Launching a job search visa in Austria (submission steps and required conditions)

Launching a job search visa in Austria (submission steps and required conditions)

after you entered Job search visa Within the special visa regime in Austria, the search for conditions for obtaining visas has increased Job search visa in Austria In order to obtain work contracts in Austria and how to apply, as those wishing to work in Austria can now travel to Austria without a work contract.

Therefore, through the website, we will learn more about the launch of the job search visa in Austria 2022-2023, how to obtain a work visa in Austria, and what are the documents required to apply for a job search visa in Austria.

Launching a job search visa in Austria (submission steps and required conditions)

A visa to search for work in Austria and how to obtain it

Austria annually attracts thousands of foreigners from all over the world and for various goals, whether it is study, work or investment, and residency in order to work in it is the most common type of permit among foreigners to settle and live, as those coming to Austria from outside the European Union have two options. To obtain a prior employment contract in Austria.

He also has to apply to obtain a visa to work, or there is another option, which is easier than the first, to apply for a visa and carry out the process of searching for suitable work, to stand on the ground about it, so how can we obtain a visa to search for work in Austria? What are the conditions that must be met to apply and obtain a visa? What is the financial cost, the time period, what are the required papers, and what are the instructions to apply for it?

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What is a job search visa in Austria?

Austria provides services to facilitate matters and obtain a work visa in it and help them find a suitable job for them and a decent life for all those who come and are eligible for that, just like the visa in the Netherlands, Germany and Portugal.

The visa holder has the authority to immigrate to Austria and search for a job suitable for the experience and skills of the newcomer to it without requiring him to obtain a prior work contract and if he finds a suitable job or when he is able to start his own project, he will have the opportunity to stay in Austria, work, live and even settle down.

Conditions for obtaining a visa to search for work in Austria

In order to be able to apply and obtain a visa for the purpose of finding work in Austria, there are conditions, the first of which is that you reside outside Austria, and the rest of the conditions are:

1. Having a valid passport

Those wishing to obtain a visa are required to possess a passport that is valid for use for the entire period of residence in Austria via a work-search visa, if the passport has little left to expire, which will require you to renew the validity period of the passport before starting to apply for a work visa in Austria.

It is also necessary for you to provide a complete copy of the pages of the passport, which contains all the information, personal picture, signature, and passport number. It also contains an explanation of the country that granted the passport and the period of validity of the passport, as well as the permission to live in countries other than your home country.

2. Achieving the required number of points from the Austrian immigration system

Those wishing to apply for a visa to search for work in Austria must fulfill the condition of 70 points or more from the Austrian immigration system with points.

3. Have health insurance

You must have valid health insurance throughout the days of your stay in Austria through the job search visa, so it is customary to request health insurance that includes all emergency costs, medical care and others, where the insurance card must be linked with the application for a job search visa.

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4. Having sufficient financial resources

You must have proof that all the money you have to support you throughout your stay in Austria through a job search visa, and one of the conditions of the Austrian embassy is that you have about a thousand euros or more on a monthly basis regarding your residence in Austria.

Also, the duration of the visa is six months, which means that you must prove that you have about six thousand euros, in addition to the costs of travel and flight to Austria.

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Documents and papers required to apply for a job search visa in Austria

Several papers are required from you in case you wish to obtain a visa, which are:

  1. A valid and non-expired passport
  2. Your own birth certificate
  3. Your personal photo, provided that it is the size of the photo in the passport, which is 45 x 35 mm, and the photo must not be more than six months old from the date of photographing
  4. Submit a health insurance card
  5. Submit proof of your possession of sufficient financial resources. It is possible to provide a bank statement for your own account, or certificates for insurance features, evidence of retirement, pension benefits, or other insurances. It is also possible to provide capital or any financial assets of your own.
  6. Submit proof that you have proof of the place of residence in Austria, to be proof of your presence there, such as booking a hotel or renting an apartment.
  7. Other papers that allow you to earn more points to apply for a job search visa in Austria, such as graduation certificates accompanied by a list of grades and a notice of proof if your salary was high during the past year from your place of work. And in the event that you obtain proof from the previous employer that you were an administrator at work for him, this will be an increase in the balance of your points, as in the event that you submitted scientific publications, certified research certificates, or any academic field that works to increase the balance of your points. Evidence of this is papers proving work experience or certificates proving level in English or German.
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How to apply for a job search visa in Austria

In order to be able to apply for a job search visa in Austria, you must obtain a visa (category 4) through the consulate in the home country or the country in which you reside, and if there is no Austrian consulate, you can through any Austrian embassy in neighboring countries.

Hence, all required papers and documents must be submitted and information filled in personally at the Austrian Consulate, but keep in mind that the cost of applying for a job search visa in Austria is 150 euros non-refundable.

However, you must submit all documents to the embassy with a sworn translation in either German or English.

You can find the embassies and consulates closest to you through the website

noteIn the event that you have a passport that is exempt from an entry visa to Austria, you can enter Austria without a work visa, and when you enter Austria and find a suitable job, you can apply for a card red-white-red And then obtaining residency in Austria.

Duration of the visa to search for work in Austria

The duration of the job search visa in Austria is 6 months, and this is the legal period for you to reside in Austria before you find a job in Austria. red-white-red Which is for a period of two years and can be found continuously as long as it continues to work


You must take into account that the visa is to give you the opportunity to find a job, but it does not allow you to work in Austria when you are in the Austrian lands, and when you find a suitable job opportunity, you must apply to transfer your visa from a job seeker to a worker in Austria. We hope that you liked it. Goodbye with another article and other information.

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