My experience with the Shawarma Restaurant project – platform

My experience with the Shawarma Restaurant project – platform

My experience with the shawarma restaurant project, The imaginary amount of consumption of shawarma meals made it a door for large investment, and this led to the opening of many projects that are based on the advancement of such products, and the intensification of competitive strength between them, and perhaps the distinctive taste and acceptable price of shawarma contributed to its success on a large scale. Entering such consumer projects requires Going into battle successfully while adopting new methods of excellence. In this article, we review the details of my experience with the Shawarma Restaurant project.

Feasibility study of the shawarma restaurant project

In the event that the step of implementing a small or medium-sized project is taken, it is necessary to start the implementation of a feasibility study for this project, and the reason for this is the utmost importance achieved by the feasibility study of the project as it is the guiding and organizing guide for the investor’s steps, and to determine the extent of the project’s ability to progress towards positive steps, especially before Spending a lot of money, the investor also gets to know the market situation in terms of the amount of supply, the students competing for the project and the target customers, in order to answer the most important question whether the market needs the project or not.

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Shawarma restaurant project products

The market study stage is one of the most important stages in the feasibility study of the project. Therefore, the products of the Shawarma Restaurant project are determined based on measuring the volume of demand for goods that can be added alongside the shawarma meal, and the size of the supply of goods, with determining the production capacity of the project, i.e. the volume of sales, according to the size of the supply. And demand, and most importantly knowing the gaps and opportunities available for the benefit of the project so that it can be exploited, and we present the following products of the Shawarma Restaurant project:

  • Meat shawarma sandwiches
  • Also, chicken shawarma sandwiches.
  • Also, chicken shawarma.
  • Also, soft drinks, bottled juices and mineral water.
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The location and area of ​​the Shawarma Restaurant project

The location is a prominent factor in the success of the project, so wait before taking the step of the location, so that it is accurate, and when studying the market, we find that the successful projects that the investors reconciled with are the locations where the target customers are spread, and to clarify the details of choosing the location and area of ​​the shawarma restaurant project in those Points:

  • Note that a large percentage of the targeted clients are college and university students.
  • Based on the information received, the site’s success lies in a commercial area close to the university, or in front of a college, as well as a place that witnesses great crowding.
  • Also, the project needs an area of ​​not less than 50 square meters, bearing in mind that the larger the area, the better it is for the project. Certainly, a store with an area of ​​​​80 square meters is much better, as the percentage of profits is large.
  • Modern standards, licensing, and issuance of legal papers for the project and commercial activity must be available.

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Shawarma restaurant project equipment

A restaurant project needs equipment that conforms to security and safety standards. First, we talk about the floor of the shop made of ceramic, which is required to be of high quality and does not cause falls or slips. The installation of plumbing, perhaps the presence of suspended gypsum with comprehensive lighting for the project facilities makes the project more distinctive. It requires The project is the installation of a securit glass door and an external iron door, the installation of internal and external cameras, with the presence of fire extinguishers, all of this and more will be determined in the feasibility study of the project.

Shawarma restaurant project equipment

Determining the equipment of the shawarma restaurant project depends on the financial study, which is part of the feasibility study of the project. In the event that the cost did not cover the equipment of the project, it may resort to smart tricks, such as dispensing with some of the equipment that is a luxury of the project, and buying used equipment at the lowest prices, and perhaps a system Installments and deferred payment contribute to solving the capital obstacle. As for the equipment of the shawarma restaurant project, it must be available as follows:

  • Requires a double shawarma grill, meat or chicken.
  • oven
  • It also has a refrigerator to display all kinds of food drinks, juices and water.
  • Gas cylinders.
  • Also provide chicken processing machine.
  • Miscellaneous kitchen equipment.
  • Also a cashier with accounting software.
  • Also, a bill printer.
  • Metal tables for processing.
  • Also, indoor lighting.
  • and air conditioner.
  • tables and chairs.
  • Lockers and shelves for storing and placing items on them.
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Employment of the Shawarma Restaurant project

The project is based on the human element, so there is a workforce with great experience in the field of cooking, especially meat, so the project needs two chefs to prepare and prepare shawarma and additional meals, as well as a cashier, the project executor must be present and perform the function of management and supervision, and it is not possible that Hand over the reins of the project to the cashier or another appointment, as well as the availability of a cleaner.

Marketing the shawarma restaurant project

In order for the project’s objectives to succeed on a larger scale, the objectives must be formulated in a correct manner, which includes the marketing plan, and it can be said that it is the road map that any company follows in order to implement and follow up on various strategies. It is also the compass on which projects go, regardless of their size. Marketing for the Shawarma Restaurant project:

  • It is necessary to hang a bright board on the front of the store that includes details of the restaurant’s name and the mechanism of direct or electronic communication.
  • Likewise, the work of inaugurating and inviting many important personalities in the region or the governorate, such as the mayor and a department official, as well as the owners of projects adjacent to the Shawarma restaurant, and we should not forget a class of society, whether rich or poor, as they are the real targets.
  • Using e-marketing, whether it is free of charge, such as creating a page on a social networking site, or through prepaid and funded advertising.
  • Delivery service is provided and delivery boxes are used and project-specific stickers are placed on them.
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My experience with the Shawarma Restaurant project

I have often heard entering the world of investment is inexpensive and simple and requires implementation on reality. I really found the experience as a real battle and I have to succeed or lose, so my goal was to win the battle and achieve my goals regardless of the size of the profits, so persistence, challenge and determination in front of all the obstacles that stand in front of me The first of which was obtaining permits, which took a lot of my time, then designing the shop and choosing a modern décor suitable for a shawarma restaurant, and at the same time with a small amount.

  • I also relied on myself in the task of supervising and managing as well as accounting for clients, and calculating fixed and variable costs. The matter seems heavy, but considering it a real battle and surviving it was my goal.
  • There is also a distinguished chef who has the secret of the profession in preparing delicious meals.
  • In addition, paying attention to the quality of the products provided, conducting a study and taking customers’ opinions about the products offered to them, with the possibility of taking their ideas and applying them in the event of the availability of capital.
  • While ensuring a calm atmosphere, and maintaining the cleanliness of the place continuously.
  • The implementation of the project was in stages, the last of which was reaching my goal and achieving high profits. I am now seeking to open another project in another area.

My experience with the shawarma restaurant project, the real success depends on the extent of the person’s ability to continue and rise again in the event of obstacles that change the course of the journey. The shawarma restaurant project requires a comprehensive feasibility study and this is what we have explained in this article.

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