Registration in seasonal work contracts in Italy 2023

Registration in seasonal work contracts in Italy 2023

Registration in seasonal work contracts in Italy 2023 After the doors of seasonal work contracts were opened in Italy 2023 and the decree for the annual flow of immigration to Italy for seasonal work was announced, many began to wonder about how to register and how to obtain a seasonal work contract in Italy, and many questions about seasonal work contracts in Italy 2023.

Therefore, in this article, we will learn about the latest news of seasonal contracts in Italy 2023, where we will prepare for you a detailed article about the Italian Floussi law and how to benefit from it to immigrate to Italy to work in order to obtain seasonal work contracts in Italy 2023. If you are wondering, what are seasonal contracts in Italy? And how do I get a seasonal work contract?

Registration in seasonal work contracts in Italy 2023

Many people seek to immigrate to Italy and obtain residency and a job opportunity there, as those in countries suffering from wars, deteriorating economic conditions and widespread poverty take advantage of this opportunity, which drives many young people to take advantage of the opportunities available to them in order to travel and search for a new life. To secure their future and improve the poor conditions of their families.

Italy is one of the destinations for immigrants to take advantage of job opportunities there. The announcement made by the Ministry of the Interior came as an appropriate date for immigrants to immigrate, as it included the announcement of opening the door to immigration and bringing labor to the country for work for the year 2023, as the announcement was published on the official website of the Ministry on October 12 of last month under the name ofDecrito FlossiWhere this law officially allows immigrants to sign work contracts in Italy, and in this article today we will provide information about the seasonal work contracts that Italy presented for the year 2023.

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When will the new immigration system be implemented 2023?

Many people wishing to travel to Italy ask about the date of starting work with the immigration system launched by the Italian Ministry of the Interior, as the system will start working at the beginning of next year, as those wishing to travel must meet many criteria and conditions that have been set by the Italian authorities, where a work visa will be granted to immigrants for a period of time. Up to two and a half years without an increase, unless the immigrant has adhered to the laws and conditions of the visa, as it is possible for him to renew it for a longer period.

How does the new immigration system work in Italy?

The legal advisor for immigration affairs made a statement about the mechanism of the new system at work, where the law was completely changed, as the old system stipulated the following: All companies in Italy that want to hire people in their companies are required to announce the job vacancy in at least two newspapers, and if they do not The job is applied for by any person who is inside Italy over a period of thirty days, so it becomes possible for the company to announce the job vacancy to those who are outside Italy and bring them to Italy in order to sign the work contract and give him all the advantages he is entitled to.

As for the new law, it stipulated the following:

The Italian Ministry of Interior has canceled the process of advertising and publishing in newspapers, which it had imposed on companies, and companies can now bring in the people they want and deem suitable for the job vacancy, whether it is from inside or outside Italy, but the person coming from abroad must meet some conditions such as financial competence and some Other legal terms.

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How to apply for a seasonal work contract in Italy 2023?

After the facilities provided by the Italian authorities to obtain a work contract in Italy, anyone can immigrate to Italy and obtain a work contract, provided that some conditions are met.

But before immigration, you must contact the employers with whom you want to sign the contract or through some relatives or friends in Italy, as they can greatly help you in searching for and obtaining a work contract.

And if you find an employment contract and want to submit an application in order to obtain it, you must submit some documents and papers to the employer, such as photocopying the first three pages of the passport, through an e-mail or through a relative or friend who is there, because the employer will immediately submit your papers Evidence and your registration in immigrant records in order to obtain a seasonal work contract in Italy, and a receipt for your registration in the records must be taken.

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How long will the application take until it is approved?

It is possible that the application may take between two to three months in order for the application to be approved, and then there is another period in order to obtain the work contract, which also extends from one to three months, and therefore the applicant must send his application early before the start of the season Three months before he starts working in Italy.

What is the duration of the seasonal contract in Italy 2023?

This matter is due to the agreement between the employer and the employee. The work contract may extend from 30 days to 6 months, and it is possible that it may reach 9 months, a year, or two years, based on the agreement.

What are the documents required in order to obtain a seasonal uncle contract in Italy?

In order to obtain a seasonal work contract visa, those wishing to travel must submit all official papers and documents, which are as follows:

  1. Fill out the immigrant data form, provided that all information is correctly and accurately completed.
  2. To print the first three pages of the passport, in addition to the passport being valid for at least three months.
  3. Submit recent personal photos.
  4. Send a copy of the ID card, provided that it is valid.
  5. A copy of the seasonal work contract obtained by the immigrant must be sent.
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After collecting the papers, they must be submitted to the Italian embassy located in the immigrant’s country, and after the examination that will take place of his file, a personal interview will be held in order to obtain the visa for him within the period specified in the employment contract.

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What are the cases in which an application for a seasonal work contract in Italy 2023 is rejected?

Among the most prominent cases in which the application is rejected is that the immigrant is illegal to Italy and submits his papers and has an unclean criminal record, or if there are any doubts about identity proof, or if the passport has been damaged, the photos are not completely clear, or if there is Any forgery in the employment contract.

Quotas for seasonal employment in Italy

In the following, we will know the seasonal labor quotas and who are the beneficiary countries, whose number reached 42,000, distributed according to the nationalities of the following countries:

  • Sudan
  • Egypt
  • Tunisia
  • Morocco
  • Algeria
  • Albania
  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Ethiopia
  • Pakistan
  • Senegal
  • Serbia
  • Sri Lanka
  • El Salvador
  • Gambia
  • Ukraine

And here we have come to the conclusion of our article today by talking about how to obtain a work contract in Italy, while clarifying the most important points that must be followed when applying. We hope that the article has won your admiration.

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