Procedures for obtaining an Italy visa from Morocco for a family gathering

Procedures for obtaining an Italy visa from Morocco for a family gathering

In this article we will explain to you What are the procedures for obtaining an Italy visa from Morocco for a family gathering? And what are the documents required for a family gathering in Italy, in addition to which we will know who are the relatives who can obtain an Italy visa from Morocco for a family gathering, and how long does it take to get an Italy visa for a family gathering 2022 – 2023 ?

Procedures for obtaining an Italy visa from Morocco for a family gathering

Many immigrants to Italy are searching for the documents required for family reunion, which is called in the general sense reunion, as many immigrants seek to know all the steps and stages to withdraw their families, and the Italian authorities allow all immigrants to withdraw their families as it is the right of every immigrant present on its territory, in order to The immigrant feels stable, and in this article we will present all the steps and stages in order to obtain an Italy visa from the Arab Maghreb for reunification.

What are the documents required to obtain an Italy visa from Morocco for a family gathering?

  1. The residence card must be presented in Italy, regardless of its type of study, work or immigration residence.
  2. The resident must have a place to live for the family, so that the number of family members matches the place appropriately.
  3. The Italian authorities take great care of the residents on their lands, so it is necessary that the monthly salary of the resident be high, in order for him to be eligible to support his family on Italian lands.
  4. Bringing the application form for a Schengen visa from Italy from Morocco for the purpose of family reunification, provided that the application form is signed by the applicant himself.
  5. All fees required to obtain a visa must be paid.
  6. The resident is required to present the document that proves the validity of the first-degree kinship. Marriage certificates, birth certificates, and an identity certificate can be accepted.
  7. If the age of the parents exceeds 65 years, the resident must submit a comprehensive medical insurance policy for all accidents that they may be exposed to, or by registering them with the National Health Service in Italy.
  8. It is required to submit proof of accreditation for the parents of the resident, with the addition of a copy of the transfers that the resident transferred to them from Italy.
  9. A flight reservation from Italy is required.
  10. It is required to add the address of the resident in Italy who will take care of the family coming to Italy.
  11. All documents and documents must be legalized and legalized in the Italian language.
  12. If one of the children brought to Italy is a second-degree relative, a written consent must be submitted from the child’s guardian approving his travel to Italy.
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Who are allowed to obtain Italy visa from Morocco for family gathering?

After we have explained the documents and papers required in order to obtain a visa from Morocco for the family gathering, in this paragraph we will introduce those who are allowed to obtain a visa and bring them from Morocco to Italy:

First-degree relatives are allowed to obtain a visa, and they are distributed as follows:

  • That the resident has a husband or wife and that they are over 18 years old, in addition to that the marriage contract is still valid.
  • If the resident has children, provided that the age of the children is less than 18 years.
  • Children with disabilities are entitled to obtain a visa for family reunification, even if they have reached the age of puberty.
  • The resident can bring parents who are over 65 years old or if they have diseases and they are brought to Italy for treatment even if the parents have other children or if they do not have other children.

What are the costs of obtaining an Italy-Morocco visa for family reunification for those who are allowed?

The Italian government imposed some conditions in order to ensure the eligibility of the resident to sponsor his family and the full expenses of their stay in Italy. Therefore, the government imposed the following conditions:

  • The salary of the resident in Italy should not be less than 14,560 euros, for a family consisting of a wife and three children, as a maximum.
  • That the resident owns an apartment suitable to contain his family and that it is suitable for the number of the next family, as there are some standards adopted by the Italian government on the area of ​​​​the apartment. And if 3 people are brought in, the area of ​​the apartment must be no less than 60 meters, in addition to having at least two bedrooms.
  • If the number of people arriving increases to 4 people, then the resident must own an apartment of 65 square meters, and if there are 5 people, the area of ​​the apartment must be 75 square meters, provided that there are three bedrooms.
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Who are the beneficiaries of the family gathering in Italy?

The Italian authorities grant residents on its territory for a period of up to a year the right to apply for a family reunion. The list of beneficiaries of the reunion is as follows:

  • Individuals who have been granted permanent residence in Italy.
  • People who were able to obtain a financial investment within the Italian territory.
  • Individuals who have been granted residency in Italy for obtaining a work contract.
  • Migrants who have been granted asylum in Italy.
  • Residents of Italy to study.

Do not forget the condition set by the Italian authorities for family reunification. The applicant must have a residence permit for at least one year, in order for the resident to be able to submit the application, in addition to that all those allowed to obtain the visa are first-degree relatives.

And here we have come to the conclusion of our article, my friends, after we have provided you with the most important details about the family reunification visa from the Maghreb. We hope that you like the article, my friends.

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