Qatar National Bank branches in Egypt

Qatar National Bank branches in Egypt

Qatar National Bank QNB branches in Egypt, This bank was established in 1964 as the first Qatari commercial bank, as this bank is owned by the private sector by up to 50%, and the Qatar Investment Authority has the same percentage.

On the other hand, this bank contributes to financing a large number of projects in the State of Qatar. An example of this: financing industrial projects and gas fields. It also contributes to the financing of Doha International Airport and participates in international investments. Then this bank began to progress, expand and open up to the world little by little.

Qatar National Bank started opening its branches in a large number of countries. The bank was also keen to provide facilities for obtaining loans and organizing deals.

Qatar National Bank also contributes to supporting the economy, as it accelerates economic development in all fields. It also contributed to the financing of housing facilities, in addition to supporting educational facilities and public utilities. On the other hand, he was keen to raise the level of his offers. This is in addition to the strong competition with all banks in terms of quality of services and ease of access to customers. The branches of Qatar National Bank in Egypt are among the most important branches in the Arab world. This is due to the banking services it provides to customers.

So we’ll bring you through Masary siteAll branches of Qatar National Bank that are located in Egypt

Qatar National Bank branches in Alexandria

Qatar National Bank established a group of branches in the Arab Republic of Egypt, in order to facilitate customers’ access to it.

He established a group of branches in the city of Alexandria, being one of the largest and main cities in Egypt, as it includes:

  • Miami branch: This branch is located in Alexandria, Miami, Khaled Ibn Al Waleed intersection, 631 El Guish Road.
  • So is Miami 2Located in Alexandria, Miami, 265 Gamal Abdel Nasser Street.
  • Ibrahimi branchAddress: Alexandria, Ibrahimia, in front of Ibrahimia Point, 118 Port Said Street.
  • Azarita: This branch is located in Alexandria, Azarita, in front of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Khartoum Square, Sultan Hussein Street 47.
  • Al-Ajami branch: Alexandria, El-Agamy, Alexandria Matrouh Desert Road, Gate 8, inside El-Agamy Star Mall.
  • Montazah Bank: This bank is located in Alexandria, El Montazah, next to the Royal Mall, Building 1, Phase Two.
  • As well as the Montazah 2 branch: It is located in Alexandria, El-Montazah, 737 El-Geish Road.
  • Mansheya: Alexandria, Mansheya, in front of the Socialist Party Building, 2 Salah Salem Street.
  • Bab Sharq Branch: Alexandria, Bab Sharq, Unit 6, Ground Floor, Investment Building, Inside Alexandria Port, 106 El Horreya Road.
  • New Burj Al Arab: Alexandria, New Borg El Arab, Banks District, Fifth Neighborhood.
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Qatar National Bank branches in Alexandria
Qatar National Bank branches in Alexandria

More branches in Alexandria

  • Gleem Branch: Alexandria, Glim, next to the German Hospital, 78 Abdel Salam Aref Street.
  • Rushdie: Alexandria, Roushdy, 240 El Guish Road, intersection of Syria Street, next to Pizza Hut.
  • Zizinia: Alexandria, Zizinia, 601 El Horreya Road, next to Yehia Mosque.
  • Sporting Branch: Alexandria, Sporting, 293 El Horreya Road.
  • Smouha: Alexandria, in front of Smouha Club, 35 Victor Emmanuel Street.
  • As well as Smouha 2 branch: Alexandria, Semouha, 74 Fawzi Moaz Street, in front of Ali Bin Abi Talib Mosque.
  • Bank of Alexandria: The address is in Alexandria, 11 International Garden Wall, in front of the Police Hospital, Alexandria-Cairo Desert Road.
  • Kafr Abdo branch: Alexandria, Kafr Abdo, Ismailia Street 6, Saint Jenny Square, next to Harty Tours.
  • Laurent: Alexandria, Laurent, 723 El Horreya Road.
  • sand station: Alexandria, Raml Station, Fouad Street 39, next to Amir Cinema.
  • As well as Raml Station 2 branch: It is located in Alexandria, Raml Station, 33 Safeya Zaghloul Street, next to Metro Cinema.
  • Mostafa Kamel Branch: Alexandria, Mostafa Kamel, Ibrahim Al-Sharif Street, off Abu Qir Street, in front of Kiroseiz Mall.

Qatar National Bank branches in Giza

Qatar National Bank also has several branches in Giza Governorate, which include:

  • Main Mohandessin Branch: It is located in the Mohandessin area, in front of KFC and Pizza Hut, 54 Al Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz Street, for easy communication, phone number 0233324100.
  • League of Arab States: It is located in the Mohandessin area, 9 Gamaet El Dewal Al Arabiya Street, knowing that the phone number is 0233003700.
  • shooting star: This branch is located in Mohandessin, 7 Shehab Street, in front of the original Abu Mazen Al-Suri Restaurant, where you can contact the number 0237618783.
  • Mustafa Mahmoud: It is located in Mohandessin, 2 Al Fawakeh Street, next to Chili’s, Mostafa Mahmoud Square.
  • Nile Valley: Mohandessin, 22 Wadi El Nile Street, near B-Tech, with knowledge to contact the number 0233001900.
  • Sphinx: It is located in Mohandessin, 3 Ahmed Orabi Street, next to Sherogypt Hotel, Sphinx Square, phone number to contact: 0233002500.
  • Lebanon Street: Mohandessin, Street 3 Lebanon, next to Nike, phone number to contact 0233000900.
  • evacuation: It is located in Agouza, 106 Nile Street, next to Mobil Gas Station.
  • Sudan Street: Mohandessin, 168 Sudan Street, next to the National Bank.
  • Agouza branch: It is located in Agouza, 1 Aswan Square, next to Abu Ziada Pharmacy.
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More Qatar National Bank branches in Giza

  • Al-Nabawi Al-Muhandis Branch: Agouza, El Nabawi El Mohandes Square, 8 Mohamed Rushdy Street, next to Al Tariq Motors.
  • Muhyiddin Abu Al-Ezz: This branch is located on Mohy El Din Abou El Ezz Street, below Amdet Misr, in front of Computer Shop, Dokki.
  • Dokki branch: The Qatar National Bank branch is located on Mossadak Street 64, near Dokki Central.
  • Marwa: It is located in Dokki, Sudan Street 57, in front of El Tawheed and El Nour.
  • Area: Dokki in front of the Ambassador Hotel.
  • Haram Branch: This branch is located on Haram 360 Street, next to La Poire and King Pizza.
  • Nasreddin: It is located in Al-Haram, Al-Haram Street 426, Al-Jazeera Al-Arabia Tower, next to Photo Express Egypt.
  • Faisal: The Faisal branch is located in Haram, King Faisal Street 179, in front of Al Baik Chicken.
  • Mariota: The Qatar National Bank branch is located at Haram Street 44, Crystal Mall, next to Papa John’s Pizza.

Qatar National Bank branches in Cairo

  • Champollion Branch – Main Center: This bank is located at 5 Champollion Street, next to the Steinerger Hotel, Downtown.
  • Millennial: It is located at 14 Alfy Street, near Diana Palace Cinema, Downtown.
  • Opera branch: The Qatar National Bank branch is located in the center of the country, on Al-Jumhuriya Street 42, next to Kakhia Mosque, Opera Square.
  • Kasr Al-Ainy: It is located on Al-Qasr Al-Ainy Street.
  • Qasr El Nil Branch: There is downtown, Nile Street 39, Mostafa Kamel Square.
  • Talaat harb: Downtown, 10 Talaat Harb Street, Evergreen Building, in front of Falfa Restaurant.
  • Bab Al-Louk: This branch is located in the center of the country, Tahrir Street, in front of Moamen Sandwiches, Al-Falaki Square, Bab Al-Louk.
  • Sayeda Zeinab Branch: Sayeda Zeinab, Port Said Street 202, next to Ragab Sons.
  • Poetry section: It is located in Bab Al Sharia Square, Port Said Street 472.
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QNB Bank services in Egypt

QNB Bank in Egypt provides a lot of services to customers, and it also seeks to compete with other banks. This is through the services it provides, for example, foreign currency exchange, credit facilities, in addition to payment by e-mail. It also provides some basic features that help and facilitate the customer, and as an example of these features; Immediate access, flexibility of control, and the possibility of immediate communication with the bank.

QNB Group also plays an active role through the social assistance program and its sponsorship of various social, educational and cultural activities in Egypt.

This bank also provides banking services, through its subsidiaries that operate under its name.

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QNB Bank services in Egypt
QNB Bank services in Egypt

At the end of our article, the Egyptian branches of Qatar National Bank contribute to serving the Egyptian people, as well as providing them with many service projects. As this bank, since its inception, has been achieving daily and high growth rates. Also, ATMs spread all over Egypt have a major role in providing services to citizens wherever they are.

We also talked extensively about the services QNB Bank in Egypt provides to the Egyptian people, as they are among the best competitive services for other companies.

Therefore, if you want to conduct any banking transaction in Egypt, do not hesitate to go to this bank.

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