Job opportunities in Germany without language with company addresses and numbers – platform

Job opportunities in Germany without language with company addresses and numbers – platform

job opportunities in germany without language, Germany is usually seen as one of the most productive countries in the world, and its international economy depends on the various sectors of industry, agriculture, logistics, sustainable energy, and others. This vital diversity needs to possess a wide range of skills, and in return, finding a job requires learning the language German and the options for without speaking the language are almost limited. In this article, we review the most important job opportunities in Germany without a language.

What are the steps to find a work contract in Germany?

Work in Germany is available to a large extent for foreign citizens, and people can come to the country on a job search visa (Arbayt Zuche), in order to find a job within 6 months, and then obtain residency in Germany if a suitable job is found, and as for the steps to find an employment contract In Germany we mention them as follows:

  • Your qualifications must be recognized in Germany
  • Then write the company’s full cover letter
  • Applying for a visa
  • Also get health insurance
  • He must travel to Germany
  • It is more important to find an opportunity through the Internet

Job opportunities in Germany without language

Germany is a magnet for thousands of workers, whether they are looking for what they want in the financial sector or in the innovation of cars and the marketing sector. Work, we explain below job opportunities in Germany without language:

  • Where, a job at Amazon
  • Delivery and ordering functions
  • Well, cleaning functions
  • Remote work jobs in the field of programming
  • Also, free business in import and export
  • Worked in a non-German international organization
  • Also, he’s a truck driver.
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Arab companies in Germany

Arab companies specialized in the field of employment and job creation for the vast majority of Arabs carry out research that enables them to monitor the labor market in Germany, identify its needs, then write reports on it and make the necessary statistics for its development. Therefore, turning to these companies contributes to providing A lot of time and guarantees getting the job in an appropriate way, and we show in this table Arab companies in Germany:

The Company’s name the activity you are doing The German state in which the company is located
United Arab Shipping Company (SAG) Shipping company Frankfurt
Also, the German-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry Trading Berlin.
Also, Euro-Mediterranean-Arab Association (EMA eV) Non-profit organization Berlin
Also, a sworn translator Translation Berlin
AS, a German translation agency | ISO Certified – Language Consulting Services (Germany) B.S.C. Translation and language consulting Berlin
Also, MENA Business GmbH Trading Berlin
Revantastic International business consulting Frankfurt
Also, Orient Academy languages ​​School Berlin
COSCO Shipping Lines (Germany) GmbH Shipping company Bremen
Moreover, L’Oréal Germany makeup Dusseldorf
Aring Pharma Veterinary Medicine they were
Chameleon GmbH Import and Export Heidelberg
and Nalco Germany Manufacturing GmbH and Co., Ltd. KG Chemical plant Biebesheim am Rhein
As, simsim levantine eatery or “Simsim” restaurant A restaurant serving Arabic food Berlin
Majorel Munster GmbH Call center Monster
Also, PREVENTICUS GmbH Medical technology company Jenna
My Skills Academy Recruitment Agency Berlin
Well, AWAROSPACE Web hosting Kiel
Workstation AG Berlin Temporary employment agency Berlin
In addition, Doctors Without Borders EV Corporate office Berlin

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Employment contracts offices in Germany

Employment offices in Germany are a key factor for creating job opportunities in Germany without a language for foreigners, knowing that the presence of employment contract offices in Germany does not mean obtaining job opportunities, and if they exist, they go through some important procedures, and we mention the most prominent employment contract offices in Germany:

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International Recruitment Corporation (IRC)

  • It is considered one of the most famous employment offices in Germany, which many people turn to.
  • Where the international staffing company is located is located in the city of Munich.
  • There is a human resources department that carries out the task of training job candidates.
  • Temporary managers are also appointed, and if jobs are available, they are announced without language.

Kelly Services GmbH office

  • In terms of ranking, it is the second best employment contract office in Germany.
  • He has great experience in providing job opportunities in various fields.
  • Note that its headquarters is located in Hamburg, and it has branches in 30 German states.

Approach People Recruitment Germany

  • This company was founded in 2000 and is one of the best contract offices in Germany.
  • It is the best choice for those looking for jobs in Arabic in Germany.
  • It works to provide opportunities for applicants to reach employers that are suitable for their potential.

Connect jobs office

  • The main specialty of that company is the manufacture of cruise ships
  • It also undertakes the task of providing advice to applicants and shipping companies.
  • Her e-mail is [email protected]

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Germany work visa price

Obtaining a visa is subject to several criteria, and at that time a consular fee of 75 euros must be paid for the national visa, and the matter is different in the event of contacting intermediaries, and it may reach several times the price of a work visa in Germany, as well as the price of a minor permit is lower and amounts to 37.5 euros Payment is to be made at the European Commission or Consulate cash desk, the price may be recalculated at the time of payment, and the funds are transferred either in cash or by bank transfer.

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Papers required for a work contract in Germany

The German government grants a visa to search for work in Germany for holders of university degrees at a bachelor’s level as a minimum, as well as for foreign specialized workers who hold vocational training or recognized institutes within the state of Germany, and they must travel to Germany and search for a job there that is commensurate with their professional qualifications and skills. Note that the duration of the job search visa in Germany is only six months, and we explain the following to the most important papers required for a work contract in Germany:

  • Obtain a valid passport
  • Have a copy of your passport data page
  • It also provides 3 passport photos based on biometric specifications
  • Being able to draft a cover letter explaining the purpose of your visit
  • With the necessity of providing two copies of the approval of the Federal Labor Agency, if available
  • Also, obtaining two copies of the employment contract, training contract, or written acceptance to work in Germany, with all details related to the duration and purpose of residence.
  • Copies of your certificates are required
  • In the event that the researcher is over 45 years old, he needs to submit two copies of the retirement plan with a total annual income of 46,860 euros
  • With regard to applicants working in the medical field, two copies of the decision to amend the medical certificate in Germany must be available.
  • Your detailed CV
  • With the necessity of proof of your health insurance.

Job opportunities in Germany without a language Finding a job opportunity does not seem complicated, especially with the lack of the German language, but the options are limited for the searcher for a job opportunity within German territory.

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