Request to transfer profits of Savola shareholder certificate 2023 certificate or portfolio – platform

Request to transfer profits of Savola shareholder certificate 2023 certificate or portfolio – platform

Request to transfer profits of Savola shareholder certificateSavola invests its capital in the food sector in many regional countries in the Middle East and North Africa region, and it has been able to extend its investments in 50 countries over the past four decades, all thanks to its possession of a diversified brand portfolio, and the company is also keen to give all the rights of its shareholders who have Dividends due from previous years with it, as well as those who previously approved their disbursement without receiving them. In this article, we learn about the request to transfer the profits of the Savola shareholder certificate.

Request to transfer profits of Savola shareholder certificate

The Savola Group has published lists of names of shareholders who have accrued dividends from past years and those who have previously approved their disbursement in cash and have not been delivered, and for several reasons, most notably the group’s failure to review, and the incorrectness of the addresses listed or their account numbers documented in their investment portfolios. The following is an explanation of how to request the transfer of certificate profits Savola’s contribution:

In the case of a contribution type certificate

  • Certificate not filed:
    • The deposit form is filled out and a copy of the investor’s valid ID must be attached, noting that the deposit form can be obtained through the following link: from here
    • It also requires attaching a copy of the agency, if any, along with a copy of the agent’s ID
    • After the process of completing the documents, it will be delivered to the main headquarters of the Securities Depository Center Company in the city of Riyadh
    • Also, send it by e-mail: [email protected]
    • Also, send it by fax No.: 011-2189393
    • Also, the mailing address: 6879 King Fahd Road – Olaya / Unit No. 15, Riyadh 1211- 3388, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Certificate deposited:
    • Fill out the shareholder certificate dividend transfer request form and obtain it by clicking on the following link: from here
    • It is necessary to attach with him a copy of the valid national identity
    • As well as the current account number – IBAN – on the bank’s publications.
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In the case of a portfolio contribution type

  • A Shareholder Portfolio Dividend Transfer Application Form must be filled out
  • With the need to attach with him a copy of the valid national identity
  • Also the current account number, IBAN, on the bank’s publications

While in the event of completing the papers, whether there is a certificate or portfolio in front of your name, the type of contribution:

  • It shall be delivered to the headquarters of the Savola Group in Jeddah
  • located in Al-Shati neighborhood in Jeddah,
  • Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Street – Savola Group
  • Box 2444 – Taha Khasifan – Al Shati
  • Unit No.: 15, Jeddah 23511-7333
  • It is sent by fax No.: 012-2687844
  • Or use the email: [email protected]
  • It can also be sent via P.O.Box: 14455 Jeddah Postal Code 21424.

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Inquire about Savola’s unreceived profits

The Savola Group follows a specific policy on the mechanism of dividend distribution during the previous years, whereby quarterly dividends are paid periodically to the shareholders. The company pays one riyal per share, which is equivalent to 10 percent of the company’s capital, which amounts to five billion riyals. Non-profits are also inquired about. Savola received by following the following steps.

  • In the beginning, you must go to the company’s website, which we explained above.
  • The name and the portfolio number are written on the appearing page, after searching for the name of the joint-stock company.
  • After that, clicking on the word profits, then a page appears that contains many data that the shareholder is looking for.
  • It is also possible to click on the three lines on the page, during which a menu appears in which to click on the investors’ option, and then click on shares, and then you will be able to know the shares.
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Ways to inquire about shares in your name

The Saudi trading market provides the ability to search for shares through the civil registry number, as well as the identity number electronically, with the ability to inquire about the shares of the deceased and distribute the shares owned by the heirs, and to know the old profits that were not spent and delivered to their beneficiaries, all through the website, which we explain below :

  • You must enter the official website by clicking on the following link: from here.
  • You are automatically logged into the home page.
  • Write the name in the correct place.
  • Click on Search and then on Submit Request.
  • After that, your request will be sent, and you will have to wait a little while until a page containing the information you want about the unreceived shares appears.
  • Moreover, it is possible to inquire about those shares through the following e-mail [email protected]
  • You can also contact us through the following number for all inquiries: 0114644140.
  • In addition to that, contact via the WhatsApp platform, number 0506491843.

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Savola Group subsidiaries

The food sector was the first commercial productive activity established by the Savola Group, and it was specialized in the field of vegetable oils and ghee. Sub:

  • Where is the Savola Food Company, whose activities are concentrated in the field of edible oils, vegetable ghee, sugar and pasta.
  • Likewise, Al-Azizia Panda United Company, which includes 148 markets (hypermarkets and supermarkets).
  • Also, Savola Packaging Systems Company manages six factories specialized in the plastic industry, with both soft and coarse types.
  • As the investment sector.
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The names of the shareholders of Savola Company

Savola seeks to achieve a balanced approach in everything it offers to consumers, as it leaves the real imprint and not according to the profit margins it achieves. Therefore, the company was able to overcome difficult beginnings to reach a multinational company with a strong presence in neighboring and regional countries, and below we review the names Shareholders of Savola Company:

Shareholder name Shareholder ratio
Assila Investment Company 11.23%
Abdul Qadir Al Muhaidib & Sons Company 8.23%
Sheikh Abdullah Muhammad Abdullah Al-Rabeeah 8.21%
The General Organization for Social Insurance 6.67%
Al-Muhaidib Holding Company 6.36%

Savola products

The company operates through the food sector and the retail sector, and through these two sectors it works to supply the local and regional markets with high-quality products. Instead, it has good market shares in the international markets in which it operates. The following are the most prominent products of Savola

  • cooking oil.
  • Also sugar.
  • the pasta.
  • Ghee.
  • As frozen food
  • sea ​​food
  • baked goods
  • Nuts
  • spices
  • pulses
  • So are dates
  • Seeds
  • dried fruits
  • and sweets
  • Packaged snacks

Savola numbers

The company takes into account the reception of investors’ comments and suggestions, through which work is done to improve and develop the level of services it provides to shareholders through its multiple numbers. Below we review Savola Company Numbers:

  • Direct contact on the following number: 0224033856
  • The main office of the company is located in the Savola Tower
  • Specifically, in the Al-Shati neighborhood in Jeddah – Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Street – 2444 – Taha Khasifan – Al Shati – Unit No.: 15 – Jeddah 23511-7333.
  • Also contact on the phone: +966-12-268-7755
  • Tel: 00966122687800
  • And through e-mail: [email protected]
  • as such [email protected]
  • Also email: [email protected]

Request to transfer the profits of a Savola shareholder certificate. In this article, we discussed the detailed discussion of the mechanism for transferring shareholders’ profits, with an inquiry about the profits not received by Savola.

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