Mobile application programming prices – Masary

Mobile application programming prices – Masary

Mobile application programming prices One of the most searched things in the recent period due to the importance of applications in profiting from them, so we will talk in some detail about this topic in our article today.

Mobile application programming prices

Mobile application programming and design prices vary in many programming companies that offer different prices and clear differences in the price of designing one application.

The cost of analysis, design and programming is the largest component in determining the cost of application programming, and the cost of the human element accounts for 90% of the total cost of designing and programming mobile applications.

The software industry is a labor intensive industry Design and mobile application programming to the following number of programmers:

  • Information systems analyst
  • Graphic designer
  • At least one background programmer, and according to the size of the job, the number of programmers increases
  • Front end programmer
  • At least one filters programmer, and the number increases as the mobile app gets larger
  • Quality applications laboratory to ensure the integrity of the functions performed by the application.

The more the company has experience in designing and programming mobile applications, and the company employs experienced programmers who are able to accomplish the programming tasks assigned to them, the higher the cost of design and programming.

My advice to you is not to search for the cheapest cost, but to ask about the size of the work team, the experience and skill of the team and its previous work.

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The best programming languages ​​for application design

The best programming languages ​​for application design
The best programming languages ​​for application design

Programming languages ​​used in designing and programming applications are divided into: the phone mobile into three types:

1- Mobile application programming languages:

  • Java for Android Application Programming (native language)
  • Swift for iPhone Application Programming (native language)
  • Also filters for iPhone and Android application programming (a common language for both iPhone and Android)
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2- Web server programming languages ​​(backend)

3- Web page programming languages ​​(front end)

  • Viewjs is one of the best and easiest web programming languages.

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The cost of designing and programming mobile applications

The cost of designing and programming mobile applications
The cost of designing and programming mobile applications

Nowadays, with the frequent emergence of programming and design companies in the Arab world. It has become important to have factors and basics through which mobile application programming prices can be determined for a large number of customers to obtain the best price for professional mobile application design services in the Arab world, including:

Application idea:
It is one of the main points that determine the prices of the best application design in this idea. This is because of the details that differ in each idea from the other.

As there are many applications that need different technologies and tools to perform certain tasks in the application.

Application prices also need to record many different data from users and carry out large volume requests. Or modify certain things within your mobile app through the user, or apps that need payment gateways that need higher costs and other things.

Application operating systems:
Costs vary according to application operating systems, as they are very different from Apps Android iPhone iOS apps from Apple. Which has higher costs and also if the customer needs to build an application on both platforms, the design will have huge costs.

programming language:
Mobile application programming prices vary according to the mobile application programming language that is designed with the best mobile application programming languages.

This is to provide a unique user experience for all users of mobile applications.

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Application programming price challenge factors

Application design:
By designing the application, you can develop your business in several ways through which you can provide a distinctive mobile application.

It helps you in a specific field to achieve the profits you want and overcome your competitors easily.

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So the cost of designing an app varies depending on the design you have in mind. And the details you want inside your application interface like many competitor applications.

Subscribe to the servers on it:
To design a distinctive application that offers many different professional services. You need to upload it to the hosting servers so that you can upload the application to the internet for the users. And with different types of servers, storage space, and other important things to create unique designs for your customers.

There are various phone application design packages for iPhone and Android. And there are many other things through which mobile application programming prices are chosen.

Including the extent of the experience of the company that you will deal with to obtain the best possible business.

And also if you want to design an application quickly, the price of programming and design services for mobile applications will increase.

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Features of designing mobile applications

After identifying the factors determining application programming prices cell phone In, you will learn about the benefits of using the best mobile applications in your business in various fields.

In addition to increasing a large group of users who want to use an electronic application instead of a website. Benefits of designing mobile applications:

  • There are many ways in which you can earn by offering simple steps in the world of profit from applications.
  • One of the most popular ways is to advertise a direct application between you and the advertiser, or to deal with advertising companies such as admob.
  • It also provides you with multiple forms of presenting your work on the Internet in a distinctive way through a specialized and professional team in designing mobile applications. With high quality shapes for the best Android and iPhone app design.
  • Promoting your brand among users through all possible factors, including creating and programming the best application that provides distinctive services.
  • Building a huge database of users for your application that enables you to understand the personality of your customers more clearly, and thus you can reach them in an easier and more professional way.
  • The price of application design is important to many people, as the cost of work is one of the fundamentals of a person choosing a particular company. This is also done by making some concessions when dealing with a company that is not professional in its work.
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How to take advantage of free mobile apps

How to take advantage of free mobile apps

In-app purchases: This is a popular plan followed by thousands of mobile app projects in the world Google Play and Apple Stores.

It also allows users to buy something real in the app. There are 3 main types of this strategy:

  • Consumable: such as virtual money or health points, which are typically used in games
  • Non-consumable: such as features that users purchase from continued use of the app.
  • In-App Ads: Ads are an active force in global marketing, in-app ads are real online marketing tools with which you can display products (apps, games, etc.) inside your app and get paid if users are interested in ads.

care: Finding a sponsor is a really profitable monetization model, and it usually works in the following way:

You create an app that will attract a lot of users, then mobile app design companies contact the sponsor and offer to update your app design to fit their brand.

Pricing: To benefit from the monetization strategy, the user needs a second paid version of their app where if users like the free version, they will choose to pay for additional functionality at that.

Users are also usually offered to upgrade the application to a permanent version and upon their consent direct them to store Applications which is essential to achieve mobile application goals

Email marketing: Email marketing has been and still is the most effective money making scheme you can activate the method and ask the users of your app to insert their email addresses and then start sending them emails and adding Facebook login option to your free app is great great way to collect mails email to users.

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