Profit from writing articles in Arabic and English in Egypt and any country in 2022

Profit from writing articles in Arabic and English in Egypt and any country in 2022

Earning from writing articles

Earning from writing articles By selling articles in Arabic or English, and many other profitable ways through writing articles, this is what we will discuss with you now in detail and evidence as well.

Although there are a lot of writers, very few can earn thousands of dollars a day, and do not think that the secret to this is limited only to the experience of the writer.

Rather, dear reader, we are 100% sure that the secret is not knowing good sources of profit by writing articles.

So, without prolonging the introduction to this topic, if you are really looking for a way to profit from writing articles, we strongly advise you to follow this topic with us from the beginning to the end point.

Writing articles is a hidden treasure (in numbers)!

Earning from writing articles
Writing articles is a hidden treasure (by numbers)

As we always used to when explaining any topic related to profit from the Internet, we must put to you the latest studies and statistics that show us the importance of the topic.

Since our topic today is about how to profit from writing articles, then you must first know some of the real numbers published by zip recruiter magazine which proves to all of us that this field is very profitable, and is already considered a hidden treasure:

  • According to a study conducted in the United States in October 2022, we find that a content writer earns approximately $52,000 annually.
  • When calculating this value using a calculator, we find that the writer in the United States of America earns approximately ($24 an hour), or ($999 a week) or ($4328 a month approximately).
  • So the previous point is very important for content writers, who have experience in the English language (we will now put a paragraph on how to profit from writing articles in English).
  • Not only this, but we also find that the most famous newspapers and newspapers in the Arab world, led by Egypt, give a very professional content writer a salary of up to $1,000 per month.
  • Not to mention the salaries of content writers in Chicago, which is considered one of the highest countries in terms of content writers’ salaries, amounting to $70,000 annually.
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Profit from writing articles through more than one method

Earning from writing articles
Profit from writing articles through more than one method

It is assumed now, especially after reading the information described to you in the previous paragraph, that you are very aware that writing articles is one of the most important areas of profit from the Internet in 2022.

But the turning point really for any content writer will still be access to profitable sources, or ways that will give him very good profits through content writing.

Therefore, in the following paragraphs, we will give you the most prominent and famous ways to profit from writing articles, it is also worth mentioning, these methods will not end with the passage of time, but will remain the leader in this wonderful profitable field.

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1. Profit by creating your own blog

All professional content writers have their own blogs that make a good income while they sleep, but this method requires the following:

  • Profiting by creating a blog and publishing its content, requires waiting a very long time to see the profits.
  • When talking about profit from blogs, especially Arabic, we find that the areas in which you will write are the ones that control the amount of profit.
  • We understand from the previous point, that there are actually very profitable areas such as (finance and business, the stock market, etc…), and other profitable areas, but the amount of their profit is very little.
  • It is also worth noting that you should be interested in creating a blog specialized in one field only, and it is necessary that you already have great experience in this field, so as not to despair in the future.
  • In the event that you want to profit from writing articles by creating your own blog, we advise you to learn now about the conditions for profit from Blogger and how to create a Blogger blog and profit from it in 2022.

2. Profit by selling Arabic language articles

Selling articles in the Arabic language is also one of the best areas of quick profit from the Internet 2022, and these are some details on how to profit by selling articles in the Arabic language:

  • There are many sites that are always looking for available articles, in order to publish them immediately on their sites.
  • Here comes your role as a content writer, to market the articles you have written in Arabic.
  • Then you start setting a suitable price for you first and for the website owners second.
  • It is also worth noting that there are many groups on the social networking site Facebook, specialized only in publishing offers for website owners and bloggers, about some articles written and ready for publication.
  • But first, make sure that all articles written by you are free of any spelling errors, as well as exclusive content.
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3. Profit from writing articles by working as a writer in newspapers and newspapers

Arabic and English newspapers and newspapers also announce, almost on a daily basis, their need for a large number of content writers in some fields.

Therefore, if you are already a professional content writer who specializes in writing in one of the fields, we strongly advise you to search for a suitable job for you in a newspaper and newspaper.

While if you will not love the job and want to freelance, no problem, we encourage you to do so, and then follow the rest of the topic with us.

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4. Profit from writing on roses in a few seconds!

Despite the ease and speed of making profits by writing on roses, there is very little that is known in this field:

  • There are some large organizations and blogs that have a large amount of content that you want to publish.
  • Therefore, these blogs tend to contract with one of the content writers, to transfer this entire content, to the Word files.
  • So you can imagine that you will never get tired even in composing or drafting new content, but all you have to do is rewrite the content that is already in front of you, to the Word files.

5. Profit from writing short stories and publishing them on electronic stores

This method may be somewhat obscure for the profitable methods mentioned in this topic, and they are very simply the following:

  • According to statistics and studies, we find that professional content writers have a great ability to write.
  • So why not mix those two experiences together, to make thousands of dollars a day.
  • Yes, don’t be surprised! There are already a lot of people who earn quite a lot by writing short stories.
  • But the question remains, how do I profit from writing short stories?!
  • All you have to do is compose a short story inspired by your imagination, and then write it down on Word files or any other format you want.
  • Then you write an introduction and a very good and distinctive index of the story, after that upload the story on one of the sites specialized in selling books.
  • It is also worth noting, profit from writing short stories, is one of the most important ways to profit from the Amazon site, which is what is known as (profit from Amazon Kindle).
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If you are looking for profitable sites in the Arabic language, now know the best sites for profit from the Internet in Arabic for beginners and earn money for free automatically!

Earning from writing English articles

Earning from writing articles
Earning from writing English articles

We mentioned with you at the beginning of the topic, especially in the second paragraph, some numbers that prove the importance of profit from writing articles in English.

Yes, and also unanimously, profit from writing articles in English is much better than profit from writing articles in Arabic.

Therefore, we find that the ways to profit from writing English articles will not differ at all from those 5 ways mentioned with you above, but there are some English and Arabic sites and blogs as well, that buy articles in English for hundreds of dollars for each article separately.

So now you know the top 10 sites for profit from writing English articles:

  1. Fiverr site allows you to sell articles in English for a large amount of money.
  2. Blasting News, buy any article in English.
  3. ListVerse platform.
  4. Copy hackers website.
  5. Vocal website.
  6. Free Lancer platform.
  7. Free Lancer Careers Website.
  8. Fiverr is one of the most prominent sites for profit from writing English articles.
  9. standalone platform.
  10. One of the most prominent sites for profit from writing English articles, is Hub Pages.

Now we have finished our topic that was explaining to you (how to profit from writing articles in detail in 2022), do not forget to contact us also through the comments for any other inquiries related to profit from writing articles. topic conclusion

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