Marriage visa in Britain 2023 and how to obtain it

Marriage visa in Britain 2023 and how to obtain it

She wants to visit Britain for the purpose of marriage? In this case, you need to apply for a marriage visa in order to enter Britain.

So what is it Britain Marriage Visa? How long does a British marriage visa take, and what are the conditions for marriage in Britain 2023? What is the way to apply for a British marriage visa or a British engagement visa? This is what we will learn about in this comprehensive guide.

Marriage visa in Britain 2023 and how to obtain it

There are many options included in the immigration rules, whether for individuals residing in Britain or for British citizens wishing to marry in Britain, and avoiding making mistakes is one of the most important things to avoid delay in issuing or canceling a visa. Here you must be fully aware of these rules to ensure that you obtain a visa Without refusing or delaying the marriage visa in Britain.

What is the marriage visa in Britain?

It is the consent of a person who resides outside Britain to enter Britain and who wishes to marry a British man, or it is the consent of a person who legally resides in Britain with continuous residence or asylum for a period of five years, or who is a European citizen with permanent or temporary residence.

What visa do I need to marry from Britain?

In the event that you want to marry a British woman, there are two ways that allow you to travel to Britain, which is a marriage visa and a fiancé visa.

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A special visa has also been created for visitors over the age of 18, as this visa gives approval for people to enter Britain and hold a marriage contract and party only, after which he has to leave before six months have passed since his entry, and the aforementioned visa does not enable him to reside or extend it in Britain, just as it is not It can be transferred to another type of visa.

What are the conditions for a marriage visa to join the husband in Britain?

The visitor is required to fulfill the following conditions:

  • He must be at least 18 years old.
  • To submit a notification of his marriage request to a British woman.
  • Provide proof of a real relationship.
  • Also, you should not think about residing or settling in Britain after marriage.
  • That you have sufficient funds to bear the burdens of the visit and return without relying on public money.

UK fiance visa requirements

This visa is for those who are related to British citizens, or to people permanently residing in Britain, or to residents with asylum for a period of five years.

Also, the fiancé visa allows you to stay in Britain for a period not exceeding six months, in order to extend it after that if you need to.

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Spouse visa application for residents outside Britain

This visa includes individuals who are already married, as well as individuals residing with continuous residence in Britain. It is also possible for you to marry outside Britain, and then submit an application to enter as a spouse. You must also have enough money to submit two applications to obtain a visa.

Conditions for submitting a British spouse visa to your partner

  1. Both you and your partner must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. You must also be a British citizen.
  3. To reside in Britain in the event that you have a certain vacation, or you must provide proof of permanent residence
  4. To hold refugee status or humanitarian protection.
  5. To provide evidence that you are a spouse or partner.
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The most important evidence that you must submit to obtain a marriage visa in this case:

  1. You can provide a marriage contract or any proof that you have lived together for at least two years
  2. To be fluent in the English language for the husband, if he lives outside Britain
  3. You have the ability to financially support yourself or your dependents

It is also available for you to extend the permission to stay, or you can apply for a new visa if you do not meet the previously mentioned conditions if:

  1. You had a child in Britain, and you must carry the British status by settling there for seven years.
  2. In the event that you encounter great difficulties that you, as partners or spouses, could not overcome.
  3. It is also a violation of human rights is to prevent or force to leave Britain.

Where can you apply for a spouse visa in Britain:

It is available to any individual who is actually in Britain and has obtained a visa, unlike a visitor’s visa, provided that it exceeds six months to request a visa in order to reside as a spouse in Britain.

For people who apply to obtain a spouse visa from outside Britain, they must apply within the country in which they live.

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How do I apply for a spouse visa in the UK?

You can apply for a marriage visa application through the application link using the online application form from Here but it varies depending on whether you are applying from within the UK or abroad.

However, you need to book an appointment at least 3 months before travel in order to prove your identity and submit the required documents and papers.

And when you check the correct application form for your individual circumstances with an immigration lawyer before you apply for a marriage visa from Britain and submit the required and supporting documents when applying for the marriage visa application form, you will get an approval decision within 6 months, and the cost of applying is 1500 pounds. .

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Marriage in Britain with a tourist visa:

A tourist coming to Britain for the purpose of marriage must have an approved marriage visa and must include within the visa the name of the fiancée he wishes to marry officially.

Obtaining permanent residence after marriage in Britain:

A tourist visa is very necessary in the event that you, as a foreigner, wish to travel to Britain to get married, or if you submit a prior notification of your marriage and leave Britain immediately after the end of the visit.

Marriage and partnership in Britain do not automatically grant you residency. When you marry a British man and want to stay and live in Britain, you must apply for legal recognition of your status to reside in Britain.

Duration of obtaining residency after marriage:

As soon as you apply online, and after proving that with your personal identity and identification papers, you will be granted a marriage visa within three weeks only, knowing that the estimated cost for that is about one hundred pounds sterling.

At the end of the article, the applicant to come to Britain to marry must start working with the paving and special procedures and seek help from a lawyer specialized in the issue of immigration in this regard, which will facilitate matters for you in obtaining a visa and prepare you for many mistakes that may prevent you from obtaining a visa. We hope that You may have liked it. Goodbye in a new article and a new journey.

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