Places for selling ostriches in Egypt and their prices 2023 –

Places for selling ostriches in Egypt and their prices 2023 –

Places to sell ostriches in Egypt and their prices 2023The ostrich is the largest bird in the world and is characterized by its high ability to adapt to the weather, so it is spread all over the world, and with the correct method of dealing when breeding ostriches, it has become among the animals and birds that are raised in abundance in homes and farms, and it can be said that it is an investment project that reaps many profits in the event Follow the correct and safe methods to prolong the life of ostriches, and in this article we learn about the places to sell ostriches in Egypt and their prices 2023.

The best types of ostriches in Egypt for breeding

The African breed is considered one of the best types of ostriches, as the female can lay about 50 to 100 eggs per year, and thus it is an economic and profitable project in a large way, noting that there are three types of it and the most widespread in the world, and below we review the best types of ostriches in Egypt For education:

Red-necked ostrich

  • It is distinguished by its ferocity and is of a small size compared to other species of ostriches.
  • It is also characterized as long-necked, naked, and its feathers are red, and it is difficult to breed it.
  • It is possible that there will be a delay in the sexual age of this species.
  • The female produces about 5 to 10 eggs per year, and that quantity is lower than the rest of the ostriches.
  • But it is one of the best disease resistant types.
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The ostrich has a blue neck

  • This type of ostrich is large in size, dense in feathers, and thin in skin.
  • As for its speed, it is less compared to the speed of this red type, because its legs are weaker.
  • The female also produces about 20 to 30 eggs per year.
  • It is characterized by rapid sleep and a significant increase in the rate of vital energy.
  • It is found in many regions of Ethiopia, Somalia and northern Kenya.

The ostrich is black-necked

  • The best type when breeding, whether in homes or farms
  • Quiet except for the mating period.
  • Males are more ferocious than females.
  • The rate of egg production is high, ranging from 60 to 120 eggs per year.
  • Also, this type is a medium-sized species.

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Maximum lifespan of an ostrich on the farm

Care needs special care since it is in its egg until it grows up, especially as it is exposed to emergency accidents such as eating nails, paint chips and harmful materials, and perhaps hanging their heads in a narrow space, and therefore it is necessary to search for the best means of protection to extend the life of the ostrich and benefit from it as much as possible, bearing in mind that The ostrich lives for long periods of up to 50 years, and the average life span is 40 years, provided that the appropriate conditions are available for it, and the age of egg production reaches 20 years continuously.

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Ostrich breeding project cost

The meat of ostriches is preferred by many as a substitute for other meats such as chicken and red meat, so the consumption of it is very high, especially in major hotels and restaurants, and the demand includes ostrich eggs, and therefore the initiation of establishing such projects for ostriches, whether birds or meat, eggs and feathers And Jelda is very successful, and we explain the following the cost of the ostrich breeding project and the percentage of profits:

  • The price of an adult male and two female ostriches of mating age is 70,000 pounds.
  • It is possible to buy a young ostrich offspring of a week’s age, at a price starting from 2000 pounds, and at that time it is necessary to choose the appropriate ostrich breed carefully.
  • Also, the average cost of ostrich feed per month is about 1000 pounds.
  • As for the cost of subsistence, medicines for ostriches, and health care, it ranges from 2,000 pounds per month, and may reach 6,000 pounds in 6 months.
  • Through these numbers, it is possible to make a profit in the event of starting from young ostriches
    • Where mating begins after the ostrich reaches the age of two years
    • It is possible to buy an adult ostrich through eggs and young ostriches.
  • The objective of the project must be defined.
    • As if hatching fertilized eggs
    • Marketing chicks of different ages.
    • Unfertilized eggs may be sold for human consumption.
    • It is possible to sell live or slaughtered fattened birds.
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Places selling ostriches in Egypt

The great demand for buying ostriches made the process of searching for their whereabouts take place on a daily basis, whether through websites or direct communication with those related to raising birds and animals, and we mention the most important places for selling ostriches in Egypt for the purchase process:

The best of the Nile for ostriches

  • It has ostrich leather, feathers, and fat eggs
    And ostriches of different ages with readiness for export
    01005047813 01113953365

Al-Anam Egyptian Saudi for Investment and Agricultural Development

  • 10 Ibn Al Serafi St. – Heliopolis
  • 2418609-0101124777

Al-Anam Egyptian Saudi for Investment and Agricultural Development

  • 18 Republic Square
  • 10 El Serafi St. – Heliopolis
  • 064338208-064225380
  • 2418690-0101124777

rural industries

  • Sinhra village – Toukh
  • 022907077-0123541529

The Egyptian Center for Ostrich

  • 51 El Nozha St. – Heliopolis
  • 4,175,328
  • Expected: 4,181,297

African ostrich farm in Aswan

  • Al-Nasr Center, in the vicinity of Rafah Station No. 3-Balana
  • 097306451
  • Fax: 97306451

Egyptian Investment and Agricultural Development

  • 120 El Merghany St., Heliopolis, Heliopolis
  • 4,178,608
  • Fax: 4178608-4151739

Light for ostriches

  • 0122125848-6358910-6421150-6395035
  • Expected: 6,395,035

Ostrich Experience House

  • Ahmed Orabi Association, Ismailia Desert Road
  • 4773074-6324509-0122822927

Dr.. Morris Abdel Christ

  • Minya
  • 0105210615-082322009

Rusk for poultry production

  • 3 Fouad Abdel Hakim El Gamal St. – Military Engineers Bldgs
  • 4049297
  • Expected: 2,635,247

Rovigypt for the manufacture of feed products

  • Blur it
  • 8171487-8171488-5693103
  • P: 5693103-5693104

Ostrich farms telephone numbers in Egypt

Egypt is distinguished by its important geographical position that qualifies it for the establishment of animal projects, so the market for ostrich products spreads around it, such as meat, skins, hatching eggs, ostrich chicks, and adult ostrich birds. We explain it as follows:

  • Where, Caesar Ostrich Farm: 01227007280
  • Yousifiya farms for ostrich breeding and animal production: 01119211181
  • Also, Naam Al-Asimah Company: 01096944578
  • Abu Rifai Farm for Ostrich Trade and Breeding: 01091666287
  • Also, Kawadi ostrich farms in Menoufia: 01021271306
  • Orabi farm for ostriches and white turkeys: 01009885969
  • Also, Naam al-Tabin: 01128230222
  • Jadu Ostrich Farm: 01016394614
  • In addition to the Peace Farm for ostrich breeding: 01220902002
  • As Oasis Oasis: 01002866998
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Live ostrich prices in Egypt 2023

The economic feasibility of raising ostriches is much higher compared to raising chickens, as every part of the ostriches is used as meat, and is also supplied to large restaurants, and the leather is used in the manufacture of bags and shoes, while the fat is used in the manufacture of cosmetic creams and medicated ointments. Rheumatic joint diseases, and the following clarifies the prices of live ostriches in Egypt 2023:

  • Where the price of a male live ostrich is a male and two adults, at a price starting from 70,000 pounds.
  • As for the price of a week-old ostrich chick, it is 2000 pounds.
  • The price of young ostriches, age 12 months, weighing 100 kilograms, starts from 20,000 pounds.
  • And ostriches must reach the age of 10 to 14 months for slaughter to obtain a good return.

Ostrich meat prices in Egypt

  • The price of a kilo of ostrich meat starts at 250 pounds per kilo.
  • While the price of pure steak is 270 pounds per kilo.

Ostrich eggs prices in Egypt

  • The price of one ostrich egg can reach 110 pounds if the eggs are large.
  • The productivity of one ostrich per year is often 50 eggs during the mating period
    • Especially in the spring and summer, from February to November
    • And productivity decreases during the winter period and may not exist.

Selling price of ostrich feathers and skin

  • The price of ostrich feathers depends on the productivity factor.
  • Where the average of one ostrich reaches 1500 pounds

Places to sell ostriches in Egypt and their prices in 2023. Projects related to raising birds and animals are highly profitable, especially those related to ostrich breeding and selling, due to the increase in consumption of ostrich meat and the utilization of every part of it.

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