Profit from transcription in Arabic and earn $25 per day

Profit from transcription in Arabic and earn $25 per day

Profit from transcription in ArabicDear esteemed, we will get to know the best through the following lines Profit sites from transcription in Arabicwhich has become one of the most sought-after sites for profit from the Internet, especially since transcribing has become a common business, as it is about converting the audio files that you hear into written speech on Word.

This prompted many to wonder about the prices of transcribing and how do you operate in the field of transcribing in the first place? What are the best guaranteed companies to work in transcription? Is the transcription exclusively in English, or is it also possible in Arabic as well? Therefore, we have prepared an important topic in which we learn more about transcribing and the best Arabic transcribing sites.

Profit from transcription in Arabic

Do you want to work online from home? With the multiplicity of areas of profit from the Internet, what do you think of working in transcribing?

Working on the Internet has become a common and abundant thing today, as this phrase we have always heard on the street, with friends, or at the university and other places, because working on the Internet today achieves distinguished financial gains, especially if you have a skill in a field, as the ways of earning are in front of you And many just start searching and working.

Among the areas that have spread in the recent period was audio transcription, which is for a person to convert the audio file into text written on the famous editing program Microsoft Word. What is unique in this function is the ability to edit audio files easily and in Arabic.

This job attracted many people, and they started asking and inquiring about how to profit from transcribing in the Arabic language, which is the topic that we will raise today, as we will present to you the best sites that you can work on to profit from transcribing in Arabic only. Continue reading to the end of the article to know all the details.

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Profit from transcription in Arabic

Some people wonder about what is the profit from transcribing audio, or the most important question lies in the type of files that will be converted from audio files to text files written on the computer.

In fact, the audio files that are edited in text form are educational lectures or are recorded sessions of the meetings of the Board of Directors of a specific company, or even religious sermons that must be edited in text form to be published in written form.

The need for these files comes when they are needed. It is natural that the person does not sit listening to the audio recording to reach the thing he wants. It is likely that the session will be long and that the search for what the person wants will be long. Here comes the importance of transcribing the audio on paper, as it can be searched easily by reading texts and ideas. Rapidly.

In this way, the profession of transcribing has spread, as there are many companies and individuals who are looking for a person who works in this field to edit their audio files into written texts. You can search for a transcribing job either through freelance sites or through sites specialized in transcribing, which we will classify in next paragraph.

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The best sites for profit from transcription

And now we will start with you by getting to know the best companies and sites for profit from transcribing for the year 2023, which are sites that are guaranteed to work and pay, and more than $ 25 per day can be earned according to the personal experience and evaluations of the workers in these sites, and they also support transcribing in Arabic.

1. GoTranscript

GoTranscript is one of the famous sites that work with transcribing, and it is a great site for working for beginners in the field of transcribing, as some sites require the employee to have skill and speed in writing and editing, but Go Transcript does not require this condition, which is very suitable for beginners.

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The site pays $0.60 for every minute that is extracted from the video or from the audio file. It is possible to work on the site from any country in the world, whether you are in Egypt, Algeria, Morocco or any other place, and at any time in the meaning the employee can specify hours his own work according to his spare time.

The site is unique and its payment methods are reliable and secure. If you want to try the site, you can do so by registering on the following link here.

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2. Rev

Rev is also one of the best sites where you can work in transcribing and you can work on the site whether the person is a beginner or a professional in the field of transcribing and if you have a skill in translation as well, this site is suitable for work.

The employee can achieve a good percentage of profits from the site, ranging between 225 and 300 dollars per month, and with the passage of time and training by working on the site, a very high percentage of profits can be achieved, which may reach 2000 dollars per month, as it only requires you to register on the site and start working, but before confirming your work On the site, a test will be taken to check how well you write.

If you want to visit the site and work, you can do so here.

3. Transcribeme

Transctible Me comes among the list of the best sites for working in transcribing, as the site is distinguished from the rest of the previous transcribing sites by the value of the profits that can be gained from it, because the site offers between 15 to 25 dollars, for every hour of work on the site, where if you are from Hard working people can earn up to $2,500 per month.

It is possible to register on the site for free and without paying any fees for subscription and registration. You can also set working hours according to your daily free time so that you can work at this time and make good profits.

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You cannot start working on the site without passing the exam imposed by the site, as you must prove your eligibility and ability to work in transcribing. After passing the exam and success, you can start working and get profits from transcribing.

If you like the site and want to register on it and start working, you can do so through the following link here.

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4. SpeechPad

It is one of the famous platforms for working in transcribing, where it is possible to work on site and get a profit of one dollar per minute. This is in the event that you are a professional in the field of transcribing, but if you do not have experience in this field previously, then the value of profits diminishes somewhat to reach $ 0.25 per minute.

It is possible to work on the site from all over the world, and the platform works to test your skills before registering, where you must master writing 40 words per minute, and then the site checks this skill to tell you the amount of profits that you can earn from a minute of transcription.

Profits can be obtained from the site through a PayPal account and can be withdrawn from the site on Tuesday and Friday.

If you want to try the site, you can do so from here.

In conclusion, we have come to the end of our article for today, where we have discussed the topic of profit from transcribing in the Arabic language, in addition to presenting the best sites that can be worked on in transcribing and achieving a good profit rate. I hope that the article will be liked by you, hoping that everyone will benefit from it.

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