Karak tea project cost – platform

Karak tea project cost – platform

Karak tea project costSmall and medium-sized enterprises are not only satisfied with providing job opportunities, but they also constitute an economic force and an engine for economic growth and social development, as these enterprises contribute more than 50% of the gross domestic product, and perhaps in some global estimates the figure reaches 70%. Self-employment faces many major disruptions and many challenges, but exploiting it with the right system turns into real opportunities. In this article, we learn about the cost of the Karak tea project.

Feasibility study of Karak tea project

There are many concepts about studying the feasibility of a project, but a comprehensive definition can be reached as all studies related to investment opportunities in its various stages since it was just an idea up to the final decision to accept the idea as a real gain or reject it due to losses and failure to achieve the desired goals, when speaking About the Karak tea project, at first glance it is a simple project, but it really needs a feasibility study, otherwise the investor will not reach his goal, and in those lines we explain the feasibility study of the project.

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Legal crack tea clearance

The state does not allow the practice of a profession or work without obtaining a license from the government agency, and the practice of these procedures is based on public interest, and failure to license results in paying a fine, or closing the shop and stopping the activity. The following is the mechanism for licensing the Karak tea project:

  • There are no financial violations issued against the project executor.
  • A certified copy of the health certificate and a copy of the administrative record are also provided.
  • Payment of social security amounts must be proven in the case of workers.
  • And own a commercial register.
  • Also, proof of ownership of the shop or a rental contract.
  • Also, a certificate proving the performance of military service.
  • And a copy of the national ID card.
  • Good conduct certificate, especially for foreign residents.
  • A copy of the relevant engineering and architectural drawings showing the area of ​​the Shay Karak project must be submitted.
  • Compliance with all conditions and instructions issued within the country in which the facility is located.
  • Ensure that all documents submitted must be true copies.
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Legitimate time for tea crack

Choosing a site is one of the most important obstacles in industrial and service projects, and choosing an inappropriate site would lead to material and financial losses in the long term, and its results affect the national economy in general, so the issue of choosing the site of the small project depends on an analytical study procedure for several factors It helps in the development process and the growth and deepening of network relations between the existing project and other projects. Below are the details of the Karak Tea project site:

  • Choosing a location in a vital commercial area.
  • Close to government institutions and the private sector, such as schools, universities, and others.
  • It is best to be in an area where there are not many Karak tea sellers.

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The labor required for the Karak tea project

The number of workers varies based on the area of ​​the project, and the services that can be added in addition to the karak tea drink. The karak tea project needs between 2 to 4 workers to prepare the project and a worker to serve the drink, as well as a worker to constantly clean the place, and the project may only need a worker. One is the owner of the project, especially if the project is on a mobile cart.

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Karak tea project cost

The cost of the Karak tea project is based on many factors, most notably the time period of the project, the geographical area in which the project will be implemented, sudden emergency costs for those in charge of the project, and the number of individuals working on the project. Below is an explanation of the cost of the Karak tea project:

  • Rental cost: The cost for a medium-sized project ranges from 8,000 EGP to 10,000 EGP.
  • As for furnishing the shop and decorations: the place needs equipment and designs from 25,000 Egyptian pounds to 35,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Buying chairs and tables: In the beginning, the project needs 30 chairs, and their cost ranges from 4,000 pounds to 10,000 pounds, depending on the type of chair. As for tables, you can start with 10 colored wooden tables, costing between 5,000 and 10,000 pounds.
  • Also, a glass security door for the shop: its amount ranges from 400 EGP to 1000 EGP.
  • Large display screen: It is used to display matches and others. The project requires two screens, the price of which is 2500 pounds.
  • The project also needs raw materials that are used in making Karak tea, such as saffron, cardamom and honey, as well as providing Omani Rakha bread with various additions such as cheese, eggs, honey, labneh and thyme.
  • Workers’ wages: It is one of the operating expenses of any commercial project, as the project needs 2 or 3 workers, whose minimum salary ranges between 2500 EGP to 3000 EGP.
  • Utilities costs: This includes the costs of monthly water and electricity bills, gas bills, and others.
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Karak tea project success factors

Karak tea is a type of tea whose origins go back to India, and it is widely spread in the Gulf countries. It is also characterized by the addition of different flavors to it. The idea of ​​​​creating Karak tea has become popular recently, and it is customary for this project to be presented within the list of café drinks, while the independence of the project With this drink, it is a new idea, and the quantity of demand and supply for this drink must be studied and then started with it. The following is an explanation of the most important factors for the success of the Karak tea project:

  • Perhaps the most important factor is the increasing interest in the site, so it is necessary to choose a suitable site.
  • So that it is in a vital and commercial location, and it is characterized by a large population.
  • Taking care of site design and choosing decorations with color consistency, this helps attract more customers.
  • The hygiene factor must be taken into account to feel comfortable and satisfied with the place.
  • Interacting with customers and answering all their inquiries, taking into account their opinions in case of dissatisfaction with the drink.
  • As well as providing offers and discounts, this helps in communicating the idea to more customers.
  • Careful selection of employment, and they have a distinct style in dealing with customers.

Marketing Karak tea project

The success of small projects depends on the ability of the business owner to market his products and services strongly and effectively, and customers will not reach the product without the marketing process even in the presence of a wonderful product and distinguished service. The following is an explanation of how to market the Karak tea project to increase the percentage of profits:

  • It is possible to promote the product through a grand opening to include all classes of society.
  • Also make offers on drinks, and drop prices for half the price for a short period of time.
  • Distributing the largest number of cards, whether inside the store or distributing them to passers-by.
  • Exploiting social networking sites and posting on them in a remarkable way, as well as through funded advertisements that reach a large number of customers.
  • Paying attention to the shop’s decor and the services provided that attract customers.
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The cost of the Karak tea project. In this article, we have identified all the details related to the Karak tea drink, the feasibility study in terms of cost and the success factors of the project, as well as the marketing plan that is followed in the project to increase profits.

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