Requirements for creating an e-commerce website in Turkey

Requirements for creating an e-commerce website in Turkey

What are the requirements for creating an e-commerce website in Turkey? And what do beginners need first? We wanted to dig into this and be a pioneer for those who are just getting started with e-commerce. In the past five years, e-commerce has developed rapidly in our country. E-commerce has become the focus of attention for small and medium-sized businesses as well as attracting the attention of many large brands. Here is what you need to create an e-commerce site that you can read about in the articles.

It’s not enough to say I want to build an e-commerce site, you must take action. First of all, if you are a business owner with stock products, opening an e-commerce website is much easier and easier for you. You have no problem with continuing business activities, which is the first step in e-commerce, and you take the first step quickly. We have compiled the questions of those who would be new to e-commerce by following our e-commerce knowledge base blog and wrote the “Necessary to Create an E-commerce Website” article for you.

1. Allocate effort and time

You might be thinking why time is in the first place. If you have a team for this job, you can immediately jump to Item 2 because you don’t have a problem with time. If you are going to take care of your site as a business owner, then it is very important for you to set aside a certain amount of time each day when opening an e-commerce site, for the development of your e-commerce site and for your own development and learning. If you don’t have much time during the day, you can spend 2-3 hours in the evening. Allocating two hours during the day will be sufficient in the first place to manage the department’s operations and track orders and processes. If you think you can save that time, you can proceed with the following addresses.

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2. Carry out commercial activities and be a taxpayer

For those who are just getting started in e-commerce, as we mentioned above, if you have a business, you don’t need to create a new company. If you do not have a company, then Creation of a sole proprietorship or establishment of a regular company It is the least expensive. Their average cost ranges between 400 TL and 1000 TL. You can set up a limited company or joint stock company, which will cost more than a sole proprietorship and an ordinary partnership. (These prices are for government fees and do not include the fees of the chartered accountant who will perform these procedures, which usually range between 2000 and 4000 Turkish liras)

3. Allocate a reasonable budget

What is the cost of creating an e-commerce website? Of course, there are questions like how much budget should be allocated. The important thing is how much budget you set for creating your e-commerce site. When determining your budget, we recommend that you carefully calculate the costs of setting up your company, the costs of software, and the cost required to ensure product availability. Depending on the growth strategy for your e-commerce site, your budget may vary. If you want to generate an income item in the long run, you can proceed slowly and decisively. If you want to get to a point in a short time, you can allocate more budget by managing ad operations and analytics.

4. Professional e-commerce software

As an e-commerce software provider, we need to stress that this is one of the most important points for you. You should define your needs and carefully examine whether the e-commerce package you will use meets your needs. Consulting sales representatives in detail will provide you with useful information on many issues that you do not know. E-commerce software does not mean anything by itself. You should also consider other benefits. Is training provided? Does technical support satisfy you? What other benefits does it offer besides the program? For example, does a virtual POS benefit you in advertising and marketing?

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As Go Start Business, we try to help new businesses with all end-to-end e-commerce operations through our free weekly e-commerce trainings. In the process, we provide solutions for everything from advertising marketing to payment systems. By taking 5 minutes, you can create a free 15-day trial account and check out the e-commerce operations for yourself.

Where and how do I start e-commerce?

Basically, we have tried to list the elements you need to open an e-commerce website under 4 main headings. Many topics will follow you completing virtual point of sale operations, planning shipments of goods, managing inventory as a result of product supply and analysis, etc. You will need to learn and implement many issues such as as we said at the beginning of our topic, the priority of our article is what you need to create an e-commerce site.

As Go Start Business, we are happy to help you with this. If you like, you can start trying our e-commerce packages right away by placing a free trial request. You can contact us at 0216326 04 77 (PBX) For all your questions about e-commerce and what you want to learn.

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