Mobile shop project, feasibility study, cost and profits 2023 with success factors –

Mobile shop project, feasibility study, cost and profits 2023 with success factors –

Mobile shop project, feasibility study, cost and profits 2023, Many seek to break free from the constraints of the traditional job and start their own project that gives them complete independence in making decisions without the direction or control of a manager, and the project may be a basic income with the lack of jobs available to a huge number of graduates and job seekers, and perhaps the most prominent of these projects that fall on them A large percentage of customers are the mobile project, and therefore we explain in this article the mobile phone shop project, feasibility study, cost and profits 2023.

Feasibility study of a mobile shop

Common sense realizes the importance of a feasibility study for any project, whether small or medium, and the feasibility study helps to define the objectives of the project, the important aspects, and the extent and potential impacts on the final outcome. Study it in a tour shop:

  • The cost of the mobile shop project.
  • Fixed costs for a mobile shop project.
  • Mobile shop registration costs.
  • Cell phone store capital.
  • Mobile shop revenue.
  • The profits of the mobile shop project.

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Location and area of ​​a mobile shop project

A mobile shop project that targets all people, big or small, and the percentage of demand in terms of sale and maintenance is increasing with the pumping of global and local markets with various smart devices. The area of ​​the shop must not be less than 30 square meters, with the design of luminous signs for shops to attract the attention of passers-by.

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The cost of a mobile shop project

Most of the projects proposed for construction depend on calculating the initial cost, which is determined in approving the procedural steps for establishing the project or stopping and changing the course of the project to another curve. When calculating the cost, a list of expenditures for the project is prepared and in return for it, revenues or imports expected to be achieved during the validity period of the project are placed, and accordingly The costs are subtracted from the revenues. As for the cost of the mobile shop project:

  • Where are the costs of purchasing mobile devices.
  • accessories costs.
  • Shipping card costs as well.
  • Employment of the owner of the project.
  • Mobile maintenance project employment.
  • Likewise, the monthly and annual costs of renting the mobile shop site.
  • Licensing fee costs for the shop.
  • The cost of telephone and mobile expenses, stationery and stationery.
  • Also, commissioning and fees for electricity, water and other services.

Fixed costs for a mobile shop project

  • Includes the cost of an air conditioner in the cell phone shop.
  • Like a computer or iPad in a mobile shop.
  • It provides mobile display tables and mobile repair table.
  • Wooden mobile display shelves.
  • As well as the costs of interior decoration of the shop.
  • External mobile shop billboard.

Mobile shop registration costs

  • Including mobile shop registration fees in the municipality.
  • As well as miscellaneous costs for establishing and obtaining the legal entity of the shop.

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How much is the profit of a cell phone shop?

It is not necessary to obtain profits during the operational period of the project, due to the high costs, whether variable or fixed, which are spent on the store in the first stage of the project, and after the stability of the cost ratio and the completion of the stage of preparing the store, the project begins to gradually reap profits, and may reach the net The profit in the first month is 827 Saudi riyals, and during the first year it is possible to earn an amount of 53,448 riyals, and the profits are rising to reach 99 thousand Saudi riyals in the second year.

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Products that are sold in the mobile shop project

The investor needs capital to purchase all the smart mobile devices and accessories that are indispensable to the project, and the project may take another curve in expansion and expansion in maintenance work and others, and we explain the following the most important products that are sold in the mobile shop project:

  • Modern mobile devices of all kinds, especially those that are popular in the market, are witnessing a remarkable demand.
  • Where are the original chargers for mobiles.
  • Headphones for mobile phones or computers are also available.
  • bluetooth headphones.
  • The cases are also different in shapes.
  • Phone or flash storage cards.
  • selfie stick.
  • Also the mobile holder that is placed in the car.
  • As well as the screens that are placed on the phone and tablet.
  • mouse.
  • And maybe the keyboard.

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Factors for the success of a mobile shop project

Signs of the success of the project appear with the end of its time period, and through the ability to deliver the works in a specific record time, as well as the success of the project appears through the quality of the outputs and the desire of the customer to constantly demand, and success is closely related to planning, discipline and continuous motivation, and we mention the following success factors Tour shop project:

  • A suitable place for the project must be chosen at the beginning.
  • Choosing the goods and products that are sold, whether related to phones or computers, within a specific financial framework, away from imaginary prices.
  • With great care to choose high quality products. And great care.
  • You must also treat customers well.
  • It is important to keep abreast of the latest changes and developments in the markets.
  • It might be a good idea to hand out simple gifts to customers.
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How to get mobile store products

The mechanism for obtaining products may be a major obstacle for the implementers of investment projects, especially in the absence of sufficient capital with the high prices of products, especially mobile phones, but there are outlets that can be resorted to in an attempt to reduce the percentage of costs, and we explain the following how to obtain mobile store products :

  • It is necessary to identify all the products in the market and to know the characteristics of each product.
  • In the event that the products are Chinese, it is possible to obtain them directly from China, to save a lot of expenses.
  • Use electronic methods to search on the Internet and get the lowest prices for these commodities.
  • Also, buying products from China directly by traveling to China and making agreements on the required goods.
  • Or deal directly with the wholesaler of these products, and get the lowest prices from him.

Marketing methods for the mobile shop project

In light of the crowding of local markets and commercial stores with many similar and alternative goods and services in various fields of life, especially economic ones, it was necessary for project implementers to use the methods that are used by the largest number of customers and beneficiaries of projects. The following is an explanation of marketing methods for a mobile shop project:

  • Marketing is possible by hanging lots of banners on different sides of the street.
  • Choose to print propaganda cards and distribute these cards to friends and acquaintances, and indicate the name of the project and its promotion.
  • Also, create a page on social networking sites, in order to display the products on it.
  • It is also possible to send short messages through WhatsApp to various clients, clarifying the offers and prices of the project.
  • Obtaining membership and participating in conferences related to electronic devices and displaying products therein.

Mobile shop project feasibility study, cost and profits 2023, for the project to succeed, it is necessary to set goals with proper planning and develop alternative strategies for emergency times, and in this article we explained the most prominent features of the mobile shop project.

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