Learn about the 8 smartest people in history

Learn about the 8 smartest people in history

Have you ever wondered who is the smartest person in history? Or who are the smartest in the world? Here, dear reader, is a rating The world’s smartest Who had a major role in the history of mankind and various sciences.

Where we will remind you of the rating The smartest people in the world According to the index classification, it was approved by an American institution specialized in measuring intelligence, to identify geniuses and find out what is the highest IQ in the world? And after the institution featured 40 genius people, we will mention it to you The smartest 8 people in history.

Learn about the 8 smartest people in history

Intelligence is the wonderful characteristic that God bestowed on humans, as humans were able to reach what no one had reached in the past, and the brain became the focus of studies by scientists in order to identify the intelligence of people who have unique talents and supernatural abilities in thinking and solving various issues.

However, studies did not find solutions or answers about the causes of supernatural intelligence. Some of them explained that intelligence is due to genetic genes, while others explained that intelligence is due to different ages and the environment surrounding a person.

And now there is a specific way to measure a person’s intelligence, which is by placing him in intelligence tests, where through intelligence tests it is possible to determine the level of the person, as it consists of a set of intelligence questions that have been approved worldwide, and then the brain’s response level is studied to solve problems.

Today, in our article, we will talk about the smartest people in history who have reached high levels of intelligence compared to ordinary people.

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The smartest people in history

And now we will start with you to know who are the smartest people throughout history, through a list of 8 personalities who are ranked as the smartest people in the world.

1. William James Sidis

William James Sidis is considered the smartest man in the world. He is one of the most famous people who have a dialectical IQ compared to others, as he is classified as a child prodigy, because he is a person who has many talents in mathematics and languages, and he was able to reach an IQ of 250, and he was able to join the famous Harvard University at the age of eleven In addition, he was one of the teachers of mathematics in academic circles, where he had an outstanding genius in mathematics, but his death was not expected at the age of 46 only, and he was immortalized as a controversial figure not only in science and mathematics, but also in his beliefs and political views.

2. Albert Einstein

The famous scientist Albert Einstein, the world that we have always talked about intelligence, whether on the street or in homes, was mentioned, as it is classified as one of the most intelligent scientists at a high rate, although he did not undergo any intelligence tests, but the scholars unanimously agreed that Einstein’s intelligence ranged from 160 to 190 He is the scientist who developed the theory of special relativity and general relativity, which were among the first theories in physics, so the famous scientist was called the father of relativity.

He discovered the photoelectric effect, which is an important and pivotal step in the development of the famous quantum theory in physics.

3. Marilyn Voss Savant

Marilyn was able to achieve a record in the Guinness Book of Records with an IQ of 190, and therefore it is considered one of the smartest people in the world, so if you are a fan of reading, you definitely know Marilyn Foss, as she was classified as the smartest person in the world in 1980, and Marilyn was famous for her high talent In authorship and writing, one of her most famous books is “Ask Marilyn”, which is a newspaper column for readers, where one of those wishing to ask Marilyn about something, such as a riddle or a specific question, and Marilyn in turn answers the question.

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4. Judith Polgar

A bright and famous name, but only those who are a fan of chess will know it, as Judit is one of the famous legends of the game of chess, where she was able to obtain the title of Grand Master in the game of chess at the young age of 15 years, so she was classified as the youngest person in the world to obtain the title. Her intelligence, after the tests she underwent, reached nearly 170 degrees, which is a high and impressive degree.

And she was able to join an exclusive group of players in the International Chess Federation, so she was ranked as the most influential female in the game of chess.

5. Leonardo da Vinci

If we talk about art, you are talking about Leonardo, he is one of the most famous artists who passed through history, as he has many inventions in different fields, and scientists were able to predict and know his IQ through his genius, which appeared in many of the works that he did, where his intelligence was classified at a rate between 180 to 190 In addition to the absence of any attempts to prove the opposite, as there was no criticism of Leonardo’s intelligence compared to some other scientists, so he was classified as one of the smartest people throughout history.

6. Stephen Hawking

Who among us does not know the famous scientist Stephen Hawking, where he is one of the giants of physics in the world, where despite his physical disability, this did not prevent him from entering the field of physics to be classified as one of the giants of the world in physics, where he was able to write a brief book on the history of time, in which he summarized the theory of the explosion Despite the criticisms of this theory, he is still one of the world-famous physicists. He classified people as a symbol of physics because of his high intelligence and incomparable genius, as his IQ reached 160 according to the global classification.

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7. Garry Kasparov

The game of chess was not limited to smart female players only, as Gary is considered one of the geniuses of the game of chess, despite his age, which reached 58 years, where he was able to achieve a single number starting from 1986 until his retirement in 2005, when no one could beat him or His competition in this famous game, where his professional career reached 225 months out of 228 months, which is a record that none of the chess players previously recorded.

8. Kim Ung Young

The Korean child Kim Ung Young is one of the most famous people in history who has a high IQ of 210, where Kim was able to read 4 languages ​​at the age of 3 years, where he was able to learn and read English, Japanese, Korean and German, after which he went to the United States and got a job in an agency He worked there for 10 years, then resigned and returned to Korea to work in the teaching profession for personal reasons.

Here we have come to the end of our article for today by talking about the smartest people in history. If you love reading, researching and reading, you can search more about their lives in the basic references of history.

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