My experience with Buffet Project – Our Trade Platform

My experience with Buffet Project – Our Trade Platform

My experience with Project Buffet, Many people aspire to own private sources that generate money for them, and through them exploit material and physical strength at the same time, especially with the increase in material commitments in the current era. It requires an urgent desire and with every effort to be successful, given that the project is a kind of adventure and risking money. Which was provided on several stages of human life, so any project needs to study the steps for its success, we explain this more by presenting my experience with the Buffet project.

My experience with Project Buffet

Going into investment projects is not an easy matter, so the project needs elements for its success, whether they are psychological or administrative success elements, as it required the presence of seriousness and ambition. This includes planning, then studying the project, then investigation, otherwise the project will remain just aspirations, and the qualities of successful management and this What made my project a great success, and the most important rules that I followed in managing the project are as follows:

  • Focusing on specific goals with prioritization and achieving them.
  • In addition to seriousness and firmness in managing the project, there must be an element of flexibility, that is, adaptation to all changes, especially in the event that the actual needs of a product that consumers need greatly develop.
  • Likewise, project evaluation and feedback on the entire project, before and during the achievement of objectives.
  • Based on the feedback data, all problems are solved seriously and scientifically.

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The licenses required to implement the buffet project

The public interest pushes the project to restrict the freedom of the individual. It is not permissible to practice a profession or an economic activity without obtaining a license from a government agency. As for obtaining a license, it takes place after the conditions stipulated in the system or the law are met, especially in industrial and commercial projects to ward off the damage that occurs when establishing This project is in a residential community, and in the event of acceptance, it will be in order to organize projects in a way that suits the community. The following is an explanation of the licenses required to implement the buffet project:

  • Ensure that the building does not violate building rules and is not subject to collapse, and this requires the presence of an engineer to inspect the place.
  • It is not allowed to establish commercial shops inside the secondary streets, or to have a facade on any secondary street, unless it is a distance of not less than 6 m.
  • The license must be for a commercial project, not a residential one, with all security and safety standards including fire and ignition-resistant tools.
  • Note that the approval of the neighborhood to which it belongs must be obtained with the implementation of all conditions.
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What is buffet project equipment

The great risk that the owner of the project may take without a serious study could cause the project to falter, especially with the purchase of equipment at high costs, and here the project fails with the presence of large losses that exhaust it with the presence of accumulated debts. Many projects have failed despite the availability of all equipment and the design of the place In a modern style, so the element of prudent management with a cooperative team is sufficient to advance the project again. The following is an illustration of the equipment of the BOVET project:

  • Availability of electricity and water sources.
  • Availability of at least comfortable chairs and tables, with no high cost, in order to study the extent of activity and the movement of buying and selling in the buffet.
  • The project requires the purchase of a device for roasting potatoes, which contributes to the large number of sales in the buffet.
  • He also bought a device to heat all the foods offered in the buffet.
  • It provides a machine for making hot drinks such as coffee and tea.
  • A refrigerator to store food and drinks to reduce the percentage of losses and not to spoil the food.

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Labor required for the buffet project

The project needs manpower from individuals to operate and manage the project, as well as facilitating production methods, as the investment project needs the owner of the project and is mostly responsible for managing it, as well as technical workers who are skilled in preparing food and preparing it in a modern way with serving food, also a worker for washing dishes and cleaning the place, And an accountant who calculates the total cost of the project with workers’ salaries, and the percentage of sales and losses on a daily or monthly basis.

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The expected profit rate for the buffet project

It is difficult to measure the profit rate, as the matter requires a comprehensive study of the subject and the fixed and variable costs. Taking into account the success factors of the project contributes to a significant increase in profits.

Buffet project cost

The scarcity of financing and the difficulty in obtaining capital makes it important to determine the cost of the project and not to expand it, as the process of accurately calculating project costs requires detailed planning and accurate information with forecasting the factors of failure and success. The following is an illustration of the cost of the Buffet project:

  • Foundational fixed costs for the buffet.
  • as variable costs.
  • Taking into account the size of the place and the area in which the project was chosen.
  • The quality of the equipment used in the buffet project, whether brand or local.
  • Buffet equipment new or used.
  • The cost of opening a buffet is estimated at an average total value between 15-25 thousand dollars.
  • Note that the price of purchasing all the equipment ranges from 5,500 to 7,000 dollars, while it is 2,500 to 3,000 if it is used.

Buffet project success factors

Instead of a good study of the project with all the requirements and equipment for the buffet, the matter does not depend only on the availability of these items, but rather the presence of tricks and secrets that no one knows, whether from customers or others, these secrets contribute to reducing the percentage of costs and preserving food consumption for a longer period:

  • Preparing cheap, satiating carbohydrate-containing food to reduce consumption of expensive food.
  • Also adopt small dishes.
  • As such, put the satiated food in the first rows of the buffet.
  • Putting high-cost food at the end of the table.
  • In the case of expensive foods such as fish and shrimp, a worker stands on them to put one piece for whoever wants to eat it.
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Buffet project marketing

Marketing a buffet restaurant is easier than marketing closed restaurants, especially with the display of the most delicious types of foods that are popular with people, and at that time customers feel very comfortable when looking at the most delicious food and sweets of all kinds. Likewise, marketing the project is through doing the following:

  • Designing brochures and distributing them to areas with population gatherings.
  • Post good ads with offers on food of all kinds and forms.
  • Designing and distributing brochures and flyers containing the foods offered at the buffet, stating prices, discounts, and offers.
  • Marketing through social media, as this leads to marketers having a high ability to reach their target audience with the addition of the feature of interaction between the audience and the marketer and the advertisements and marketing flyers he publishes for the project.
  • Placing a banner in front of the store on which the main details of the project are written, including direct contact numbers and delivery services.

My experience with the Buffet project, no matter how much the issue seems to be a loss or success, the real gain is the practical experience of the project.

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