Register on the remote work platform | Ministry of Human Resources 1444

Register on the remote work platform | Ministry of Human Resources 1444

It is considered Register on the remote work platform It is one of the easiest ways that anyone can do, and it is one of the services of the Ministry of Human Resources to facilitate citizens.

How to register on the remote work platform

I saved Ministry of Human Resources The possibility of registering on the work platform through its website. This is to facilitate the registration process for those who wish to register on this platform.

If you want to register, just follow these steps:

  • At first you have to log in on the official website of the working platform.
  • Click on the three conditions at the top of the page on the left side, then choose the remote worker.
  • The site will take you to a page with many options, you have to click on job search.
  • After that, the site will ask you to create your own account. You can create the account by filling in your data in the required places, and these details are:
  • e-mail.
  • Full date of birth.
  • mobile Number.
  • The name of the city in which you live.
  • The identification number is complete.
  • Write down the password.
  • Then write it again.
  • After completing all the required information, press Accept all terms and conditions, then press the option to complete the registration.
  • The site will transfer you to a page where you need to attach a resume, and then a list of available remote jobs will appear in front of you at the moment.
  • Choose the job that matches your skills, then click on Apply for available jobs, and you will have to wait for some time until your offer is accepted in one of the jobs that suit you.

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Conditions for applying for remote jobs

Jobs provide many privileges to the employee or worker, and of course there will be many conditions that the person who wants to apply for these jobs must fulfill after registering on the remote work platform.

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Therefore, we will show you these conditions in the following points:

  • The applicant must be a Saudi national, both male and female.
  • The age of the applicant must be between the minimum of 16 years and the maximum of 60 years.
  • Also, the applicant must have a strong knowledge of technical devices, because the work will be mainly on these devices.
  • One of the most important conditions is that the applicant has an already activated account on the Absher platform, and it may sometimes allow this account to be activated when applying and accepting the job.
  • Availability of a computer or laptop connected to the Internet, and the network must be good and uninterrupted at all.
  • Commitment to the work schedule that is agreed upon with the employer, in case the content of the work is not clear.
  • In addition to the need to be in a quiet place, whether at home or anywhere the applicant desires, as long as it is a quiet place suitable for work.
  • It should be noted that each job has its own conditions, which were not included in the previous conditions presented in the previous points, because each job has its own content and therefore the conditions it requires.
Conditions for applying for remote jobs
Conditions for applying for remote jobs

Remote work jobs

After we explained to you how to register on the Ministry of Human Resources’ remote work platform, we must show you the available jobs so that you can find the job that best suits your abilities, which will be displayed in the following points:

  • Commodity Service Representative job.
  • position of general manager.
  • Sales representative job.
  • Administrative assistant position.
  • Customer service work, “chat and email”.
  • Vehicle movement monitoring.
  • Customer service.
  • Sales representative job.
  • Administrative writing.
  • Edit correspondence.
  • File management and archiving.
  • Accounting and budget management.
  • data centers.
  • Purchasing representative position.
  • Administrative support.
  • Data entry.
  • secretary.
  • call center.
  • Central and requests.
  • Programming.
  • Technical Support.
  • networks
  • Database management.
  • Technical and engineering works.
  • Advertising.
  • team work
  • HR.
  • Debt recovery.
  • Technical support specialist position.
  • Public relations.
  • E-Marketing.
  • the shopping.
  • finance.
  • financial analysis.
  • Business development function.
  • Quality Management.
  • legal advice.
  • Operating systems.
  • Freight forwarder job.
  • Shipping and distribution.
  • Remote factory monitoring.
  • architectural drawing.

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Register on the remote work platform and check for remote work jobs

If the Saudi citizen wishes to obtain remote work jobs as a stable source of income or to rely on them as additional work.

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He must first register on the remote work platform and then inquire about the jobs available on the remote work platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and he can inquire about the appropriate work for them by following the following steps:

  • To enter directly to the electronic link of the remote work platform.
  • Click on the Jobs icon.
  • The job to be inquired about must also be written in the space provided.
  • List the skills available to the person applying for a particular job.
  • Enter the job title.
  • Finally, click on the search word.

Ways to communicate with the work platform with each other in Saudi Arabia

There is more than one method that a Saudi citizen can use to communicate with the e-work platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Ministry of Human and Social Resources has provided some of its communication channels to make it easier for citizens to use the likes of the networks, so that the Saudi citizen can communicate with the platform in one of the following ways:

  • Enter the website of the remote work platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Log in to the official website of the electronic remote work platform via Twitter.
  • Submitting personal suggestions about the work mechanism by contacting the work team directly at 920002654.
  • The team receives inquiries from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon, every day from Sunday to Thursday, but Saturdays and Sundays are an official holiday.

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Remote work salaries

After registering on the remote work platform, a large group of citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is wondering about the 1444 salaries for remote work, which has become widespread due to the emerging Corona virus that has spread throughout the Kingdom.

The remote work program, according to the Saudi Labor Organization law, sets an amount of two thousand Saudi riyals for part-time workers.

It should also be noted that telecommuting wages are primarily set by 1444 based on offers. Submitted by companies that have announced the opening of their work.

We cannot explain in detail the 1444 remote work salaries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without first explaining to those who do not know what the remote work platform is.

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The remote work platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can be defined as a platform for people looking for remote work. We have this electronic platform launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The most important feature of this platform is the provision of many services that the Saudi citizen needs. Among the most prominent of these services is the job seeker service, and this service allows job seekers to create a CV for themselves, and so on. Find a suitable job for themselves, after which the applicant submits an electronic application for a job or for remote work.

This platform also provides a service called the remote work service for establishments, which allows the individual to register on the platform and hire someone who provides that service. In addition to presenting vacancies and contracting with establishments to hire remote workers, all of this is to help provide the necessary reports.

Remote work salaries
Remote work salaries

How to use the remote work program

Through this program; It is possible to register on the remote work platform and use the site in more than one way according to the remote work platform program guide of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development as follows:

  • Employer account – It is provided to anyone who has a project and wants to create it and find suitable employees for it, where you log in as an employer. Create the project and view the jobs available to it via remote work via the Internet in the system.
  • Remote Worker Account – For a worker account login, it allows its owner to search all available remote work jobs on the site and start applying for the jobs that suit them best.
  • Service Provider Account: The program also allows brokers or service providers to register through the site, as the task of these people is to provide facility owners with the necessary labor for them remotely as well as suitable for them.

In the end, we have provided you How to register on the remote work platform And the information necessary to start work in a correct way, we hope that we have provided you with all the details.

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