My experience with the Burger Restaurant project – platform

My experience with the Burger Restaurant project – platform

My experience with the Burger Restaurant projectPreparing for the launch of a private investment project is one of the most wonderful and exciting experiences in human life, and it is natural that not everything goes as planned or that the road is paved with roses. Its goals, while benefiting from the experiences of others that inspire us, to rise again in the event of reaching a deficit, and we mention in this article my experience with the Burger Restaurant project.

Advantages of establishing a burger restaurant

It is normal for a lot of inspiring and ambitious ideas to circulate from time to time, in most cases these wishes remain just ideas and do not see a glimmer of hope and light, unless actual steps are taken on the ground, and start towards investing experiences and mental and physical capabilities, so more work must be done on an idea The project is detailed and accurate before the start of the journey, and the idea of ​​the project may be to establish a burger restaurant, and this is a good thing and a real gain, and we explain the following the most prominent features of establishing a burger restaurant:

  • This project works specifically to increase the investor’s income and achieve profits.
  • With the possibility of operating manpower, thus creating good opportunities.
  • Reducing unemployment by a large percentage, with a lack of government and private sector jobs.
  • Raise the rates of the national economy and push the wheel of economic development forward, like other projects.

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Requirements for doing a burger restaurant project

The goals that we aspire to when entering the free business market and investment projects must be realistic, and let us be frank with ourselves when developing executive and administrative plans, without bearing large burdens that constitute a great burden on us, such as entering into a huge project by relying on large debts, and in principle we must The project shall be within the limits of its material and technical capabilities, and we explain the following requirements for undertaking a burger restaurant project:

  • Doing a comprehensive feasibility study for the project, and at least the ability to achieve the objectives of the project in a tangible way on the ground, otherwise it would be an abject failure.
  • It is necessary to provide the necessary space and location for the establishment of a burger restaurant project, so that it is within the average of 70 meters and maybe larger than that, depending on the cost of the project.
  • It is better if it is within the residential range, or the gathering of residents and clubs, and streets that pulsate with pedestrians.
  • Providing energy sources such as electricity, water and sanitation.
  • Also, providing proper ventilation, with lighting for all project facilities.
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The necessary equipment for establishing a burger restaurant project

Many ideas seem at first glance to be successful and this raises the rate of positive energy towards achieving them, while when implemented they fail miserably, so the investor needs to conduct an analysis in order to identify weaknesses and strengths while standing on the available opportunities and obstacles facing the progress of the project, and we explain the following The necessary equipment for establishing a burger restaurant project:

  • Make a beautiful design for the shop that includes different decorations.
  • Comfortable tables and chairs are also provided.
  • The ability to provide at least basic work necessities, which are a grill and a potato fryer, as well as a refrigerator for preserving and cooling food water and a freezer.
  • In addition, the provision of air conditioning and good ventilation of the shop, especially in the summer.
  • Issuance of all legal papers, which include licensing the place and registering the commercial activity.
  • With regard to the raw materials that must be provided for the burger restaurant project, they are as follows:
    • Bun.
    • Also, the burger meat is halal.
    • potatoes.
    • Onions.
    • Also, tomatoes.
    • egg.
    • And cheddar cheese.
    • Some vegetables.
    • Also, soda or regular water.
    • In addition, tools for wrapping, serving and packing.

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Employment for the Burger Restaurant project

It is important for the project owner to have an accurate budget, to know the funds in his possession, and the amount he needs to run the project, which includes realistic expenses based on investment analysis, as well as the ability to pay the labor wages needed by the project. Below we mention the number of workers for the burger restaurant project:

  • Presence of a cashier.
  • Also, manager of a burger shop
  • Janitors.
  • Also, serviceable kit.
  • The chef who will prepare the meals.
  • Also, individuals for home delivery.
  • It is required to provide a uniform for each job in the place, as is the case in all restaurants.
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Burger restaurant project cost

It is better for the owner of the project to be flexible towards the ideas related to the project during its implementation, as it is natural that you will encounter many options and renewed ideas that were not in the conscience, and perhaps taking them and adapting to them will succeed in a distinctive way. When studying the burger restaurant project, taking into account the actual feasibility study of the project, which They are determined as follows:

  • The burger restaurant project needs a site of no less than 50 square meters, and in a vital location, in return for paying 250,000 riyals as an annual rent value.
  • While administrative expenses, which include licensing fees and annual marketing expenses, as well as telephone and public relations expenses: 2800 riyals annually.
  • The cost of preparing the shop including all electrical and plumbing works is about 30,000 riyals.
  • The total cost of purchasing the necessary equipment is 18,500 riyals.
  • With regard to the net profit in the first year, it is 1777 riyals. This figure is certainly not satisfactory, but taking into account that many costs can be dispensed with during the coming years when operating the project, and therefore the profits will increase. You must be patient during the first year of starting the project, as it is Quite expensive, but will not apply in the coming years.

How to market a burger restaurant project

The nature of projects has changed during the recent period, as the digital climate has witnessed unprecedented superiority, and now represents the present as well as the future. Therefore, this must be considered part of the project’s success process, which is electronic marketing, and we explain this as follows:

  • This is done by taking advantage of the development in the field of software and the Internet, and by making great publicity on social media platforms.
  • Provide home delivery.
  • Make a competitive pricing so that it does not harm the project.
  • Print posters for the project and distribute them to the largest number of pedestrians.
  • Opening the store and inviting many important personalities such as the mayor, governor, entrepreneurs and a class of the general community.
  • The presence of skilled labor and they have a tactful manner in dealing with various clients in a satisfactory manner.
  • Achieving the hygiene component is a prerequisite for the success of the project.
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My experience with the Burger Restaurant project

Mostly, my experience was difficult and full of setbacks and difficulties, but willpower, patience, and persistence in order to achieve the goal contributed to my rise again, and I do not forget that I faced a long series of fees, paying taxes, and inevitable paper transactions, so the project is fraught with complications, but This will not matter in front of the love of passion to achieve my dream, so I set a rule when starting the implementation of the project, which is that the project should not be in order to achieve profits, but to take an adventure in the field of what I dream of.

My experience with the burger project. In this article, we have covered a number of details regarding the management of the burger project, noting that this project is feasible if the proper rules for project management are followed.

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