My experience with the vending machines project – platform

My experience with the vending machines project – platform

My experience with the vending machines project. The idea of ​​reaching a profitable project for those who have capital in their hands is considered one of the most preoccupying things. The owner of the money does not know which methods can achieve high profits. Many projects, despite their simplicity in implementation, are not considered profitable in the end, and the other one is profitable, but his path is long, and patience is an attribute that many in the world of finance and business do not possess, and he finds himself in front of millions of confusing ideas. In this context, we discuss my experience with the vending machines project.

What are vending machines?

Young people face many ideas that are presented to them in the last stage. With the difficult economic situation, many of them are looking for an opportunity to work in order to be able to live in this context. We discuss what the vending machines are:

  • They are large machines that contain different types of commodities.
  • Examples of these commodities are soft drinks, candy, children’s games, and others.
  • As it is placed in different places, it does not need the presence of the seller next to it.
  • Only the money is lowered into it and a mark is placed on the required commodity to get what you want.
  • At the end of the day, you can collect the money that is inside.

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Vending machine license

There are many different projects that we can hear about in our lives, most of which are due to the extent of progress and technological development taking place in the world, as technology has begun to put its fingerprints in many matters. In this context, we deal with the vending machine license:

  • Vending machines are one of the economic activities from which money can be made.
  • Being placed in public places they need to be licensed by the government.
  • When licensing these machines, there are a number of conditions that must be taken into consideration.
  • The need to place these machines in safe areas, so that they do not impede the movement of people.
  • It should also not pose a danger to anyone due to its presence.
  • And the fact that these machines occupy a place in a public area, this means that there is a tax amount that is imposed on the places in which they are located.
  • Where the license is granted through the authority authorized to do so, which is the civil defence.
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The price of the vending machine

This type of project depends only on one machine that must be present, as it is the main element on which this project is based. Through the study, the prices of those machines are identified. In this context, we address the price of the vending machine:

  • The prices of the machines may vary according to the original origin of the machine, and whether it is used or new.
  • The age of the machine also determines its price and condition.
  • The new machine is priced at $10,000.
  • As for the used machine, its price ranges from 1200 to 3000 dollars.

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Vending machine agent

Some machines can only be obtained through agents of the companies that manufacture them in their country and then export them and sell them to other countries, in exchange for sums of money. In this context, we deal with the agent of the vending machines:

  • There are many agents in the Arab countries who sell vending machines for the benefit of manufacturers.
  • Where there are many types of these machines, which differ in their mechanism of action.
  • These machines can be obtained by searching on Google for the best manufacturers.
  • And you can book the machine, they have garlic, and it will be delivered to your location.

How much is the rental of the vending machines site?

This project is considered one of the projects in which there is no specific place to put the machines in, as they are placed in many different places such as hospitals, malls, public places, etc. In this context, we discuss how much the rental of the vending machine site is:

  • Determining the rent for the location of the self-working machines is primarily due to the place where the machine is placed.
  • As well as on how citizens move and are present in this place, and are there places to wait in these places.
  • For example, hospitals require monthly rent to place the machine in their corridors.
  • Some places take a monthly percentage of the machine’s income from 10 to 25% of the monthly income.
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Placement of vending machines

The success of this type of project depends on finding the best place in which to place the vending machines, in order to find the demand for them by users, which increases the profits that can be reaped from them. In this context, we discuss the places for placing the vending machines:

  • Beauty salons.
  • Clinics and medical centers.
  • Hospitals.
  • Universities and colleges.
  • in recreational places.
  • private companies.
  • Malls and public places.

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Types of vending machines

This type of project is used in order to sell many different products, which do not depend on one type of commodity or product, but rather differ according to the region in which it is placed. In this context, we discuss the types of vending machines:

  • Cold drinks (such as mineral water, juices, soft drinks).
  • Selling ice cream.
  • Chocolate, chips and more.
  • Machines for making coffee, tea and cappuccino.
  • Vending machines for children’s toys.
  • Selling mobile phone accessories.

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Advantages of vending machines

Some projects have their own advantages that make these features one of the most important reasons for success through which profits can be achieved and the project idea becomes one of the successful ideas. In this context, we address the advantages of the vending machines:

  • What distinguishes these machines in the first place is that they do not need an employee to follow up on their work, which saves a lot on the owner of the project.
  • The speed of completion in business management, when you place an order for any drink, you only need to wait for a few seconds, and your drink is prepared to be within your reach in a short time, unlike what happens in cafes and others.
  • You will not need to advertise the project, as it is in front of everyone’s eyes, and the machines can be seen clearly.
  • The mechanism of operation of the machines is also easy for the public and does not require major complications, as it has instructions that direct you to how to use it with ease.
  • All drinks or other commodities can be obtained at any time, whether it is at night or during the day, as the machine works 24 hours a day and without any interruption, unlike many stores that close their doors at certain times.
  • The cost of the commodities offered by the machines is the same as those found in malls or shops that are scattered everywhere around you.
  • The project does not require a large capital.
  • It is possible to buy more than one machine and put it in more than one place, which increases the percentage of income for its owner.
  • All that the machine needs from time to time is to secure the goods and all the raw materials that it needs, according to the type of commodity that the machine provides.
  • The machine saves water, electricity and the profit rate that can be reaped from it is good compared to other projects.
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In conclusion, we presented in this article everything related to my experience with the vending machine project, as well as the types of vending machines, the features of these machines, and the price of the vending machine.

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