Saudi Arabia squad against Mexico in the 2022 World Cup

Saudi Arabia squad against Mexico in the 2022 World Cup

On Wednesday, November 30, the Saudi national team will play its third match in the 2022 World Cup against the Mexican national team, after losing to the Polish national team 0-2, as the date of the Saudi Arabia match against Mexico will be at 10 pm Saudi time and 9 Cairo local time, and in this In the report, we will get to know the Saudi national team squad against Mexico in the 2022 World Cup.

The Saudi green is preparing to meet its counterpart in Group C, the Mexican national team, next Wednesday in the Qatar World Cup 2022, where it will conclude the group stage by facing its Mexican counterpart at Lusail Stadium, after the Saudi national team lost the last match with the Polish national team, as Saudi fans hope to achieve victories again after the defeat The atrocity that the Saudi green was exposed to.

The match began with the dominance of the Saudi team, where Al-Akhdar soon posed a great danger to the Polish team, but all attempts did not result in anything until the Polish team managed, in the 39th minute of the match, to score the first goal against the Saudi team by Piotr Zielinski, and this It was the first attempt on the goal of Mohammed Al Owais

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Soon, the opportunity returned to the Saudi national team by winning a penalty kick against the Polish goal, but unfortunately the opportunity was wasted and wasted after Yasser Al-Dossary shot it and the Polish goalkeeper Chesney tackled it, and the first half ended without any goals scored for the Saudi team.

And the Saudi green highlighted in the second half of the match a great valor, as he took possession of the match significantly, but luck was not on his side despite the many attempts to shoot the goals and the danger that he posed in the goal of the Polish team, but unfortunately a big mistake occurred from the player Abdullah Al-Maliki, as the Polish team was able to During which he shot a goal against the Saudi green in the 82nd minute of the match time through the player Robert Lewandowski, so that the reality of shooting a goal for the Saudi national team became a dream far from the sight of the team and its fans

Thus, the ranking of the teams in the group league became as follows: the Polish team ranked first with a score of four points, while the Argentine team was in second place with a score of 3 points. Kabir’s victory over Poland, after the wonderful and distinguished performance of Al-Akhdar after its victory over Argentina.

Where they recalled the past memories of the return of their team to the achievement achieved by the Saudi green in the World Cup America 1994 when the Saudi team was able to qualify for the round of 16 and restore the historical achievement achieved by the golden generation of the team in the World Cup America and remove the cover of the historical defeat that the team suffered throughout the years of playing in the World Cup tournaments Which was the most severe in the World Cup in France, when a clean quadruple shot was fired against Al-Akhdar Saudi Arabia, in addition to its loss in the 2002 World Cup, South Korea. Friendly, but ended with the Polish team’s victory over Saudi Arabia’s Al-Akhdar when he scored two goals against the Saudi goal, compared to a goal that Al-Akhdar fired into the Polish goal.

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Saudi Arabia squad against Mexico in the 2022 World Cup

The Saudi national team is now preparing to conclude the group stage by facing the Mexican national team. Questions and inquiries began about the squad for the Saudi national team, which will be set by French coach Hervé Renard, who put the final squad for Al-Akhdar’s participation in the World Cup finals, which included 26 players, including attackers Saleh Al-Shehri and captain Salman Al-Faraj, despite the sources. Which reported an injury to the vagina during a friendly match with Iceland, days before the start of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, and the squad list came as follows:

Position up front:

  • Saleh Al-Shehri (Al-Hilal)
  • Firas Al-Buraikan (Al-Fateh)
  • Haitham Asiri (Al-Ahly)
  • Nawaf Al-Abed (youth)

And in the center field:

  • Mohammed Kno
  • Abdul Rahman Al-Aboud (Al-Ittihad)
  • Sami Al-Naji.
  • Ali Al Hassan (Victory)
  • Salman Al-Faraj.
  • Salem Al-Dosari.
  • Nasser Al-Dosari.
  • Abdullah Atif.
  • Abdul Ilah Al-Maliki (Al-Hilal)
  • 1 Hattan Bahbari (youth)
  • Riyad Sharahili (Abha)

On the defensive line:

  • Sultan Alghanim.
  • Abdullah Al-Omari.
  • Abdullah Mado (Victory)
  • Mohammed Al-Breik.
  • Ali Al-Bulayhi.
  • Saud Abdel Hamid.
  • Hassan Timbukti (youth)


  • Nawaf Al-Aqidi (Victory)
  • Mohammed Al Owais (Al Hilal)
  • Muhammad Al-Yami (Al-Ahly)

What is the starting date for the match between the Saudi national team and the Mexican national team?

Al-Akhdar will face the Saudi Mexicans next Wednesday, November 30, at 10:00 pm Mecca and Qatar time, at 11:00 pm UAE time, and at 9 pm Egypt time, on the grounds of Lusail Stadium in Doha.

If you are a Saudi Al-Akhdar fan, do not forget to watch the match at the specified times.

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