Luna digital currency price predictions and 4 alternatives that may rise before the end of 2022 –

Luna digital currency price predictions and 4 alternatives that may rise before the end of 2022 –

At the present time, the cryptocurrency market has become dominant in the world of investment and trading, and hence the variety of digital currencies that you as an investor can choose the most suitable for you, depending on all the details related to each digital currency, starting from its price to its trading fees. And theOne of the most popular digital currencies currently is Luna, what is this currency? What are the expectations of its prices in the future? This is what we will explain in our next guide in which we will explain the details of the Luna currency and its promising alternatives.

What is the currency of Luna?

Luna is a new digital currency and blockchain that is the original token of the Terra Network, whose development began in January 2018, and was officially launched in April 2019. It is affiliated with a Singapore-based technology company, the goal of creating this coin is to create a set of stablecoins that are traded Through decentralized trading DeFi. It is worth noting that this currency lost 99% of its value in May 2022.

It can also be said that Luna is designed to create stable digital currencies, which makes it suitable for decentralized payments and financing options. And theLuna provides plenty of cryptocurrency mutual funds for its traders, with which you can earn interest, trade in many new stablecoins, and trade via DeFi.

Now we will explain what Terra Luna is, it can be said that Terra is a blockchain network similar to Ethereum and Bitcoin, working to produce tokens called Luna, it is worth noting that this network was launched in 2018.

It also means that the Luna token is the native blockchain token of the Terra Network, and Luna helps keep the prices of the Terra Network stablecoins stable.

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How did the Luna coin collapse?

With the collapse of the Luna currency system in May of 2022, and when the supply of Luna rose causing it to unlink from TerraUSD, the algorithm of the currency could not solve this problem, which led to panic among investors, and they sold as a result Scope for the Luna coin, resulting in a loss of 99% of its value. Hence, Luna has gone from being the best altcoin to being the worst performing currency in the history of the cryptocurrency market, which in turn has affected investor confidence in the Terra ecosystem.

Luna أسعار Price Forecast

It can be said that the price of Luna has been greatly affected by the digital asset of Bitcoin, like other digital currencies since the beginning of the year, however, the value of this currency has improved slightly.

Here are Luna’s price predictions:

  • By the end of 2022, the company that created the Luna coin, Terraform Labs, will take measures to correct the currency’s path, and restore investor confidence in it, and from here the Luna coin will witness a rise, perhaps up to $50 or more.
  • At the end of 2023, the cryptocurrency market will continue to rely heavily on the option of decentralized trading, and it is assumed that the role of its Terra network, Luna coin, will play an active role in this ecosystem as the trading price will reach $ 200.
  • At the end of 2025, this year is expected to witness the active maturity of financial products, so Luna prices may rise to $ 500 in the next three years.

Alternatives to Luna . coin

A new group of digital currencies has emerged, some of which are linked to games and some are environmentally friendly currencies, and are working to achieve the concept of sustainability.

If you want to enter the digital currency market, and delve into the world of trading and investment, there is a new group of digital currencies that have entered the markets that you can choose the most suitable for you according to the objectives of each currency, its price, the degree of risk, etc.

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In our next guide, we will explain in detail the most prominent of these cryptocurrencies that you can trade in, instead of trading in Luna, in addition to the price of each currency and methods of trading in it:

A promising digital currency for investment .. What is the reason for optimism about the digital currency D2T?

Dash 2 Trade is a new cryptocurrency analytics platform that entered the crypto market thanks to its innovative features and record-breaking pre-sales. Less than a week after its launch, Dash 2 Trade has sold more than $4 million in ERC-based D2T tokens to investors. This is what prompted many to search for Dash 2 Trade price predictions.

Designed to enable traders and investors to invest in this currency around the world, D2T offers a wide range of features specifically designed to improve performance. To achieve this, D2T has taken a data-driven approach, providing a set of tools that help understand social and market trends.

Currently Dash 2 Trade has entered the second stage of its pre-sale where the tokens are being sold for $0.05. That number is up about 5% against the first stage price of $0.0476, and with tokens being sold in blocks of 70 or 87.5 million, the price of D2T will slowly increase and may eventually reach $0.062 during the nine pre-sale stage. This is a 39% increase between phases 1 and 9, making Dash 2 Trade one of the best pre-sale cryptocurrencies for novice investors.

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Top 8 New and Promising Cryptocurrencies for Investment

The IMPT digital currency is designed with the aim of being the first environmentally friendly and most sustainable digital currency, as not much electricity is used to mine the IMPT token like other cryptocurrencies, this currency focuses on reducing carbon production, through the use of carbon credits in order to stimulate people to reduce their reliance on their carbon footprint.

It can be argued that the innovative use of blockchain technology via IMPT allows traders to provide carbon credits, which in turn will reduce the risks of fraud related to carbon credits.

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The IMPT platform allows traders to convert their IMPT tokens into carbon credits, which they can then convert to NFTs.

It is worth noting that IMPT coin is a partnership project with more than 10,000 brands in the world, which in turn will help you reach the largest possible audience.

Regarding token prices on IMPT, the project is currently in its first phase, offering 600 million IMPT at just $0.018.

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Golgotha ​​crew

Top 8 New and Promising Cryptocurrencies for Investment

Calvaria Coin is a brand new cryptocurrency card game in which players can fight and bet against each other through PVP games using Calvaria’s token, RIA.

Calvaria is based on the Play for Profit (P2E) approach, and Calvaria gives players the use of playing cards in the form of NFT tokens that are entirely owned by the player himself, staking features and much more.

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Top 8 New and Promising Cryptocurrencies for Investment

Tamadoge is a meme coin symbolized by TAMA, through this coin ecosystem, investors can mint Tamadoge by buying their in-game pets, which come in the form of NFTs.

Players can feed and take care of their pets until they grow up, here they can use them and fight other players’ pets in order to earn rewards.

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Luna is a new cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency market, the original token of the Terra network, this coin was an amazing success upon its launch, but the unexpected happened as the coin lost 99% of its value. The primary goal of creating this coin is to include a set of stablecoins that can be traded through DeFi.

It is worth noting that there are a handful of cryptocurrencies that you can trade in instead of Luna, Tamadoge in which players can take care of and feed pets by purchasing NFTs tokens, IMPT, the first eco-friendly cryptocurrency, D2T and finally Calvaria. It is worth noting that these digital currencies have their own features that you, as an investor, can choose the most suitable for you.

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