Job Bank in Canada is a government service for job seekers

Job Bank in Canada is a government service for job seekers

The topic of our article today, we prepared an important explanation about Job Bank in Canada Where the Canadian government is constantly striving to provide and facilitate the creation of job opportunities for citizens and residents, to provide a decent life for citizens and at the same time raise the Canadian economy.

Of course, in a previous article, we had explained about job search sites in Canada, whether for Arabic or English speakers, with or without a certificate, and we explained more about obtaining a work contract in Canada and what are the working conditions in Canada, but the subject of our article is very popular lately It is about the work bank that is most important Canadian job site Job Bank The famous one that gives you thousands of jobs suitable for all fields, specializations and experiences, also for those inside or outside Canada, what is Job Bank Canada? Follow the explanation to know the details.

Job Bank in Canada is a government service for job seekers

Many people ask about the Labor Bank located in Canada, where many people asked questions and inquiries about the nature of the bank’s work and what services the bank provides to Canadian citizens. In fact, the Canadian government recently made an integrated and regular work plan in order to provide job opportunities for Canadian citizens And for those residing on its lands or for those wishing to immigrate to it.

One of the most important rules that the Canadian government relies on is securing a decent and blessed life for all those on Canadian soil, in addition to raising the level of the Canadian economy, as all these services were collected in the Labor Bank, and therefore today we collected all the information and services provided by the bank by offering them In this our article.

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What is Job Bank Canada?

As we mentioned earlier, the Canadian government launched through its official website Canada.Ca a service called the Labor Bank that provides important points about labor services:

  1. The bank enables you to search for all kinds of opportunities within Canada and in various professional and scientific fields such as medicine, engineering, accounting, teaching and administrative work. Professional businesses vary between carpentry, cleaning, blacksmithing, professional organizations and blacksmithing.
  2. If you want to search, thousands of job opportunities will appear in front of you, which enables the researcher to find the appropriate job opportunity that he desires and work in.
  3. It also provides a service to search for a job opportunity, either on a full-time or part-time basis, based on the convenience of the employee and the daily routine that he follows. The student can also find a job opportunity during his study period.
  4. You can see all the details about the work, such as the nature of work, working hours, and what is the wage rate.

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What are the services provided by the Labor Bank in Canada?

There are many services provided by Labor Bank in Canada, which are as follows:

1. Email service for vacancies

The bank provided the e-mail service in order to send alerts about the jobs available in the bank, and it is a free notification service whose alerts are sent via e-mail, where the bank alerts the user by sending advertisements about daily jobs. The only step is an email and registration at the bank.

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2. mobile application service go

The bank has provided a special application in it in order to facilitate the process of searching for jobs and tracking their publication on a regular basis, in addition to that the application publishes the user’s favorite jobs. The application is available for free without a registration process. The application is available on Android devices and iOS devices on both Google Stores play and App store.

3. Job matching service

It is a distinguished service provided by the bank to users, where the bank was able through this service to link the job opportunities that currently exist with the user’s profile, where the bank can through this service identify the work that you desire or that is within your competence, which enables business owners to identify you and invite you to In order to apply to them for employment, registration in job Match is free and you can register in it in a few minutes.

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4. CV builder service

It is also one of the excellent services that the bank provides to users, as the bank creates a professional CV for the user with the least possible time and effort, in addition to that the bank provides him with some practical advice in addition to the skills that the bank adds to the CV. To obtain this service, you can register in the Job Bank and apply On the job you want on its terms.

But if you want to be employed and get a specific job in Canada, you must bring a work permit, as foreign workers and immigrants need a work permit, which comes as follows:

Work permit for the employer

You can obtain a work permit from that employer by implementing the following conditions:

  1. Provide the name of the employer for whom the foreigner wants to work.
  2. What time can the worker work?
  3. Add a job site.
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But before submitting the application in order to obtain a work permit from the employer, but there are some specific steps that the employer must complete in order to employ the foreign worker, which is to submit an LMIA labor market impact assessment, and this document proves the existence of the need for the foreign worker temporarily In addition to the absence of Canadians or permanent residents on Canadian soil, they can employ the place of the foreign worker, and if the response to the evaluation is positive, the foreign worker can start working.

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Who can apply for a work permit?

There are many requirements that the Canadian government requires the applicant to fulfill in order to obtain a work permit. The items are as follows:

  1. Proof of leaving work must be submitted in case the work permit has expired.
  2. Submission of evidence proving that the foreign worker possesses sufficient amount of money to take care of himself or to take care of family members if the worker is qualified.
  3. Submission of a document proving the foreign worker’s innocence of criminal judgments and activities.
  4. You must be in good health and undergo regular medical examinations.
  5. All documents required by the employment officer must be submitted to enable the foreign worker to enter Canada.

And there we have come to the end of our article today, my friends, after we presented the services provided by the Labor Bank in Canada, along with the most important details of obtaining a permit to work in Canada.

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