egypt for Saudis that must be adhered to, in order to attract foreign investment to it, and thus the success of this investment significantly, and among the most important conditions for investment in Egypt are the following:

  • investment environment

The investment environment means the possibility of entering Egypt, with the establishment of projects with the utmost ease, and the ease of the procedures required for investment, and this is done through the granting of all licenses related to investment with the granting of approvals, in order to be able to obtain land and facilities, especially in the case of projects related to transportation. transportation and energy.

  • political terms

One of the most important conditions for investment in Egypt for Saudis is the political conditions, and these conditions are among the most important conditions for investment in Egypt, and this is because the political trends of the state greatly affect the influx of foreign investments to it, and perhaps the most famous example of this is foreign investments in Japan, from Fifties period.

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  • Availability of documented international expertise and experience

One of the most important conditions for investing in Egypt for Saudis is the importance of having previous experiences in the field of investment, and this is due to the tendency of large foreign companies to invest within countries that have a large and strong group of strong local investments, and this is due to the fact that these countries will greatly help in success of foreign investment.

  • Economic conditions

The economic conditions are one of the most important aspects of investment in Egypt for Saudis, which is closely related to the law of supply and demand, and the supply factors are the ability of foreign companies to be able to access production inputs from machines and production equipment.

Demand factors are closely related to the nature of the market, as the size of the market is not related to the population, but rather to each individual’s share of the national income, thus contributing significantly to the rise in purchasing indicators and thus working on the success of investment projects in Egypt.

Conditions for investment residency in Egypt

After being able to know the conditions for investing in Egypt for Saudis, there are a set of conditions that must be adhered to by countries that wish to invest in Egypt, in order to be able to obtain investment residency in Egypt, and the most important of these conditions are the following:

  1. The first of these conditions is to obtain investment residency, and this is done by being the owner of a company or facility, or even being a partner or shareholder in it.
  2. The investment residency is canceled in the event the investor leaves the company or in the event of canceling the registration of the company, establishment or institution from the commercial register.
  3. The period of residency for investment in Egypt is one year, but if the investor proves his seriousness to invest and implement the project successfully, the residency will be extended for another year.
  4. In many cases in which Saudis invest in Egypt, the residency is renewed more than once, but the residency must not be more than five years or more than the total period during which the project is implemented.
  5. The Board of Directors of the General Investment Authority can impose other conditions by obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Interior.

Controls of investment residency in Egypt

In the end, the investment residency is granted in Egypt according to the model prepared by the General Investment Authority, and this is done in accordance with the rules and regulations that are issued by the board of directors of the authority. All these procedures are done after obtaining approval from the Ministry of Interior, which grants approval after reviewing the detailed information The most important of this information is the purpose of establishing the company as well as knowing a set of information about the capital and the number of labor available in it.

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The cost of investment residence in Egypt

Investment residency is granted to those wishing to invest in Egypt for Saudis, and the investor’s share in the investment company must not be less than 35,000 US dollars, so that he can obtain approval for investment residency in Egypt.

Documents required for investment residency in Egypt

There are a set of papers that must be provided by those wishing to invest in Egypt for Saudis, and the most important papers required are the following:

  • It is necessary to have an official copy of the investor’s commercial register, to indicate that he is the owner or founder of the company. The original commercial register is submitted to the Passports and Immigration Department.
  • A copy of the investor’s passport.
  • A copy of the rental contract must be available stating that his place is rented to him or owned by him.
  • The investor waits for a period of no less than one to four months to obtain the security approval.

The most important and best areas of investment in Egypt

There are a range of fields and opportunities for those wishing to invest in Egypt for Saudis, and one of the most important areas of investment is investment in industry, investment in projects, or investment in technology, but during this time, the best investment fields are real estate investment, which is one of the best areas of investment in Egypt. This indicates that it achieves great profits and gains, whether it is a long-term real estate investment or a short-term real estate investment. The most important types of real estate investment are the following:

  1. Investing in land for construction.
  2. Investing by buying, selling or renting real estate.
  3. Trade and investment in apartments.

The New Administrative Capital, Cairo, the North Coast, 6th of October, and New Alamein are the most important and best cities through which to invest in real estate in Egypt.

Advantages of investing in Egypt

There is a wide range of advantages that all those wishing to invest in Egypt can benefit from for Saudis, and these features help greatly in providing a modern and developed environment to be able to encourage investment in Egypt, and the most important of these features are the following:

  • Being able to set timetables for investment services, and thus the Egyptian government responds to all investor requirements that are presented during the investment time period.
  • Granting all investors the full right to use foreign labor at a rate that cannot exceed 10%.
  • The percentage of foreign labor can increase to 20% in the absence of national labor.
  • All those wishing to invest in Egypt for Saudis can apply for all services and pay fees through the Internet.
  • Providing full government support for all new projects, and this is represented in the significant reduction in the costs of connecting utilities to these projects.
  • Ease of transferring money abroad.
  • Providing all tools that mainly aim to calm conflicts and create a suitable environment for work and investment in Egypt.
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Law on investment in Egypt

There is a special law for all those wishing to invest in Egypt for Saudis. The Egyptian government has created a new law to attract more foreign investments to the country. The new investment law aims to give more incentives and a large number of advantages to all investors, the most important of which are the following:

  • Expediting all procedures related to new projects.
  • Offering discounts of up to 50% of the value of taxes on all investments located in remote and undeveloped areas.
  • Providing financial support to connect all the basic facilities of the new projects.
  • It grants all investors the right to recover 50% of the total purchase price of land on which industrial projects are built.
  • The possibility of working in free zones that are exempted from taxes and customs related to the private sector.
  • The investment project, whether a company or a facility, can be established within three years.
  • The period can be extended only once, through a decision of the Council of Ministers.
  • The period is extended through the competent minister submitting the request for the extension to the Council of Ministers.

The most important procedures for establishing capital companies in Egypt

In order for those wishing to invest in Egypt for Saudis to be able to establish a company from the money companies, it is necessary at the outset to choose the administrative authority that specializes in establishing a company from the money companies, taking care that the investor submits a set of documents necessary to approve the application for establishing the company, with payment of the prescribed fees, and the required fees are paid. This is in accordance with the provisions of the new investment law.

Encouraging investment in Egypt

Investing in Egypt for Saudis is one of the things that brings a lot of benefits, whether to the investor or to Egypt, due to the fact that investment inside Egypt by foreigners is due to the rapid growth in its economy.

Therefore, the Egyptian government is interested in encouraging investment in Egypt and the large flow of funds from Arabs and foreigners. Therefore, the Egyptian government has offered a wide range of advantages that encourage investors to undertake more investment projects inside Egypt.

In conclusion, after we have finished talking about the most important conditions for investing in Egypt for Saudis, with mentioning the most important advantages of investing in Egypt by foreigners, we hope that our article has benefited you.

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