Reasons for website results to drop in Google search results

Reasons for website results to drop in Google search results

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A drop in your Google ranking can sometimes happen in the blink of an eye: Maybe one day, you were showing up on the first page of search results, and by the next day your site could barely be found. If you rely on your visibility in search engines to drive the bulk of your site visitors, this scenario can be quite intimidating. It’s especially terrifying if you have no idea why your site’s ranking is falling.

Because many site owners have a problem with landing or regressing site results in Google search suddenly, I decided to write this article to benefit you all. Especially after repeated Google updates during the last period.

There are many reasons why a site’s ranking might suffer from a flop, and most of them can be remedied with a little time and effort. I’ll explain to you some of the most common issues that can cause a site to regress in SERPs.

Google Penalties

In an effort by Google to weed out bad content and provide high-quality search results to users, Google has taken strict action against websites that violate its policies. The old search results optimization techniques that were popular and yielded good results can now cause your site to rank lower. There are several violations that Google punishes any site that violates them; The following list includes some of the most common errors:

  1. Keyword stuffingAt the beginning of the SEO era, it was usual to add as many keywords as possible in your content. But over time this resulted in some poorly written content that was clearly created for search engines rather than users. Pages stuffed with keywords won’t make you appear in search results today; The best strategy for getting better results is to integrate your keywords in a natural way, without sacrificing the quality of the content.
  2. Building fake linksBuying backlinks and participating in too many link exchanges are just a few of the backlink building practices that could earn you a penalty from Google. Google frowns at any artificial means of building your network of links. If you need to improve your backlink file, you better do it smartly. You can search and access reputable sites and publish your site on them and post an article on well-known blogs is one of the best ways to build a strong set of links to your site.
  3. Duplicate contentGoogle does not want its users to see the same content repeated in the list of search results. To avoid the possibility of this unhelpful user experience, they may penalize sites that have content copied from other pages. You can use tools like Copyscape to ensure that all content is original.
  4. Repetition of meta tagSimilar to the problem of duplicate content, duplicate metadata can also harm your ranking in search engines. Google won’t penalize for having duplicate Meta Tags, but it does view it as an indication that your site is having a problem with duplicate content. Many content management systems such as WordPress as well as blogging platforms make it easy to avoid meta tag duplication. Be sure to enter unique metadata for each page of your site.
  5. Thin contentGoogle loves to see pages that are rich in information and full of original content. Pages created solely for the purpose of displaying advertisements may receive a penalty; Likewise, you may fall into the problem of e-commerce websites that copy their product description directly from the manufacturer or another website.
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The site takes a long time to recover from the Google penalty. If you encounter one problem, the first thing to do is clean up the problem: retype any content that is thin or stuffy with keywords, remove those bad links if possible, and use Google’s Disavow tool on the links you couldn’t remove. Once you have done your best to resolve the issue, you can apply for reconsideration with Google and hope for a positive outcome.

Server problems

Google is often quite tolerant of short-lived server issues on your site: if your website is down for maintenance or has a day or two of server problems, your site’s ranking will be at risk and insecure. However, if search engines have trouble accessing your site for several days, this can have a negative impact on your site’s search results. If you plan to shut down your site for maintenance, you must make changes to your server until a 503 code is generated; This code is understood by search engines that this is temporary and not permanent, thus maintaining the stability of your site results as much as possible.

Detecting malicious files

Having malicious files on your site will not directly harm your results, but its impact on the traffic you get from search results is just as important. If Google notices malware on your site, it will add a warning to users next to your results in search results. Various tools are available to find and remove malicious files on your site. Once the infection is successfully dealt with, Google will be able to remove the malware warning from the list of search results.

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Algorithm changes

If you are noticing a drop in site results and there are no technical issues, the reason for the decline in ranking may be due to a change in the algorithms by the search engines. In an effort to improve the overall quality of their results, Google and other search engines have made several modifications to the way web content is indexed and ranked. Google’s Penguin and Panda updates are two of the most popular algorithm tweaks, bringing sweeping changes to the SEO community. Although most of these algorithm tweaks result in a more incremental effect on results, an overnight drop may occur if your site is particularly affected by the changes. If this happens to your site, your only solution will be to improve your site SEO and try to make your site stronger and better.

Top 5 ways to get your site results back in Google

1. Update website content

Publish exclusive and new articles that provide value to your site visitor, and Google prefers constantly updated and active sites better than dormant sites that are renewed every now and then.

Also, updating the content of your site makes the visitor spend more time inside the site and gives him more background on the field of your site, and may also lead to your site obtaining a natural backlink through your visitors and social signals. Perhaps not updating your site is behind the decline in results in Google.

2. Website speed

Almost since 2010, site loading speed has become an important factor within Google’s factors in ranking search results.

How to improve website speed

If you do not know the speed of your site, you can do it through Google itself, using the site speed test tool they provide Google Developers After adding your site, Google will give you tips to increase the speed of the site if it is slow, but if your site is WordPress, you can search for a WordPress plugin that will help you improve the speed of the site with ease. Perhaps the reason that your site has become unresponsive quickly is the reason behind the decline in your site’s results in Google.

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Why are your site results back in Google?  Seo Stars

3. The website is responsive to the mobile

I think you recently heard about Google’s mobile update. Now, the response to the mobile phone has become a factor in Google’s ranking of search results. The percentage of Google’s use of the mobile phone increased in 2014 to about 60%. Therefore, you must make your site responsive to all mobile devices and tablets. And you should periodically check the webmaster tools to make sure that there are no errors in your site. It could be because your site did not respond to the mobile after Google update, which caused the decline in your site results in Google search.

4. Backlink

Perhaps the reason for the decline in the results of your site in Google is that you are building a backlink illegally, and Google considered it spam, so your results in the search results have declined. harmful background.

You should also build the backlinks to your site in high authority sites and intelligently so that they do not turn against you.

5. CTR

When your site climbs in the first results in Google, Google begins to monitor what users do when they see your site in the search results on the word that your site is targeting. in late results.

How to insanely improve the click-through rate of your website results

The tool that many neglect and use only in order to catch keywords is the description and title, meta description and title, do not think that if you reach the first result in Google, then everyone who searches for the word you target will come to your site! No, my dear, he might click on the second or third result, or even go to the second page if he doesn’t find something that catches his attention.

Therefore, you must write an attractive title for your articles and a clear description that explains what is inside the article.

I was very happy to follow this article and I hope that you really benefited, and do not forget to share the article if you liked it, as the site is not for profit, but rather for the benefit of everyone ..

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