Reasons for refusing to reside in the UAE 2022

Reasons for refusing to reside in the UAE 2022

Reasons for refusing to reside in the UAEMany residents of the UAE are looking for reasons for refusal to reside in the UAE Why refuse to reside in the Emirates? How long is the grace period after canceling residence in the UAE? What is the new residence law in the UAE 2022? And a bunch of questions on this topic.

Therefore, in this article, we will know what is the reason for refusing to reside in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, and how long is the grace period to stay after residency is revoked in the UAE 2022.

Reasons for refusing to reside in the UAE 2022

Reasons for refusing to reside in the UAE

Many people do not want to know the reason behind the refusal of residency or renewal of residency in the UAE, based on the new special law on residency in the UAE for the year 2022. On this topic, it will be the focus of our article today. Follow with us, dear reader.

The answer to the reasons for residency cancellation or refusal in the UAE will be as follows:

  • It is possible for everyone to inquire about the residency application that he submitted through an official link for this purpose, which is:

When the application is rejected, it will return to the following reasons:

  • The application is rejected if there is a ruling against the applicant by the UAE authorities.
  • The application shall also be rejected when there is a defect in compliance with the laws stipulated in the UAE and the subsequent violations thereof.
  • An application or renewal is also rejected when the person submitting the application is excluded or when the authority deports him.
  • The application is refused to submit for more than one time and period.
  • The association of the person applying for a political organization can be a reason for refusing to reside.
  • It should also be taken into account that fees paid for accommodation are not refundable.
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Reasons for refusing to renew residence in the UAE

An obsession occupies many of those who reside in the Emirates in which cases the residence permit is canceled in the UAE, where we must first know what are the procedures that must be followed when you wish to cancel the residence, and they are different if the procedures are through a company or through a specific investor, so let us know the cases:

For residency cancellation through the company:

  • The company initially submits a request to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in the UAE with the aim of terminating a person’s employment contract
  • The submitted application must be signed by the person whose residence will be canceled and the signature of the employer or company.
  • The application must be accompanied by the worker’s acknowledgment that he has received all his financial dues
  • Then the sponsor submits a second request to the General Authority for Foreigners Affairs, after approving the first cancellation request that he submitted to the Ministry, as the sponsor requests that the residence of the person employed by him in the country be canceled.

For investor residency cancellation:

  • Pay all fees due to the bank as soon as you start.
  • Prepare all the required papers if you wish to cancel your residence permit.
  • Evidence of the sponsor’s approval must be attached to the applicant’s request for residency cancellation.
  • A certified copy of the personal ID of the sponsor.

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The grace period after canceling residence in the UAE is 2022

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has stated that it has worked to amend the period of residence for a foreigner on its territory, after the expiration or cancellation of the residence period in the Emirates, where the period was set from one month to six months.

The authority’s statement came during its holding a press conference at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, during which it launched what it called the third generation of modern services.

Where she confirmed through the press conference that she held that all investors, businessmen, visitors, residents, experiences, talents and job seekers should benefit from these modern features that are contained in the modern visa system in the UAE after its issuance. It is also available for all segments to benefit from the new features in the modern visa system by entering the official website of the authority and its smart application, viewing the features and applying for them through it, in addition to the possibility of submitting the application through the customer happiness centers distributed in its branches in the country after starting the implementation of the new regulation and working on it from October 3 next.

Major General Suhail Saeed Al Khaili, Director General of the Authority, welcomed the decision issued by the Council of Ministers, which stipulates the adoption of the executive regulations of the Federal Decree Law on the entry and residence of foreigners in the United Arab Emirates during this important stage that the country is going through.

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Major General Director General of the Authority stated that the new passport and issuance of the new regulation will be implemented as of the 3rd of next October, and what it contains of features and soft matters and the new and different segments of visas that suit all the desires and aspirations of all citizens and those wishing to reside. In addition to the employees who wish to work and reside in the Emirates, and this results from the interest of the UAE leadership in taking into account the humanitarian and social conditions of all residents in the Emirates, reunification, raising the standard of living, and raising the rate of economic growth through talents, expertise, and attracting capital from all over the world.

He also said that this new visa system is a quantum leap for entry and residence for foreigners at the regional and global levels, as this resulted from the plan drawn up by Al-Hakim to advance the country for the next fifty years and for there to be coexistence and human brotherhood, which are among the basics and priorities of the UAE.

He also pointed out that the recent amendments include many simple and easy conditions and controls that would work to support the approach of the Authority and its work to provide prior services for about the next fifty years in a manner commensurate with the future aspirations of all segments of residents and foreigners and to make the UAE a role model in living, working and inventing.

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