Profitable small business ideas in Turkey with small capital

Profitable small business ideas in Turkey with small capital

Most of the residents in Turkey are looking for profitable small projects in Turkey that will bring them profit and do not need a large capital. This is a fair demand given the bad economic conditions and the lack of job opportunities in the public and private sectors.

Many Arab residents in different states of Turkey seek to start a small private and profitable project on their own or in partnership in order to ensure financial security and personal and financial independence.

Small projects may also grow into large national projects that contribute to the national economy like other major companies. So if you do not know what project suits you and suits your dreams. Follow this article because we will review together ideas with which you can start profitable small projects in Turkey.

An overview of investing in the Turkish market: features and requirements

The Turkish market is one of the high-growth markets Its economy is ranked 19th among the 20 most powerful economies in the world. Which makes opening small businesses profitable and successful. The Turkish economy ranks 16th in the world. It is also ranked sixth in the list of the most popular tourist destinations.

The Turkish government encourages those who wish to establish projects in Turkey, by facilitating all required procedures. In short, whether you live in Turkey or abroad and want to invest in a project that brings you high income, the chances of success in Turkey are very high.

Since today we will talk about the best and profitable small projects that can be opened in Turkey, it is necessary first to clarify the legal requirements necessary in order to start profitable small projects in Turkey:

  • The project capital must not be less than 10,000 Turkish Liras according to Turkish law.
  • A company address must be present.
  • There are taxes that are deducted monthly, and they vary according to the type and size of the business.
  • Mastering the Turkish language is the key to success in Turkey and without it you will struggle with life and the laws.
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Profitable small projects in Turkey

The projects that we will mention below are not innovative projects, but rather proven projects that have already been implemented in the Turkish market and have achieved a lot of success and profits, whether with Turkish citizens or Arab and non-Arab residents.

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If you hold Turkish citizenship, permanently reside, or intend to go to Turkey for the purpose of settling and permanently living there, and looking for a suitable project to be your source of income; Profitable small businesses in the following Turkey are among your best options at the moment.

1. Food truck project in Turkey

Food carts in Turkey are abundant in popular markets, squares and commercial areas, where there are many food trucks that serve various types of food, whether Turkish, Arab or Western. These vehicles generate a lot of profits, especially if they are located in a popular or crowded tourist area.

The food truck project in Turkey is not complicated, but rather easy to set up, and it is one of the most important small profitable projects in Turkey, and it only needs to buy the food car, of course, and then equip it with the necessary food-making equipment, and then obtain the license to start work.

To ensure the success of the food truck project, make sure that the food you serve is unique, the price is competitive, and the hygiene is high, since the inside of the truck is basically visible.

2. Hazelnut cultivation project in Turkey

About profitable small projects in Turkey

Hazelnut is called green gold in Turkey due to its great economic importance. Turkey is the most exporting country for hazelnuts in the world; It is solely responsible for 70% of the world’s hazelnut production.

Turkish hazelnuts are in great demand in all countries of the world. The large number of its production is due to the fertility of agricultural land in Turkey. Therefore, hazelnut cultivation is undoubtedly a successful project because of the high demand for it, and it is also easy because you only have to take care of it, process it, and then package it, distribute it, or export it.

The hazelnut cultivation project in Turkey is considered one of the profitable projects due to the ability to store it for long periods without ever affecting its taste, shape or nutritional value. It also does not require high costs.

3. The project of exporting goods to Arab markets

Turkey is not only an agricultural country, but also an industrial country. The products of Turkish industries are an essential part of Turkish exports. The markets of the Arab countries are the most importers of goods from Turkey, due to the quality of Turkish goods and Turkey’s geographical proximity to the Arab countries.

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As a resident of Turkey, you can visit markets, companies and exhibitions and find out the export prices of various goods, and then you can search for opportunities to export goods that you think are in demand in your home country or other Arab countries.

All you have to do is select one or more types of Turkish industrial products, which you think will be sold easily and at a good price in your home country or other Arab countries. Then search for importers by searching directly in the country of import, through your relationships or online, to offer them the service of supplying them with goods from Turkey.

The profit in this project comes by obtaining a commission from the company that sold its goods, and you can also charge a sum of money from the importer for the services you provide to him. But the best thing is to agree with some Turkish companies and work on marketing their products and helping to export them in exchange for a good commission.

4. Importing goods to Turkey

As we talked about exporting from Turkey as one of the profitable small projects in Turkey, you can also do the opposite; That is, importing goods from other countries into Turkey. For example, if you are a Saudi resident in Turkey, you can create a project to import Saudi dates, or import Egyptian oranges if you are an Egyptian, or the original argan oil if you are Moroccan.

First, bring small quantities of these products, and sell them in Turkey at a price that guarantees you a profit. With time, you can increase the quantities to turn from small profitable projects in Turkey to large projects later.

5. Tourism projects in Turkey

5. Tourism projects in Turkey

The nature in Turkey, the beautiful tourist places and Turkey’s strategic location have made it a destination for tourists around the world, as Turkey comes in 6th place in the world In terms of the number of tourists who visit it annually.

Therefore, tourism projects are among the most important and profitable small projects in Turkey. Anyone, a citizen or a resident, can establish an office or a tourism company, and then work legally and make a large profit, especially in the holiday seasons and tourist trips.

Through your project, you can organize internal trips specifically for Arabs and all citizens of the world. You can also provide some services such as assistance in renting private cars, booking tickets and others.

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6. Collection of used oils from small enterprises in Turkey

There are many soap and detergent factories scattered throughout Turkey, which both feed the local markets or export their products abroad. These factories are in constant need of large quantities of used edible oils, as edible oils are one of the main raw materials that go into making soap.

You can work on collecting used oils from restaurants and families in large plastic containers. And then supplying them to those factories at much higher prices, and this guarantees you a good and quick profit.

7. A translation office project in Turkey

As we talked previously, learning the Turkish language is very important in order to be able to integrate into society and work. Learning the Turkish language will automatically open the door for you to work in translation easily, as you can work as a translator between the Turkish language and your native language or any other languages ​​you also know, such as English.

Translation is one of the most profitable small projects in Turkey because of Turkey’s touristic position, which we mentioned earlier. Most of the tourists who visit Turkey speak their language different from Turkish. Therefore, they need an interpreter to help them get around the country and get to know the tourist places.

Medical tourism in Turkey is also the highest in the world due to its lower costs compared to other countries. Therefore, hospitals also need translators to understand and treat patients.

You can also translate articles and work online. In addition, many companies need professional translators to translate company emails and telegrams. You can also give language courses for a fee.

The translation office project in Turkey is very profitable and does not require a large capital, and you can work on your own in addition to hiring people to help you.

Profitable small projects in Turkey

In this article, we mentioned the ideas of profitable small projects in Turkey that are suitable for Arabs, for residents there, and for those planning to move in the near future. These projects have been carefully selected, so that they are actually suitable for non-Turkish people and those who have not lived there for many years and do not have much experience in Turkey.

We have also deliberately chosen suitable projects for people with limited capital so that you can start your own investment and project in Turkey, even with a small capital.

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