My experience in the Cars Coffee Shop project – platform

My experience in the Cars Coffee Shop project – platform

My experience in a car coffee shop project, Small projects are considered the main engine of the country’s economy, so the current trend is towards enhancing the contribution and performance of the small and medium-sized companies sector through initiatives and programs that contribute to their financing. The rest of the Gulf countries follow in their footsteps, and in this article we present my experience in the Cars Coffee Shop project.

My experience in the Car Coffee Shop project

Despite the high rate of unemployment among young people, especially among university graduates and holders of higher degrees, and job seekers from all segments of society, the reality is positive towards small projects and craft and productive professions, as they get better income than employees in government sectors. Actual facts proved this, and the most prominent of them was the Cars Coffee Shop project. This project was a pioneer in the world of investments and the free business market. An explanation follows for the idea of ​​the Cars Coffee Shop project.

  • The idea is not new, but the design of the decor is unique, which contributed to attracting customers to this place.
  • Where a young man turned a Fox car into a small café for small drinks, the most important of which is coffee.
  • Where they followed an attractive and exciting way, by placing a design for the structure of a large cup on top of the car’s roof, as well as drawing coffee beans next to it, and adding the element of strong and striking lighting.
  • The interior of the car has wooden shelves, and he got rid of the chairs, to make room for more equipment needed to prepare hot drinks.
  • This investment can be expanded by making use of all the space as well as above the vehicle.
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Conditions for opening a car coffee shop project

With a view to organizing all small projects and registering their commercial activities, and obtaining a license that qualifies the project owner to open it legally, the organizing authorities set several conditions that must be met before proceeding with the implementation of actual plans, and an explanation of the following are the most important conditions for opening a car coffee shop project:

  • A copy of the commercial license must be attached to the applicant.
  • Also photographs of the cart from outside and inside.
  • As well as a letter from the organizer of the event, including their approval, the duration of the event, and the license whose activity will be sufficient to allow him
  • Note that it is forbidden to put any picture, phrase or sticker on the car before obtaining a permit from the Department of Economic Development.
  • Also, the practice should be a sufficient activity, and not practice any other activity.
  • Note that the purchase or manufacture of the vehicle before obtaining the initial approval of the Department of Economic Development is the responsibility of the project owner, and the application will be referred to the competent external parties to issue final decisions, either approving or rejecting the project of a car coffee shop.

Features of the Cars coffee shop project

Many governments are unable to provide and create job opportunities for thousands of graduates, so the only opportunity to absorb them is to create small and emerging projects in various business sectors, as well as addressing the information technology sector and benefiting from it more widely. The following are the features of the Car Coffee Shop project:

  • This project targets a large group of young people, the elderly, and those who like to sit in coffee shops.
  • Therefore, the success rate is 100%, and its prices are suitable for everyone and all classes of society.
  • Also, this project does not require the presence of an element of experience, but rather the element of correct management and a good study of the feasibility of the project.
  • The marketing process takes place by presenting all the project’s products at competitive prices to all classes of society.
  • Also, make discounts and special offers when opening the project to attract more customers.
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Choosing a location for the Car Coffee Shop project

Determining a suitable place to park the car is a major factor in the success of the project, and the place must be populated, and near the university complexes area frequented by students, teachers and all employees. It is also easy to move to other places and be in recreational areas such as near parks and cinemas, as well as going to In summer, coastal areas are a great idea for material gains, so choosing a place must be done with great care and precision.

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Car coffee shop project design

At first glance, the project seems difficult to achieve, but the transition to a multiplicity of means of transportation available to the project owners is a good thing, so the matter is not limited to the presence of a high-cost car and perhaps the use of a tricycle with the radical change in its shape and the addition of all decorations that allow the addition of all elements of the project.

  • In the case of the car project, there must be an element of liquidity through which you can buy an angel car.
  • This is to be used for the project only, with determining the appropriate design for it before starting the implementation of the project on the ground.
  • It takes an interior designer who is able to add aesthetic and practical aspects to the interior of the car as well as to its exterior.
  • So that the customer finds comfort and demand for this project.

Car coffee shop project costs

Putting material costs on a project should not be in vain. The project needs to be planned and known about the experiences of others while listening to their advice to avoid factors of failure and future losses, as well as the ability to delegate some tasks to others to avoid exhaustion, and stand on analyzing the results and determining responsibilities while preparing new development plans. and long-term, and we explain the following the costs of the Car Coffee Shop project:

  • The presence of an American coffee machine 1000 riyals.
  • And a slush machine and a juice machine 3200 riyals.
  • It also offers a 40-liter tea heater, priced at 550 riyals, and a piston sandwich heater, 2000 riyals.
  • Also, a three-eye gas boat with equipment, 240 riyals.
  • Paper cups must be available in three sizes, 500 riyals.
  • There are also tea cups, glass cups, cappuccino cups, and Turkish coffee cups for 2500 riyals.
  • It is necessary to have plastic and paper plates 500 riyals.
  • There are also tables for processing drawers: 600 riyals.
  • In addition, there are aluminum shelves and cupboards, and a counter to put tools and equipment at 300 riyals per linear meter.

Profits of the coffee shop project, cars

The easiest way to keep project costs low is to start working in a low-cost way as a first stage, and the rule says low cost means high profits, so in this case it is necessary not to spend any money that does not contribute to achieving direct profit, while reducing project requirements and additional expenses to the extent The lowest and acceptable, the idea is to know the value of every dollar you invest represents a big difference, an explanation of the following for the profits of a project:

  • Where the average annual income is about 400 thousand Saudi riyals.
  • The costs of purchasing raw materials and the various costs of maintenance and damage to equipment are also deducted from this amount.
  • Accordingly, the net profit amounts to 200 thousand riyals.
  • Note that cafes in general are witnessing a high turnout, so the establishment of such projects is a real opportunity for great profit.

My experience in the Cars Coffee Shop project, the optimal use of time with the appropriate capabilities to do what a person loves, is the sound rule that he takes as a criterion for his life, so the search is continuous and in a big way for the best small and profitable projects.

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