Reasons for the failure of the nursery project –

Reasons for the failure of the nursery project –

Reasons for the failure of the nursery projectthat commercial projects are not always success from their ally, but it is possible for the project to fail, and there are various reasons due to the failure of the project that the project owner knows well, as he is the owner of this experience and he is the one who can put points on the letters regarding the reasons that led his project to failure , But failure is not the end of the road, but it must be tried many times, and through our topic we will know the reasons for the failure of the incubation project.

The secret of nursery success

The nursery project must be a successful project in the normal situation if people study a good feasibility of the project before starting it, because the project is usually very popular, and through our topic for today we will learn the secret of the success of the nursery:

  • There are important things that people who want to start a nursery business should take into account, such as the need to obtain a license from the official authorities.
  • There are many details that help the nursery project to be a successful project and generate huge profits for its owners, such as establishing it on a large area.
  • One of the favorite designs of the nursery is to divide it into a number of rooms to allow children to do various activities that instill in them a love for this place.
  • The nursery should have a number of bedrooms for children, because many of them at this age, especially, tend to sleep many hours during the day.
  • It is also good for the management of the nursery to provide colorful chairs and desks for the children, so that you will impress the child and feel comfortable in this place.
  • There are many important tools in the nursery that the administration must provide, such as pens, notebooks, smart boards, and notebooks for teachers.
  • In addition to providing various means of maintaining safety for children, especially infants, in order for the nursery to ensure a great success.
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Reasons for the failure of the nursery project

Not every project is viable, as there are some projects that are destined to fail and are closed after a period of start, or even if a period of time has passed, and this is due to different reasons, and we will now learn about the reasons for the failure of the incubation project:

  • One of the reasons that lead to the failure of any project, not just the incubation project, is the insufficient experience of the project owner.
  • Another reason related to the failure of projects is the failure to provide all the necessary tools necessary for the project to run as it should.
  • Also, the means of safety and comfort in the absence of them in the project, this matter leads to its failure.
  • Failure to complete the legal procedures for the custody project can lead to a catastrophic failure of the project.
  • The health of children is in the hands of those responsible for the nursery, in the event of non-compliance with health standards in the nursery, this is a good reason for the failure of the project.
  • In the event that the child did not receive a sufficient amount of education or entertainment within the walls of the nursery, this is a reason that leads to the failure of the project.
  • We mentioned these reasons within our topic, the reasons for the failure of the nursery project.

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Is the home nursery project successful?

The experts in this field and those who have previously experienced the incubation project confirm that the project is highly profitable if the important methods for the success of any project are followed.

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Also, the main factor that contributes to the success of the project is that it gets good marketing by the people involved in this matter.

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The importance of a nursery project

Any project that a person wishes to start must know why he wants this particular project, and what is the importance behind opening this project, and through our topic for today, which is entitled Reasons for the failure of the nursery project, we will learn about the importance of a nursery project:

  • The importance of the nursery project lies in assisting working mothers in securing their children before going to work, as well as assisting them in taking care of the child and taking care of him.
  • The nursery also has a role in how to contain the child, build his self-confidence, and teach him ways to deal with other children so that he becomes a social child by nature.
  • The nursery project is not the main objective of profit, but rather it is classified as a humanitarian project. In the nursery, care and attention are paid to everything related to the child.

My experience with the nursery project

People wishing to try the nursery project usually benefit from the experiences of others in this regard, and they ask about many important issues related to this project, and through our topic we will discuss my experience with the nursery project:

  • The owner of the experience says that she finished her university studies, and she was excited to take a new experience in the world of private projects and wanted to open a business for herself.
  • She added that out of her love for children, she wanted the project to be a nursery project, and she had an idea that the project was simple and would not cost her much money.
  • But with the beginning of the real study of the project, I discovered that the project is not easy and needs a lot of tools, and when I searched for the requirements for this project, I was surprised by many things.
  • One of her greatest desires through this project was to teach children many academic, moral and assessment matters as well.
  • This girl has bought material things such as chairs, tables, stationery, entertainment, toys, kitchen utensils, and the important things that the nursery needs.
  • As soon as the project began to be implemented and receive children, it achieved a resounding success, and it began receiving large numbers of children, and even the parents have praised what it offers.
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nursery project cost

Any project that a person wants to do needs at first a set of important costs in order to start it, regardless of whether this cost is high or simple, and through our topic for today, we will learn about the cost of a nursery project through the following lines:

  • • The cost of an apartment of 400 m2 is about 36000 riyals.
    • Adaptations, the price of one air conditioner may reach 1200 riyals.
    • Vinyl floors per meter approximately 22 riyals, including the price of supply and installation.
  • • A single bed may cost about 500 riyals.
    • Wardrobe for clothes 280 riyals.
    • One storage drawers at a price of approximately 300 riyals.
    • Audio-visual equipment and various games, about 10,000 riyals.
    • Kitchen electrical appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, oven and microwave, about 4300 riyals.
    • Kitchen equipment, including tools, utensils, etc. 2000 riyals.
    • Cleaning and washing tools and their equipment, about 1500 riyals.
    • Electrical and lighting supplies, about 2000 riyals.
    • A van to deliver children, the payment with the monthly installment for a Kia van is about 6000 riyals.
    • Equipping the administrative office with 5000 riyals.
    • The cost of recruiting four workers is 14000 riyals.
    • The worker’s salary is 1000 riyals.
    • The salary of the administrative employee is 2500 riyals.

Here we have finished our article titled Reasons for the failure of the nursery projectThrough it, we have identified the most important reasons that lead to the failure of projects in general

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