Is a classified ads site project profitable? Here is the summary and how to create it

Is a classified ads site project profitable? Here is the summary and how to create it

The idea of ​​creating a Classified Ads site or classified ads site such as Bayzat or the OpenSooq site is considered one of the most successful ideas in the field of profit from the Internet, due to its many advantages and advantages, and since many want to design a classified ads site, in this article we will list the ways to earn money From creating a classified ads site and explaining how to design and program a classified ads site and the best script for classified ads sites.

As usual, on the Go Start website, the information will be direct, brief and understandable to everyone, so do not go away and bring your usual cup of coffee and focus a little to get a comprehensive idea of ​​​​designing a classified ads site.

What is the site Ads Classified Ads

It is a website that allows website owners, blogs and e-stores to display their products, services or content, for sale, download or subscription, and at the same time allows customers and visitors to view these products, services and offers in general and complete the purchase or equivalent process. So it is simply the design of a classified ads platform that is an “intermediary electronic platform” between advertisers and customers.

What is the point of designing a website? advertisements Classified?

If your site attracts a large number of visitors daily, you will earn a lot of money. Quite simply, this is the benefit and in many ways we will mention it. We must mention that it is an advertisement site that is easy to export because its content is daily renewed and written by the visitors themselves. All you have to do is monitor the quality and credibility of the content written by advertisers to increase confidence in your site.

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Ways to earn from classified ads site

There are several ways to earn money from programming a classified ads site, and we will mention the most important of them:

1- Profit from Banner Ads

Whether it is animated or static advertising banners, it is considered one of the most popular ways to earn money that most website owners adopt, and it is simple. UX and the best of those places are at the top and to one side of the page. For a better application of this method, make sure to:

  • Choose banners from the same field of specialization as your site or the same interests of visitors.
  • Do not place advertising banners for a company’s products or services that are not active in your target geographic area.
  • The language of advertising banners is important, so make at least 60% of them in the language of the target audience. For example, if your audience speaks Arabic, reduce ads in English or French.
  • There are two systems for profiting from advertising banners on the classified ads website, which are through dealing with one of the advertising platforms:
  1. CPC: An acronym for Cost Per Click, a mechanism by which profit is calculated for a visitor’s click on an advertisement.
  2. CPM: An acronym for Cost Per Mille, here the cost per 1000 ad impressions is calculated for visitors regardless of the ad click.
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If you are going to deal with the world’s most famous advertising platform, Google Adsense, then the AdSense revenue sharing ratio is fixed and you will be given 68% of the ad revenue for each click made by your visitors or the return per thousand impressions. and the nature of its products. Here is our previous article: How much is the average profit from Google Adsense on Arab sites.

2- Profit through paid advertiser subscriptions

The idea is that after designing a classified ads site, website owners or other advertisers in general subscribe to your advertising site by opening an account, either free or paid, and the paid account, of course, has more features and characteristics than the free account, and this subscription is by paying an annual or monthly amount of money via Electronic payment gates automatically after registration and registration of the advertiser’s financial data. In general, paid account holders benefit from the most important advantages:

  • The priority of their ads appearing on the most visited and viewed pages of your site or in a special tab.
  • Do not specify an expiration period for displaying their offers on your advertising site, unlike the ads for free accounts.

While the ads for account holders who do not pay an annual or monthly subscription are placed in a normal, undistinguished way to urge them to pay later to appear first, and what you will gain from opening these accounts for free on your site for classified ads is their email addresses, where you will be able to set up a large mailing list that you will need in Your marketing work later and in expanding your network of relationships and acquaintances. You can also take advantage of these free subscriptions in several ways.

3- Earning through premium classified ads

The idea is similar to the previous method, but the payment here is not through an annual or monthly subscription, but rather through “personal or direct negotiation with the advertiser” in exchange for a limited and momentary franchise contract, not like it is in the paid subscription.

4- Affiliate marketing for their products by making offers for their products

We have explored this part and there is nothing to add to it in this article, so I advise you to read the article on how to profit from commission marketing.

How to create a site advertisements classified

This is a set of instructions that we have carefully selected for you in order to design a professional classifieds site without the need for your knowledge of programming and design:

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Determine the area of ​​expertise of your site ad

Many neglect this point in the belief that the fact that their classified ad site includes several areas makes them achieve more profits and greater fame! Undoubtedly, this idea is wrong How to create a site advertisements classifiedIt is known that everyone trusts the specialized person more than they trust the “octopus man,” which is a name given to the person who claims to understand everything. Therefore, selecting the appropriate specialization will avoid distraction first and make the appearance of your site more consistent, attractive, and trusted by advertisers and visitors alike.

This does not mean not to diversify offers and advertisements at all, but rather it means not to exaggerate diversification in addition to the presence of well-known public sites in each country, such as a forestry in Saudi Arabia, for example. , It is better to find out what your region or country lacks and try to provide an advertising platform for them to avoid the intense competition globally and focus on your region at first.

This is easier for you even at the stage of establishing the site, because processing site data and classifications is not easy for someone who works alone from home, for example.

Choose a suitable domain name for a classified ads site

It is the email address of your site that appears at the top of the screen in the top bar, follow these instructions to be appropriate:

  • The domain name should reflect the domain of your site, which is an advertising, buying and selling site.
  • The domain name should be very short and consist of the fewest number of letters possible only to make it easy for users and customers to remember.
  • Do not use numbers, commas, dashes, question marks, etc. in the domain name because it makes it look unprofessional and difficult to remember.
  • Avoid imitating the names of other sites, especially global ones, and be creative and add your own touch, because with your perseverance and diligence, you will become like those you want to imitate or better.

An example of a good domain name: As you can see, it is short and means in Arabic “go to the world of business,” so it reflects the site’s message, which aims to help and encourage entrepreneurs to start their own projects and at the same time the name does not have commas and numbers.

Get good classified ads website hosting

You must know the importance of this step well in how to create a classified ads site, because it is the most important element as it is the place where all your site files will be stored. And in order to design a classified ads site, here is this information about Hosting

  • Hosting has a direct involvement in protecting your site from hacking and hacking operations.
  • There is a close relationship between the type of hosting you choose for your site and the speed of loading the site
  • Choose (Virtual Private Server) VPS hosting to host your blog and not shared hosting, and although it is expensive, it is worth it, but in the beginning you can postpone this step in the first year.

Choosing the best classifieds script that supports good templates and mobile apps

At this point, you have to choose well because there are more than one classified ads script, and most of them are not good and have flaws, and from my multiple experiences among classified ads software, I chose the best for you, which is a script Flynax I will explain why I chose it:

  • I tried it myself on a pet ad platform in the USA Animal Direct The site is one of my sources of income now from advertisements and premium advertising fees, as well as I used the same script for another site in Saudi Arabia for a customer specializing in parrots, and I noticed the same thing in terms of archiving pages on the same day.
  • This script is search engine friendly and within a day it archives the newly inserted ad.
  • Contains more than 5 distinct templates and a ready-made database for countries and cities
  • It has more than 97 add-ons, including free and paid, and even the free one has no limits and has no paid version. It is designed to be free with all its capabilities for FlyNax customers.
  • They have a strong support team that responds on the same day and the first 3 months of support is free, and then it becomes optional to pay $53 a month and there are discounted packages for longer periods, but I personally use them when necessary and do not pay monthly and this is simply possible.
  • They provide mobile applications compatible with the site for Android and iPhone devices, as well as they have a PWA system for the site, which is similar to converting the site into a computer and mobile application
  • There are many features that you can find from their site
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Buy Flynax classified software

Samples of the most famous advertising sites dedicated to the world and the Arab world

After learning how to program a classified ads site, here are samples of Arab classified ads sites: OuedKniss | Bezaat | OpenSooq in addition toCraig List well-known American

Some negatives of the site project advertisements classified

The idea of ​​creating a classified ads site may not be as easy as what we talked about due to these reasons:

  • You need to monitor ads permanently or choose not to publish them before they are reviewed by the admin because there are people who abuse it by publishing some prohibitions, and in both cases it needs to follow up and commit a specific number of hours each day
  • You will not make profits in the first year, and basically it is not preferable to impose any fees for the first 6 months in order to attract the largest amount of ads.

Conclusion We at are ready to help and support you in your quest to create a classified ads site, and from the above about how to create a classified ads site, we provide you with preparing a commercial identity and entering initial data to launch your platform, so do not hesitate to contact us if you decide to start designing A classified ads site, or you are still wondering how to program a classified ads site.

And do not forget the “secret of success” is to decide and take a step forward towards achieving your project. The idea of ​​creating a successful classifieds site is if you stick to our advice mentioned in this article and do not hesitate too much and start today before tomorrow if you do not have a better idea than it. Good luck to you.

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