Possible Qatar national team squad against Senegal in the 2022 World Cup

Possible Qatar national team squad against Senegal in the 2022 World Cup

On Friday, November 25, the Qatari national team will play its second match in the World Cup Qatar 2022 against the Senegalese national team, after losing to the Ecuadorian national team with two goals to none for Al-Annabi, as the date of the Qatar match against Senegal will be at 4:00 pm Saudi time and 3:00 pm. Cairo time, and in this post we will learn about Possible Qatar national team lineup against SenegalWhat are the expectations for the result between the Qatar vs Senegal match?

The Qatari national team is preparing to face the Senegal national team in the Qatar World Cup 2022, after facing the Ecuador national team at Al Bayt Stadium in Doha, where the Ecuadorian national team scored two goals against the Qatari national team for nothing, and the Qatari fans hope to compensate for the loss by facing the Senegal national team.

The Ecuadorian national team scored an early opening in the third minute, which was shot by striker Ener Valencia, but it was not counted after listening to the video technology – VAR, which was classified as a serial goal, but soon after, the striker Enier Valencia returned and hit his opening goal for his Ecuadorian national team in the Annabi goal, where he was able to collect the goal From a penalty kick, after being hampered by Al-Annabi goalkeeper Saad Sheib, in the 16th minute of the opening of the match, Valencia scored the second goal against the Qatari team with a powerful header directed by Angelo Preciado, as the ball was placed in the left corner of the Al-Annabi goalkeeper.

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The first attempt of the Qatari team was to score in the last minutes of the first half, through a header kick directed by Al-Moez Ali after he received it, but unfortunately it passed far from the Ecuadorian goal, and the second half passed without any serious attempts by both teams, despite the decline in the Ecuadorian performance And the lack of change from the performance of Al-Annabi, who was classified poorly, and who tried a last attempt and for the second time only in the 80th minute, after Muntari shot from outside the area, which ended with the ball passing over the crossbar and out of the goal area, and the match ended with the Ecuadorian victory, with a landslide victory over Al-Annabi, with two goals to none.

Achievements of the Qatari national football team

The Qatari team has a history in football, as the team won several times in the Gulf Cup, the first time in 1992, where the tournament took place in Doha, the second time in 2004, which took place in Riyadh, and the third time in 2014, where the team was able to achieve the Asian Cup For the youth when he faced the Myanmar national team in Myanmar.

The Qatari team was also able to win the Asian Games title in 2006, then the team achieved the Asian Cup for the first time in 2019, after it managed to defeat Japan. The team was trained by several coaches such as Bruno Metsu, Brazilian Eversto and many other coaches. The team also participated in the Copa America Where the national team was invited for the first time to participate in the tournament, and Al-Annabi fought five friendly confrontations with its counterparts Panama, Honduras and Albania, where it defeated all the teams with a score of one goal, without a return to the other teams, and it defeated Guatemala, with a score of two goals to one, and beat the Nicaragua national team, with a score. Two goals for nothing.

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The date of the Qatar match against Senegal in the 2022 World Cup

The Qatari national team will play its match against its Senegalese counterpart. The Qatar match against Senegal will be held on Friday, November 25, 2022.

The match will start at four o’clock Mecca time and three o’clock in the afternoon Egypt time.

Possible Qatar national team squad against Senegal in the 2022 World Cup

The Qatar national team squad for the Qatar World Cup 2022 was announced, where the Spanish national team coach, Felix Sanchez, presented the final list of the team’s squad for the World Cup finals. Among the most prominent of these players, who were included in the list, were Al-Moez Ali, Hassan Al-Haydos, Akram Afif, and goalkeeper Saad Al-Sheeb.

The Qatari national team squad was as follows:

In the line of attack:

  • Akram Afif.
  • Al-Moez Ali.


  • Karim Boudiaf.
  • Hammam Al-Amin
  • Abdul Aziz Hatem.
  • Hassan Haidoos.

And placed in the line of defense:

  • Abdul Karim Hassan.
  • Ismaiel Muhammad.
  • Bassam Al-Rawi.
  • Boualem Khokhi.


In the final stages of preparation, the coach chose 27 players to enter the Qatar World Cup 2022, and found some players who were excluded from the final participation list, including Abdel Rahman Fahmy, who was not among the basic options chosen by Coach Sanchez. Al-Annabi will face Senegal after several days. On November 25 at Al-Thumama Stadium, he will conclude his group by playing against the Netherlands in the same month, on November 29 at Al-Bayt Stadium in Doha. It is expected that Al-Annabi will do everything he has after the loss he witnessed with the Ecuadorian national team in the opening match.

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