Job search sites in Portugal 2023

Job search sites in Portugal 2023

Are you looking for work in Portugal? And wondering how to get a job in Portugal? do not worry. Portugal is one of the countries that most attract foreign talents, and one of the best ways to search for job opportunities in Portugal and obtain employment contracts in Portugal is the Portuguese job search sites that provide vacancies for job seekers in this country.

So if you are wondering how to find a job in Portugal? Whether jobs in construction, agriculture, or any other profession, and you wonder if there are jobs for Arabic speakers, we invite you to read this topic that we will present in The best job sites in Portugal 2023.

Job search sites in Portugal 2023

If you want to move recently to live in Portugal and work in it, you must look at the labor market in Portugal and the qualifications and capabilities necessary to work in it. If you want to find a job opportunity in Portugal, search among job search sites via the Internet.

In this article, we will talk about job opportunities in Portugal, the most important job search sites in Portugal and the most wanted professions in Portugal.

According to the latest statistics conducted by the European Union for the most sectors that need labor and provide job opportunities in Portugal, the construction, water and energy sectors came in first place, providing 24% of job opportunities, and in the second place was the commercial sector and vehicle repair, which provides 20% of job opportunities.

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It is followed in the third place by the health and social service sector, which provides job opportunities at a rate of 14%, and in the fourth place came the educational sector with a rate of 12.5% ​​of job opportunities, and then in the fifth place was the hotel and restaurant sector that provides 8% of job opportunities, and in the last place was The agricultural sectors, agricultural and animal work, hunting and forestry provide 5.5% of job opportunities.

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What professions are in demand in Portugal?

Also, according to the statistics conducted by the European Union for the professions most in demand in Portugal, this was the list of professions:

  1. Information engineering and communication technology.
  2. Customer service offices, communicating with customers and providing services to them.
  3. Tourism and hotel services.
  4. Medical staff, including doctors and nurses.
  5. Agricultural work and seasonal work services, especially in the seasons of harvesting vegetables and fruits.
  6. Construction technicians and electricians.

What are the best websites to search for job opportunities in Portugal?

There are many websites that help you find a job opportunity that suits your abilities and skills, and that save you time and effort in futile searches.

We will now give you a list of the best of these sites:

1- Site EURES

EURES is considered one of the best options for searching for work in Portugal through websites, because it contains more than 266,000 job opportunities available for job seekers in Portugal, and it is the perfect choice for people who are fluent in the Portuguese language and are looking for work in Portugal.

EURES is an official website approved for job search, as it is controlled and managed by an official employment agency belonging to the European Union.

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What distinguishes this site is the search filters that will help you narrow the search circle and determine the required segment, whether in the educational level, professional level, years of experience, or salary value.

You can also seek help from the technical team supporting this site to help you prepare a rich and important resume.

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2- Location Adecco

Adecco is one of the important job search sites in Portugal, as it is affiliated with the Fortune 500 group of companies that is located in Switzerland and has 60 accredited branches all over the world. This site also offers its long experience of more than 32 years in providing job opportunities in Portugal .

You can find approximately 1,500 permanent or temporary jobs, all of which are good, high-quality jobs.

3- Location bfp

The BFP website is considered the main website of the Portuguese authorities through which it provides job opportunities for those looking for it within the public sector, and offers a variety of vacancies such as teachers, technical specialists, employment assistants and many others.

But to be able to apply for a job through the BFP website, you must learn the Portuguese language well.

4- Location Indeed

Indeed is one of the most famous and important job search sites in Portugal, due to its ease of use and the large number of vacancies it offers in Portugal, which are approximately 15,000 different and varied job opportunities.

It helps narrow the search circle you want by filtering the search and determining the type of job that suits you, according to the location, experience, specialization, or date of job advertisements. You can also add an account on the Indeed website for free, put your resume on it and start applying for available job opportunities.

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5- Location Glassdoor

Glaasdoor is a global site, so it has the largest database in Portugal with more than 1.7 million employers, 95 company reviews and more than 11 million job vacancies, all of which make it the most important job search site in Portugal.

Glassdoor has a search filter feature that helps you find the job opportunity that suits you faster by specifying some information that interests you, such as specialization, geographical location, or the name of the job you are looking for, to show you the appropriate options for the search elements, and this will save you time.

The site also allows employers to search for the employees they want to hire through the “Ready to work” feature, which enables people looking for work to put their CVs on the site to be seen by employers who have vacancies.

It is also possible to activate e-mail alerts on the site and subscribe to it to receive the latest vacancies in your specialty in Portugal.

There are certainly other job search sites in Portugal such as bonsenpregos, itjobs, alertaemprego, Sapo Emprego and many others, but we have mentioned the most important ones.

Thus, we conclude our article after we provided an explanation about work in Portugal, the professions required to work in it, and the most important sites that help you to search for work if you want to work in Portugal.

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