Places to teach English in Egypt, their prices, the most prominent services, and ways to communicate with them –

Places to teach English in Egypt, their prices, the most prominent services, and ways to communicate with them –

Places to teach English in Egypt and their prices, Many benefits that accrue to the individual when he learns the English language, perhaps the most prominent of which is the establishment of relationships and the opportunity to get to know and communicate with new people and form a wide network of relationships, especially with the wide spread of the English language, which necessitates learning it, whether in schools or through training centers spread in large parts of the country And, as through the websites, we explain below the places to teach English in Egypt and their prices.

Places to teach English in Egypt and their prices

Students and researchers need at the present time to master the English language, in order to be able to write research and scientific papers, as a lot of research is written in Arabic and then translated into English, and perhaps their number exceeds the research written in Arabic, and we review the following places to teach English in Egypt and their prices :


  • The Berlitz course includes 10 levels, the first two levels are for beginners.
  • The value of one level is 650 pounds.
  • A placement test fee of 100 pounds will also be added.
  • The center has several branches in Maadi and Ain Shams.

Russian Cultural Center

  • Where the Russian Cultural Center includes 12 levels
  • The price reaches 750 pounds per level.
  • You also start doing a test at 50 pounds.
  • Also the location of the center in Dokki in front of Tahrir Cinema.

Four Level One

  • Course Four Level One contains 11 levels.
  • It is divided into two levels to teach the basics, 6 basic levels and 3 levels to develop conversational skill.
  • There is also an examination to determine the level, and the price of the four levels reaches 1800 in the morning period, and 2000 pounds in the evening period.
  • The center provides places for training in various governorates of Egypt.
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  • The Amidis course includes 16 levels.
  • The center is characterized by providing offers for the end of the month of August, until the value of one level reached 1850 pounds.
  • The placement test fee is 200 pounds, accompanied by a book containing the entire course curriculum.
  • The center is located in Dokki.

American University

  • The American University course includes 16 levels.
  • It includes the first level at a price of 1200 for Egyptians, and 1500 for non-Egyptians
  • It also begins with a placement test at a price of 200 pounds.
  • The location of the center is in the Fifth Settlement and Tahrir Square in the center of the country.

Britain’s Harvest University

  • Harvest University provides its students with 16 levels.
  • The course also includes books that include the course curriculum, at a value of 3200 pounds.
  • The university also provides online courses to enhance the language
  • As for the locations of the center’s branches, “Dokki – Nasr City – Maadi – Sheikh Zayed – Al Haram – Heliopolis – Shubra.”

The price of an English course at the Armed Forces Institute

The English language gives its learners the opportunity to obtain scholarships around the world, as it facilitates understanding of the educational content, as well as finding job opportunities that require good speaking in English, and the Armed Forces Institute is one of the best centers that offer courses in English, and in this article we learn about the price of the English course At the Armed Forces Institute:

  • The center offers a general language course, the cost of which starts from 420 pounds per level for all languages.
  • As for the price of the English-French-Italian conversation course, and the rest of the languages, it starts from 450 pounds per level.
  • The placement exam fees include 25 pounds in CPT laboratories and may increase according to each language.
  • While the fees for the multi-skills placement test, including listening, speaking, reading and writing, are 100 pounds.
  • The caravan fee is 20 pounds for the first and 10 pounds for renewal.
  • Also, the price of the intensive English language course starts from 600 pounds.
  • Note that there is a 50% discount on course prices for military boys.
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Courses offered by the American University of English

Speaking English helps to facilitate travel and movement to multiple countries while exchanging information with others, instead of the fact that English is one of the main and most widespread international languages ​​in all countries of the world and is spoken by about 400 million people around the world. As for the courses offered by the American University of English, we mention them In the following points:

  • Where the American University course is offered in career development
  • Also, American University courses for teacher training
  • Also the American University course for translation
  • Also, the American University courses of the English language
  • International exams are offered at the American University
  • The University of Cambridge English Language Assessment Program is available
  • Also, IELTS – IDP International English Language Testing Courses
  • Add to that the OOEPT exam courses
  • Also OEPT exam courses
  • Also OAAT Test Courses
  • It offers CMA certification courses.

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The best websites to learn English for free

It is possible to subscribe to a course to learn English via the Internet, and to subscribe to YouTube channels or podcasts with content in English to facilitate the learning of the English language, knowing that many of them are done free of charge, and we mention the following the best sites for learning English for free:

Best in English

  • This site offers various real conversations in English,
  • Transcript is also attached to the text of the conversation to read the conversation while listening and also to facilitate understanding.
  • It is possible to download the audio file and the text in PDF format to practice listening without the need to connect to the Internet.

British Council

  • The site offers exercises to develop listening skills in English, according to the level required by the beneficiary.
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  • One of the best educational electronic means to speak English and learn language skills such as listening, speaking and writing.
  • As through this site, it is possible from the basic ideas of the books to develop oneself on all the skills of the English language


  • A completely free and proven site for developing English listening skill.
  • There are many channels dedicated to teaching this language to all groups and levels.

The best online English courses

English learning courses contribute to learning the English language, starting from pronouncing the letters to speaking professionally, as the matter is followed up by specialized experts who are qualified to carry out these electronic courses, and we mention the best online English learning courses:

  • Where preparation for the IELTS certification exam, which makes you master English in an academic professional manner.
  • The Complete English Course: Learn English | beginners
  • Also, the English Vocabulary Launch course
  • Writing course with flare
  • Also, Business English course
  • English Live course
  • Conversation learning series is also presented from Edraak platform
  • Perfectly Spoken course
  • Provides a preparation course for the IELTS certificate

Addresses of the best places for accredited English courses in Egypt

Places and centers for teaching English vary between private centers and centers affiliated with educational bodies that are supervised by the government and the Ministry of Education, which are characterized by low prices compared to private and international centers. As for the addresses of the best places for accredited English courses in Egypt, we explain them as follows:

  • Where the center / Al-Hashemi (Cairo).
    • Phone: 01006761653.
  • Academy / International Lighthouse (Minya).
    • Phone: 0862221232.
  • As / Life Training Center (Cairo).
    • Phone: 01288663278.
  • Also Center / Smart Academy (Bani Suef).
    • Phone: 01098757535.

English courses places in Heliopolis

  • Also, Al-Khalifa Al-Ma’moun Educational Center (Heliopolis).
    • Phone: 0224180503.
  • And Center / I Planet (Ismailia).
    • Phone: 0643214844.
  • Then the Ologia Training Center (Sohag).
    • Phone: 01270145151.
  • While the center / Al-Masry (Bani Suef).
    • Phone: 01090313988.
  • Center / Elsa Academy (Sheikh Zayed).
    • Phone: 01142256661
  • As well as a human development center (Luxor).
    • Phone: 01006309114
  • Center / International Languages ​​(Dokki).
    • Phone: 0233028358

Places to teach English in Egypt and their prices. Learning English at the present time has become an imperative to communicate with the outside world, as it is an international language and is included in most jobs and academic disciplines.

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