Portraits drawing places in Cairo and their prices for all sizes –

Portraits drawing places in Cairo and their prices for all sizes –

Places to draw portraits in Cairo and their pricesThroughout the ages, various arts and talents existed, such as acting, singing, and drawing, and what many do not know is that these arts accrue to people with great health benefits, as drawing helps to strengthen the sense of creativity and imagination in a person, and most importantly, it helps to relieve feelings of stress and improve a person’s mood, as well. It helps to increase the movement of the muscles of the hands and fingers. In this article, we learn about places to paint portraits in Cairo and their prices.

What is the art of portraiture?

It means the art of drawing people, which is a painting, picture, sculpture, or artistic representation, and aims to display a semi-personality or even a person’s mood and show facial features and expressions. Ancient Egypt, and it was discovered 5,000 years ago, and in an era when photography did not exist, and a drawn, carved or photographed image was the only way to record a person’s appearance.

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What are the types of portraiture?

The image was used in the past and through different ages to show strength, importance, beauty, wealth and other qualities, and painters in this art tended to paint the image as it is without any compliment to it, most notably the international artist William Hogarth, who was implementing reality without frills, and we explain the following types of portrait painting:

Traditional Portraits

  • Only the person’s head and shoulders are drawn, that person is looking into the camera, and the focus of the image is mainly just their face.
  • Also, a combination of studio lights and a simple background greatly enhances a person’s features
  • This contributes to making it a popular type of portrait photography among artists and clients in general.
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Lifestyle Portraits

  • This type of photo is not taken in the traditional way of looking at the camera and smiling, often.
  • Some poignant memories are created, perhaps capturing the interaction between family members, and require no consideration of a painter or photographer.

Environmental portraits of a person in his environment

  • This type of photo shoot takes place in a place that is an important part of a person’s personality.
  • It could be an artist’s studio, an office, a kitchen, a classroom, and in the case of a ballerina, it could be a ballroom, and so on.
  • The goal is to portray the person in what they consider to be their natural environment.
  • A key consideration for the success of this photography is that the person is spoken to to gain a deeper understanding of what the location means to them. This will help you capture their emotional connection, making the photo more effective and memorable.

Taking candid photos – Candid Photography

13 types of portrait photography

  • There is nothing more beautiful than spontaneous moments without planning by the photographer.
  • As he lets things run their course, his job is to catch the right moment and hit the shoot button.
  • This type of portraiture is very popular among street photography, because it is easier to take candid photos of people on the street without them noticing.

Fine Art Photography

13 types of portrait photography

  • In this type of fine art photography, the photographer is the artist, and photographing the person is not the main purpose, rather a portrait has to be made with an artistic character.
  • Fine art pictures are also intended to be hung on the walls. They can sometimes be described as decorative pictures.
  • Where the photographer uses the location, props, or lighting to manipulate the scene until he gets the image he wants.

Surreal Pictures – Surreal Portraits

13 types of portrait photography

  • In this type of photography, you cannot photograph something that does not exist
  • So surreal photo works involve the use of Photoshop.
  • Where dreams turn into real images, it’s hard to do, but when done well, the results are often amazing.

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Digital portrait prices

Through a digital portrait, a self-portrait or a friend’s photo is converted into a digitally and manually drawn image without the use of ready-made programs or applications. The portrait can be a high-quality wood tableau with a protective screen. Below are the prices of a portrait with the sizes that are used:

  • The portrait includes the tableau + a protective layer on the image.
  • Where a portrait of 30 x 20 for 170 pounds
  • Portrait 40 x 30 for 220 pounds
  • Also, a portrait 50×40 for 270 pounds
  • Portrait 60 x 50 for 320 pounds
  • Also, a portrait 70 x 50 for 370 pounds
  • Portrait 90 x 60 for 500 pounds
  • Also: Portrait 100 x 70 for 600 pounds
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Charcoal portrait painting prices

Drawing using charcoal pencils is widely spread, and only three pencils are available, including the light one that is known as the soft one, the medium one, and also the dark one, and there are many drawings that need shading with more than one type of charcoal pencils, knowing that charcoal pencils are very similar to pencils, but they are It takes black color from the inside and outside, charcoal portraiture prices:

  • A lead portrait costs (100) pounds.
  • As well as a color portrait, the cost of which is (150) pounds.
  • Also, the price of a black dry portrait is 150 pounds.
  • Also, a blue dry portrait (150) pounds.
  • A colored dry portrait (200) pounds.
  • He was also drawn by a caricature (100) pounds.
  • Designs (250) pounds.

Places to draw portraits in Cairo and their prices

Many try to learn the art of drawing to develop their talents and perhaps learn the basics of drawing to be preoccupied with what is useful in spare time, and there are many websites through which drawing is taught to beginners, and it is possible to register in one of the places published in the region to take a course in drawing and its basics, and we mention the following places Drawing portraits in Cairo and their prices:

Legato Egypt for Music and Arts

  • Workshop consists of 4 classes per month
  • One student: 200 pounds
  • 2 students: 150 pounds per student

Mozart Institute of Music

  • Where the price of the workshop: 150 pounds
  • The duration of the class is: 45 minutes, and it is for the student on his own
  • For inquiries, call: 01144133312
  • As for the address: 18 El Messaha Square, Dokki.

El Sawy Culturewheel

  • Where the price of the workshop: 100 pounds
  • The course is one day a week, “Saturday or Thursday”, for an hour.
  • Courses are for members only
  • As for inquiries, call: 0227368881 – 0227366178 – 01000999995 – 01000999994
  • Address: End of 26th of July Street, Zamalek.
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Egypt Public Library

  • Where is the adult workshop: 75 pounds per month
  • It is a group of 10 to 15 people, every Friday.
  • It is divided into 4 stages: lead, charcoal, color, oil, and advanced oil.

Carrier Guide Academy

  • A workshop for children only, during the mid-year vacation and the end of the school year.
  • The workshop consists of 6 sessions, two days a week, according to the choice, for a period of 3 weeks: 200 pounds.
  • For inquiries, phone: 01012150444 – 01229517222 – 0222695288
  • Address: 4A, Ministers Square, Square 1135, Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Street, next to Al-Siddiq Mosque, Heliopolis.

Makers Academy “Painters Seating”

  • Where the children’s workshop is divided into two levels:
  • Starting fee: 150 pounds + 50 pounds for raw materials.
  • Advanced level: 200 pounds + 50 pounds for raw materials.
  • 12 classes, class duration: 2 hours.
  • The adult workshop is divided into two levels:
  • Types of sketches and the basics of portraiture: 250 pounds + 50 pounds for “book, CD” materials.
  • Also professional portraiture: 300 pounds + 50 pounds for “book, CD” materials.
  • 10 classes, class duration: 3 hours
  • The workshop is held on Saturdays and Tuesdays of each week
  • For inquiries, phone: 01027654369 – 01112123657
  • As for the address: Al-Gawish Specialized Hospital Clinics, in front of a hypermarket.

Portrait painting workshop

  • The workshop is divided into two levels:
    • The first level, 8 classes: 200 pounds
    • The second level, 7 classes: 100 pounds

What are the necessary tools for portraiture?

It has also been said that drawing is another way to write notes, and in order for the artist to be creative with drawing, he must be able to choose the tools he needs in the drawing process of all kinds, knowing that they are multiple and designed for each type of drawing, so the concepts and numbers on those tools must be read for correct use, and we mention the following The necessary tools for portrait painting:

  • graphite pencils
  • pastel pencils;
  • Colored pencils
  • Conte sticks, crayons and pencils
  • Charcoal sticks
  • graphite sticks.
  • white chalk.
  • pens.
  • Brushes and dip pens.
  • ink. sharpeners.
  • Erasers and stumps.
  • installer. Leaves.
  • Drawing boards and easels.

Portrait drawing places in Cairo and their prices. In this article, we have covered many details about drawing portraits, as well as the prices of drawing courses and their locations, as many search for the best places to learn drawing.

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