My experience in a supermarket project –

My experience in a supermarket project –

My experience in a supermarket projectA group of non-routine interconnected activities that have specific beginnings and ends in time, which can be implemented by a person or organization to achieve specific goals. Projects of all kinds are a bridge to the passage to a decent life, and in order to be in the desired form, a sound infrastructure must be possessed, and this responsibility falls on the state in Pumping investment projects and putting the right person in the right place. In the context of this article, we mention my experience in a supermarket project.

My experience in a supermarket project

The emergency economic changes that befell the whole world, where the greatest impact was on the share of poor developing countries, this led to the inability of the public sector to rise alone in the economy of countries, so there was a great need for another sector that supports the state’s economy, which is the sector of small projects, and the matter is not Just numbers or important, but in fact these projects have proven the advancement of the state in all its fields, and its ability to seek to move the wheel of economic development, and we explain this more by mentioning successful experiences in establishing a supermarket in terms of a feasibility study and all project requirements.

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Reasons for the success of a supermarket project

We have always heard about the success factors when setting up small projects, as they are many, but in return they need strategies to achieve the goals, that is, the matter is not random.

  • Develop products that meet the needs of all segments of society.
  • Designing the appropriate decoration for the store, and we are not talking about the presence of modern designs, but at least arranging the shelves and placing the products so that it is easy to reach and identify them.
  • Also, reasonable prices are set for the products.
  • The constant need to develop products, and bring the most consumed and demanded.
  • Maintaining the percentage of promotion and thus the percentage of profits, and this requires a successful marketing plan.
  • And do not forget to maintain the cleanliness of the place and its employees.
  • Availability of surplus stock for products offered to customers, and this is easy to obtain at any time.
  • It is better for the supermarket to operate throughout the day in order to achieve a greater percentage of profits.
  • Stay away from buying unwanted goods in the supermarket area.
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supermarket project requirements

If the investor wants to succeed in his project, he must start with a new start, especially since randomness and lack of precise goals may take the project in a different direction, as well as create unrealistic expectations and fears. The following are the requirements of a supermarket project:

  • A small deep freezer should be available for cheese and dairy, as well as a deep freezer for freezers and a display fridge for soft drinks, and another for chocolate and some other drinks.
  • It also provides a machine for slicing luncheon, a cheese packing machine, as well as slicing knives.
  • Availability of shelves for merchandise, and various consumer products with an assurance of expiration period.
  • Designing the project based on high-end designs suitable for a supermarket project, and it depends on the capital.

Provide official documents for supermarket project

The state organizes and promotes small projects, so it tries to register the commercial activities carried out by project owners, and this ensures obtaining appropriate financing in the event of a need for large capital. The following are the most important official documents for licensing the project:

  • A health certificate must be provided
  • As well as a commercial register, and a tax card.
  • Presence of a photo ID.
  • If the client is present, the power of attorney must be brought.
  • Presence of a rental agreement.
  • A tax card is required.
  • Pay all the required fees and bring a receipt proving the payment process.

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supermarket project labor

It depends on the project area and the extent of the availability of food commodities, and it can only require the project owner to manage it. If there is a need to appoint a number of manpower, 3 workers must be available to work on a two-shift system, where each worker is 8 hours, and on average The supermarket needs 3 or 4 workers with one worker to deliver the orders home.

The location of the supermarket project

Commitment to the project’s success factors contributes to reducing the percentage of errors received, raising the levels of possible progress, and opening up to learn everything new in the world of projects and entrepreneurship, and most importantly, taking advantage of the strengths to strengthen the weaknesses in the project. With regard to the location of the supermarket project, we explain below follows:

  • The project needs to provide a small shop that can accommodate products and refrigerators.
  • As well as staying away from the places where the shops that display the same products are at least 100 meters away.
  • The presence of the shop in popular areas, while staying away from high-end areas, as the price is double, especially the rent of the shop and the prices of goods.

Supermarket Profit Calculation

All project requirements and objectives must be written down, and the most important time events must be formulated, as well as documenting the various obstacles in preserved records, all in order to improve the quality of work in the coming times, as well as laying the foundation stone for business development with time and access to professionalism in the implementation of the various project tools in the future, and we mention in Following is the calculation of the profits of the supermarket enterprise.

  • The process of calculating profits is through the sales account periodically, through which sales are calculated, imports are known, and the price of goods is deducted to reach daily profits.
  • Where the percentage of profit varies from one product to another, the canned goods have a profit from 3% to 5%.
  • While the profit of cheese and its derivatives from 15% to 30%.
  • It requires the presence of an accountant to manage the financial process successfully and the percentage of losses to vanish with the existence of an alternative plan in case any circumstances arise.
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Marketing for a supermarket project

Marketing plans help transform future strategies into reality by applying them in the right way. They also work to achieve goals and communicate successfully between all customers, as well as impose control and competitive power in the market. Below we present the marketing process for a supermarket project:

  • The marketing of the project could be by printing paper advertisements at the opening date, as well as distributing advertisements in the population centers.
  • E-marketing through social networking pages.
  • Providing free offers in case of large quantities purchase.
  • Providing products at low prices as an initial image.

Reasons for losing the supermarket

Just as success is mentioned in the dictionary of small projects, the term failure is very strong in the event that a random plan is followed, without specifying the goals accurately, and through my experience with the supermarket project, we explain the reasons for the loss of the supermarket:

  • Not paying attention to hygiene.
  • Also, the lack of knowledge of the project owner about managing costs and profits and knowing what is available from the percentage of monthly sales and the percentage of inventory.
  • Choosing a bad workforce that does not seek to advance the success of the project, so that the project process will be in great confusion.
  • Failure to do a feasibility study for the project accurately and confusion in setting clear goals.

My experience in a supermarket project. In this article, we discussed all the detailed information about supermarket project management, as well as identifying all project requirements and feasibility studies, and knowing the factors of success and loss when implementing this project.

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