Issuing the Saudi self-employment document through the platform and how to print it

Issuing the Saudi self-employment document through the platform and how to print it

Issuing the Saudi self-employment document through the platform, Many people around the world who are unemployed and do not find the right opportunity in order to improve their standard of living are looking for a suitable job for them, so the search is done through self-employment and finding a suitable project through which they can find work. With the technological progress in the world, the opportunity to get a job has become It is possible through what is known as self-employment through the Internet. In this context, we discuss the issuance of the Saudi self-employment document through the platform.

What is a self-employment document?

Work is the characteristic of a successful person who believes that building his personality lies in his ability to prove his presence on the ground and achieve his goals. Therefore, you find him always searching for the best possible job opportunities. In this context, we discuss what the self-employment document is:

  • Issuing the Saudi self-employment certificate, the Ministry of Development and Human Resources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is working to provide the best initiatives for its children in order to enable them to prove themselves and find a suitable job opportunity for them.
  • The main goal behind self-employment is also to provide job opportunities for Saudi men and women in the Kingdom.
  • The self-employment document helps to benefit from all self-employment services through various means of technology by issuing a self-employment document.
  • It also helps in the process of obtaining money in the legitimate way through cash transfer of funds.
  • In addition, this document gives the opportunity to those who own it to apply for financing from the Saudi government of up to 60,000 riyals when they are able to obtain this document.
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How to obtain a self-employment document through the website

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seeks to enable its people to obtain all possible job opportunities, especially due to the recent transformation of the world into full globalization. In this context, we discuss the method of obtaining a self-employment document through the website:

  • Log in to the freelance platform, through the following link here.
  • You must register your personal data, name, password, mobile number, in order to create a new account through the site.
  • There are a set of rules and laws governing work through the site that must be agreed upon.
  • A confirmation code will be sent that enables you to confirm your registration on the site, so that you can enter it on your page to be able to use the site.
  • You will notice the activation of your account through the Absher platform automatically.
  • Attach all the required papers and qualifications that you possess through the site, and include the necessary documents proving that.
  • After a week has passed from the registration process, you will have a document proving the registration of your application.

Occupations in the free labor document

The self-employment document provides access to a group of jobs in various professions, and this is something that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is working to clarify for all Saudi citizens, male and female. In this context, we discuss the professions in the self-employment document:

occupations for productive families

  • photographer.
  • Also, popular food.
  • Sweets and citrus.
  • Also, jams, pickles and sauces.
  • Tailoring, packaging and gifts.
  • Also, knitted products and seals industry.
  • Issuance of the Saudi self-employment document, perfumes, seeds and shampoo.
  • Also, drying herbs, accessories, rosary and carpet making.
  • Candle making and flower arrangement.
  • Also, drawing paintings and producing bedspreads.
  • Milk, honey, hot and cold meals.

Occupations in specialized services

  • computer software.
  • Well, software engineering.
  • Programming information systems specializing in Oracle and SAP.
  • Also, programming and developing websites.
  • Mobile application software development.
  • Also, developing electronic payment programs.
  • Data analysis and office software.
  • Also, resource planning software and cloud computing network.
  • Information technology systems and business intelligence.
  • Also, maintenance of smart devices and data entry.
  • Design, installation and maintenance of computer networks.
  • Also, e-marketing, digital media and press.
  • Translation, audio and visual translation.
  • Also, styling, make-up and hairstyling.
  • Audio recording, writing, transcription, formatting and printing.
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occupations in handicrafts

  • Wool spinning, hair and lint.
  • Also, extract tar and calligraphy.
  • Upholstery and upholstery.
  • Also, the craft of making wax and soap.
  • Building with wood and branches, building with mud and adobe.
  • Also, beading and making leather utensils.
  • Decoration and decoration.
  • Also, the manufacture of boxes, boats and ships.
  • Manufacture of mashrabiyas and cages.
  • Also, rope making, aqal weaving and al-Sadu.
  • Weaving carpets, pebbles and weavers.

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Conditions for obtaining a free labor document

When the government in any country works to provide services to its children, it works primarily to make the benefit belong to its children, so that they have the opportunity to improve their standard of living as much as possible. In this context, we address the conditions for issuing the self-employment document:

  • Those who apply for the issuance of the self-employment document must be Saudi.
  • Issuance of the Saudi self-employment document, that he does not hold any other nationalities.
  • Also, the age should not be less than 18 years.
  • Also, the applicant must have an account on the Absher platform.
  • The applicant does not have a commercial registry in Saudi Arabia.
  • He must have a number from one of the Saudi telecom companies as well as his own email address.

Features of the Saudi freelance portal and document

The businesses that the government is working to provide in order to serve its children have many advantages that motivate their children to go to it, in addition to the various facilities it provides to them. In this context, we discuss the features of the Saudi freelance portal and document:

  • The self-employment document can be extracted easily and there is no complication in it, as it can be done electronically.
  • The holder of the self-employment document is given distinctive digital payment solutions (STC Pay) to deal with it.
  • Also, those who hold this document can shop in an easy way through this self-employment document.
  • Being able to open a bank account linked to the activity and designated for the self-employment category.
  • Issuance of the Saudi self-employment document, the holders of this document are granted a set of different discounts and packages for them.
  • Also, the customer can benefit from the optional social insurance subscription.
  • The possibility of benefiting from the self-employment financing product provided by the Social Development Bank.
  • Providing the client with a stable source of income, which enables him to stabilize and improve his standard of living in a way that enables him to be more creative and productive.
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How to print a self-employment document

Obtaining a self-employment document carries with it many advantages that contribute to changing a person’s life and improving his standard of living, which helps him achieve what serves his country. In this context, we discuss the method of printing the self-employment document:

  • Log in to the self-employment platform through the website via the following link from here.
  • countries to a single national access.
  • You must enter the ID number and password for Nafath site.
  • Then click on the login icon.
  • You will face a security test that you must pass successfully.
  • Issuing the Saudi self-employment certificate, you will now be able to log into the customer’s account.
  • All freelancing documents available to the client after successful login appear as shown in the figure below.
  • The document number, the name of the client, and the date of issuance of the self-employment document will also appear, along with the fields in which the client specializes.
  • Click on the blue download.
  • You can download the self-employment document on the client’s device.
  • Now you will be able to print your freelance document easily.

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In conclusion, we presented in this article everything related to the issuance of the Saudi free labor document through the platform, as well as the advantages of obtaining the freelance document, as well as the conditions that enable you to obtain this document.

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