Reasons for the failure of the online store .. 4 reasons and their solution

Reasons for the failure of the online store .. 4 reasons and their solution

The most important reasons for the failure of the online store is the mechanism of dealing with the customer, specifically working with the mentality of selling the product, getting money and shipping the product, and then neglecting the after-sales service or neglecting his request to return the product, repair it, or correct any error that occurred with it.

Thus, you pay your money and time in order to create an online store, lose the customer’s trust in it, and you have lost a customer from the first order and lost the potential customers that this customer would have brought to you if he was satisfied with your service (really a big loss), and repeating this matter with several customers means the failure of a project Your dreams of creating a successful online store are imperative.

Because you are in a virtual world that is difficult to gain customer trust in and the competition for customer acquisition is not easy and the proof is the cost of clicking and paid marketing. So if you do not realize this matter and are not able to adapt to it, do not continue with your project, please. You are destined to fail and waste your money on marketing to attract a client, which you will surely lose after the first order.

I am sure that this request will not even cover the marketing cost I paid to attract this client. So, after you have settled on the idea of ​​the site and the products that you are familiar with and can provide after-sales service for them, and after you have developed an online store business plan in order to ensure the success of the site, you must take into account some of the factors that help your site to succeed.

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4 of the most important reasons for the failure of the online store

Solving the problems mentioned in this article was the reason for the success of many electronic stores. Follow through to the end and if you correct and correct every mistake, you will have taken another step towards your goal in making your online store successful:

1. Hacking and data theft

Many customers have a fear of having their information that they write in your store stolen during the purchase process, especially the payment method information, and this is a matter that you have to address to reassure them, especially since at first the name of your site is still unknown. And do not compare yourself to Souq and Amazon in this respect, they have become reliable, but it is your turn to gain this confidence, and you should know very well that no matter how good your store is and no matter how low your prices are, no one will buy from you unless you provide them with protection and security for their personal information and their bank card and be Do it by following these steps.

Installing an SSL Certificate

You must install an SSL certificate for your store to have https protocol instead of http protocol, this protects the financial transactions that take place through your site from theft by hackers.

Privacy Policy Page

Add a page containing the privacy policy, the site’s payment and return policy. The name of the company is mentioned on the About Us page and the address of this company or site owner, and this page is important when creating an online store in order to increase your credibility with search engines and visitors.

Hosting provides a firewall for protection

Use robust hosting that provides a layer of protection for your site and secures it against firewall and DDoS protection. Or connect the site to Cloudflare.

Safe payment methods

You should provide your store visitors with multiple and secure payment methods and add the payment gateway logo and accepted card types in the footer of the site.

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Direct means of communication

To provide customers with a way to communicate with you, because this makes them feel more secure through a WhatsApp number or at least a chat window.

2. How to display and describe products

This problem is the most prevalent according to my observation in the list of errors that must be avoided because it is the problem that most new online store owners fall into, where you find that an online store has been created that does not display enough information about the product and may be important information such as (technical specifications, dimensions, color, Shipping costs, product brand, etc…) and only the price, along with a few insufficient information to describe the product. As if the store owner considers that all visitors to the site are aware of the details of the product like him.

As the owner of an online store, you must put yourself in the place of the visitor and provide him with all the answers to the questions that he can look for answers to about your products, and not make him need to communicate with you, not all visitors are ready to contact you to inquire about a product while he can go to another brand or source Another provides him with an easier buying experience for him. Certainly, there is no buyer who wants to buy a product and does not know enough details about it.

If you look, for example, at the sites of large commercial companies such as Noon, Alibaba and Amazon, you will find that they add the most accurate details about each product, so they achieve greater sales in exchange for a lower return rate than others.

The summary of this matter is that the more information, pictures, and even videos you add about the product, the more trust and respect you will gain from scientists, and they will buy from you again. They cannot touch the product with themselves and check it before buying it, you have to give them what they lack in the information directly on the product page so that they can make a purchase decision quickly and do not let them have the opportunity of doubt and hesitation.

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3. How to encourage online store visitors to buy

Not everyone who enters your online store is someone who wants to buy, maybe it is someone who is hesitant, planning to buy at a later time, or a smart person looking for an offer or discount. In all cases, giving them an offer that encourages them to buy in return for giving your site a good evaluation, or placing a discount on one of the products, is enough encouragement to push them to buy, even if the purchase was not their intention from the beginning.

Try to add the Cross Selling and Up Selling feature when the visitor tries to leave the site or try to finish the order to increase sales and increase the percentage of visitors converting to customers.

4. The user experience in the online store

The design of a professional online store should serve the visitor and help him connect to the product he is looking for in the fewest number of clicks, and this helps him to continue with it and move between its pages without trouble. This is called the user experience. The design of the site has two main parts:

  • Its aesthetic design (UI) This is related to the site’s colors, layout, and arrangement, which provides comfort to the reader’s eyes.
  • Its Practical Design (UX) This is related to the arrangement and organization of pages, which provides ease of navigation from one page to another with the presence of some features and additions, such as the presence of the search box tool, which is very basic and important and is considered the most used part of the online store by visitors.

These virtual things are very important to keep visitors on your site as much time as possible without quickly bouncing back and this is a signal to search engines that your site is important and deserves to improve the site’s ranking in search results related to the content of the site.

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