My experience in a women’s coffee shop project –

My experience in a women’s coffee shop project –

My experience in a women’s coffee shop projectThe new regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia allowed women to enter into many fields, and did not monopolize them to enter into a specific field, so the recent facilities raised their ambition and access to the world of investment beside all fields, and the state must be the donor and supporter to facilitate all The measures it needs, which emphasize the importance of its vital role in the development of societies, and in the context of this article we present my experience in a women’s coffee shop project.

My experience in a women’s coffee shop project

Women today constitute an important economic force based on their position as entrepreneurs, leaders and employees, and this comes by providing golden opportunities for their participation on a large scale in the economy, and despite the unremitting efforts to integrate women into the labor market, developing countries face many challenges to achieve actual equality and this It will not be achieved because of the prevailing norms in Arab societies, and among the most important projects in which women have played and succeeded in pioneering a women’s coffee shop project, we explain the experience of one of the women as follows:

  • One of the women talks about her own experience in a women’s coffee shop and says it was a very profitable experience.
  • But it requires conditions that must be followed to reach impressive success and achieve high profits.
  • The first is choosing the right place that is close to shopping centers, or choosing a place close to government institutions such as schools and universities.
  • It is also not limited to providing hot drinks, but light breakfasts, which contributed to the success and expansion of the project.
  • Note that the average profit of the project is up to 10 thousand Saudi riyals.
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Objectives of a women’s coffee shop project

Investing in women’s economic empowerment brings many benefits to peace and prosperity, but the real problem appears in countries that marginalize women, which work to exclude them from the labor market, and monopolize it on men only, and that women’s job is at home or is limited to educational or health jobs as a nurse, but when starting a work A women’s coffee shop project achieves many goals, which are as follows:

  • It contributes to fulfilling the special desires of women.
  • It also provides a place for women to resort to from the increasing responsibilities and pressures of the home.
  • It works to fill the psychological needs of women, especially the frivolity with the rest of the other women.
  • It is good that it serves to remind women of their special place and lift their spirits, without taking away any of their rights to recreation in a place of their own.

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Steps to open a women’s coffee shop project

During the past few years, Arab women, especially Gulf women, have emerged strongly in the world of investments, as they have become more independent on the financial level, and the prevailing trend towards making financial decisions that were restricted to men. In the details of the opening of a women’s coffee shop project, we mention its steps as follows:

  • Carrying out a feasibility work for a coffee shop for women, as well as comprehensive and meticulously planned investment opportunities.
  • As well as choosing the location of the shop with the completion of the procedures of ownership or rent.
  • It is also subject to all administrative procedures and obtaining all necessary licenses from the municipality or the project organizer.
  • Equipping the shop with the latest trends in modern décor designs, this is what distinguishes it from other similar projects.
  • With an effective and actionable marketing plan targeting the largest audience base.
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Choosing a women’s coffee shop project site

One of the first elements of the feasibility study of a women’s coffee shop project is to choose an appropriate location with the identification of the necessary space through which it is easy to move and move around easily, especially since the site targets the human element only, and we explain below how to choose the location of a women’s coffee shop project:

  • Stay away from places with pollutants, especially those with unpleasant odors.
  • Also, this project requires a quiet place, away from sources of noise, carpentry workshops and others.
  • It is easy to reach, whether on foot or by car, and in a quiet, public place.
  • With regard to the area, it depends largely on the size of the investment and the capital of the project, so that it is not less than 120 square meters.

Conditions for licensing a women’s coffee shop in Saudi Arabia

All large or small investment projects are subject to legal procedures, to ensure that the project is appropriate in the location specified for it by the investor, as well as the registration of all commercial activities so that they do not harm all citizens, bearing in mind that the license of the shop brings the appropriate funding to the investor by the government through its funding sources. The following is an explanation of the administrative procedures that must be taken to obtain the license:

  • The lease of the shop must be in accordance with the provisions of the commercial lease contract.
  • As well as settling all ownership documents in case the project belongs to its owner.
  • Obtaining a license to practice the activity by the responsible authorities.
  • With the need to complete the commercial registration application file, which includes the following elements:
    • Commercial lease agreement.
    • License lease agreement.
    • Stamp fee payment receipt.
    • Commercial registration application form.
    • Receipt of payment of registration rights.
    • birth certificate.

Requirements for a women’s coffee shop project

The expansion of the project and the presence of all the luxuries or necessary requirements depend on the amount of capital available to the investor. As an initial picture, most investors start their commercial projects without high costs and limit themselves to the necessary equipment and then expand if successful. We mention the following requirements of a women’s coffee shop project:

  • The presence of a coffee machine, the price of which varies according to the size and brand.
  • Also, the espresso machine
  • Also, a refrigerator for storing drinks and fruits and a refrigerator for display.
  • Maybe a fridge for ice cream.
  • Also, a fruit press for juices.
  • In case of expansion, it is necessary to purchase basic kitchen equipment and an oven for preparing cakes.
  • With luxurious sets of cups, spoons, plates and utensils available for customers.
  • A good idea is to provide flat screens for viewing.
  • Air conditioners in summer and heating equipment in winter.
  • Wi-Fi and internet are free or at a fixed price.
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The cost of a women’s coffee shop project

The capital plays in determining the size of the investment, as well as determining the appropriate location and its rental period. High-cost appliances, especially air conditioning, in winter and summer, are available, with all equipment for preparing drinks. The total value of a women’s coffee shop project is 10,000 dollars, and the number is increasing.

The employment of a women’s coffee shop project

The labor force is for women, as the project is primarily women, and it needs an expert worker in managing the kitchen and doing all the drinks and meals provided, as well as preparing cakes and cheesecakes, with the presence of assistance, in addition to the presence of a waitress and an ATM and account management worker, as well as a cleaner. The work team should be specialized and appropriately experienced, with politeness and tact, which are the basis of the storefront and its great success.

My experience in a women’s coffee shop project, highlighting the element of women in economic projects is a key factor in moving the wheel of economic development and its sustainability, especially since many jobs and projects require women only without men, most notably a women’s coffee shop.

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