My experience with the nursery project – platform

My experience with the nursery project – platform

My experience with the nursery project, before delving into the nursery project, a distinction must be made between the term nursery and kindergarten, especially since many people make mistakes if they consider the same meaning and concept, and to clarify more, the nursery is the place designated for children for the purpose of listening and entertainment, while kindergarten is for children A preliminary educational stage for entering school and the entertainment part therein, but the greatest focus is on the educational aspect, and we mention in this article my experience with the nursery project.

My experience with the nursery project

The nursery project for children is one of the successful projects, especially for women, and it is possible to establish this project by exploiting the space of the house and allocating a part for the project with all its requirements, as well as renting a suitable place suitable for housing and living and compatible with the requirements of young children, especially infants, so that it does not pose any danger to them, and one of the women recounts About her experience with the nursery project is as follows:

  • The work of women, especially in the public and private sectors, contributed to the urgent need for a nursery to place her children there.
  • Perhaps going to an occasion and leaving the house so that the presence of children is not required, so the nursery project is a success par excellence.
  • The basic requirement that must be met in the governess is to be able to deal properly with the child’s personality and patterns.
  • As well as long patience without using any means of violence or intimidation in the event of continuous crying in children.
  • Therefore, having the right element of experience and information in dealing with children is very important.

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Steps to open a nursery project in Saudi Arabia

Love of the profession and the ability to deal properly with children is a prerequisite for the success of the project, as well as the ability to know the psychology of the child, while discovering his tendencies and desires and dealing with them in ways that serve as a reason for their development. Opening a nursery project in Saudi Arabia requires commitment to several steps as follows:

  • In the beginning, you must go to the headquarters of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Talk to the employee concerned about your desire to start a nursery project.
  • Complete the legal procedures required by the competent employee.
  • It also requires obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development to allow the establishment of your own nursery project.

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The papers required to register the nursery project

The responsibility for choosing the appropriate nursery rests with the parents, and the matter must be done very carefully, with the availability of safety and security specifications for the child. Therefore, the competent authorities oblige the nursery to submit to all legal procedures and register the project, knowing all the details about it from a site and whether it is suitable or not, and the following We mention the papers required to register the nursery project:

  • A copy of the personal identity card.
  • Also, a copy of the lease contract for the site where the nursery will be located.
  • Attach a detailed report showing all security and safety standards, with compliance with all conditions and standards required in the kindergarten.
  • Also, attach a report confirming the integrity of the legal procedures and that the site is licensed and not in violation.
  • Also, submit a certificate of good conduct to the applicant.
  • The nursery workflow plan and detailed information about all the team and the qualifications it possesses must be available.

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Feasibility study of a childcare project at home

Having the qualities of successful management with perseverance, patience, and seriousness in striving towards achieving the goal cannot be overlooked. The presence of capital without any organized planning and the qualities of a successful manager will not be able to withstand the project for long. The following is an illustration of the feasibility study of a children at home project:

  • Appropriate place: The space should not be less than 100 square meters, and it should be divided into 4 rooms so that it contains small chairs and tables for children, with recreational activities that contain good ventilation.
  • There are also bedrooms for infants that require more than one bed of different sizes so that it is safe.
  • A kitchen must be available to prepare fast food for children, and it contains a refrigerator and all basic food and drink equipment.
  • The bathroom should be equipped with detergents, as well as sterilization tools, small towels and trash cans.
  • The park is spacious and contains many safe games.
  • The management of the nursery is through a qualified and cooperative team, and it is preferable to choose workers who have long patience in dealing with children’s problems and good morals, and they have educational methods for dealing with children.
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Nursery supplies

The key to success lies in good planning and preparation for the project, by preparing an appropriate plan for the project that includes the presence of all project requirements, both material and human, and managing those requirements at the lowest costs requires a successful manager, and the following is an explanation of the nursery requirements:

  • A desk and a comfortable chair for the nursery manager must be provided at the reception.
  • There is also a space to receive parents, and to buy a sofa.
  • Preparing a spacious room for recreational and educational activities in which the child spends most of his time.
  • The presence of toilets suitable for children’s use.
  • There should be a set of beds for infants.

The cost of establishing a nursery project

The future costs of any project are estimated and forecasted and worked on in light of determining the estimated budget for the project. Many factors must be taken into account when calculating the estimated costs, most notably the time period of the project and the geographical area in which the project will be implemented, taking into consideration the emergency factors that surprise the workers on the project. The following is an explanation of the cost of the nursery project:

  • Air conditioning required: $200.
  • Floor mat purchase: $300.
  • Also, payment of curtain accessories: $150.
  • Availability of desk and chairs for the reception: $100.
  • Learning table: $100.
  • With shelves installed: $100.
  • As well as having fun games: $300.
  • TV and receiver: $200.
  • Add to that the monthly costs of the incubation project.
  • Paying salaries to female workers, and at least having a nanny and a cleaning lady.
  • Water and electricity drains: $50.
  • Also, detergent and color paper. Cost: $30.
  • Otherwise, the cost of renting the shop, and designing decorations suitable for infants and older children.
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Reasons for the failure of the nursery project

A good follow-up of all stages of the project and the required specifications and features contributes to its success, while decreasing an element undoubtedly leads to a decrease in the success rate of the project, and gradually the project becomes a failure and thus its closure. Many projects closed their doors after a short period, and we explain the following reasons for the failure of the incubation project:

  • Neglecting children, especially infants, and not paying attention to personal hygiene and cleanliness of the place.
  • An infection that spreads widely among children.
  • The place is not qualified for the project to be built on, so the location of the place must be close to government institutions and private sectors in which women work.
  • The lack of age-appropriate equipment for children, especially the beloved pictures and cartoon characters that they are attracted to.
  • Neglecting the appropriate marketing element, and the lack of a web page to know the details of the project and communicate with the project management.
  • Also, bad treatment and lack of patience helps not to go to nurseries.
  • As well as the lack of quality compared to the financial cost.
  • Not choosing qualified workers to deal with children.
  • Limiting the project to play without clear educational objectives.
  • Failure to complete the required licenses and legally register the commercial activity.

My experience with the nursery project, although the project seems easy in terms of costs, dealing with children is something that requires conscious study and sufficient knowledge of how to deal with their personality patterns.

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