Seasonal work in France 2023 and how to obtain a seasonal work contract in France

Seasonal work in France 2023 and how to obtain a seasonal work contract in France

If you are looking for Seasonal jobs in France And find out how Registration for seasonal work in France 2023 And to obtain a seasonal work contract in France, the “” website will provide you with all the steps to obtain a work contract in France.

Where many are looking through websites or the International Agency for Seasonal Work in France for a way to obtain an agricultural work contract in France or a seasonal work contract in order to travel to France to work and search for a better stable life, and therefore through this article you will know what are the steps that you have to apply On seasonal jobs in France 2023.

Seasonal work in France 2023 and how to obtain a seasonal work contract in France

Many young people are looking for an opportunity to immigrate to France and obtain a work contract, as there are many seasonal jobs in France that need to recruit many workers, whether from Europe or from outside, as seasonal work in France varies between fixed-time jobs or seasonal jobs that Its work is in the seasons such as summer or winter, where the period of seasonal work does not exceed 6 months, and there are many fields that the applicant can apply for, such as agriculture and the tourism sector, but the age of the applicant for the visa must be at least 18 years old, and in this article today we will talk about how Get a seasonal job in France 2023.

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Seasonal businesses in France 2023

Jobs vary, as we mentioned earlier, according to the working season, and not only the jobs that differ, but the time specified for the employment contract also varies, as the duration of jobs in the agricultural sector can last for a long period, and in the tourism sector, the time is limited to several weeks, for example, it is possible to work in the following seasons with the following works:

  1. Seasonal work in the winter season: If you want to get a work contract in the winter season, you only have ski resorts or commercial activities whose activities are related to Christmas celebrations.
  2. Seasonal work in the spring: It is possible to work in the spring in the agricultural sector.
  3. Seasonal work in the summer: There are many works related to seasonal tourism in the summer, such as working in hotels, on the beach, or in restaurants and swimming pools.

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What are the conditions for seasonal work in France 2023?

In order to obtain a job in France, the applicant must know some details about the working conditions there:

  1. A seasonal work permit must be submitted if the applicant has a seasonal work contract that lasts for more than three months.
  2. It is not permitted to work in a seasonal job for more than six months within a 12-month period.
  3. If the applicant undertakes not to work for more than six months, it is very likely that he will obtain many seasonal work contracts.
  4. You will definitely need a long-stay visa.

What are the seasonal work procedures in France 2023?

1. Work permit

In order to obtain a permit to work in France, the employer must apply to the person in charge of workers who come from outside France, in order for the applicant to obtain the permit.

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2. Visa and residence in France

The applicant is required to submit a short-stay visa in order to obtain a special visa. A temporary permit document must be submitted for the place of residence, and a fee of 19 euros must be paid.

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How long is the validity of the work permit in France?

An applicant for seasonal jobs is allowed to reside for a period of three years, i.e. the duration of the work permit. As for seasonal work, it is allowed to work only for a period of at most six months, within a period of 12 months, as whenever the work contract is resumed, the applicant must apply in order to obtain a new work contract.

How to search for a seasonal work contract in France 2023

If you are thinking of immigrating to France and searching for a seasonal work contract, you can search for the work contract on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where those who wish to immigrate can use friends in France to help you find work or through websites that are used to search for work in France , or you can use job search sites in France.

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Sites to search for a seasonal work contract in France 2022

If you do not find what you want on social networking sites, you can search for seasonal job opportunities for you on these websites that publish job opportunities in France, and the most prominent of these sites are:


This site provides job opportunities for workers who work in collecting vegetables and fruits in France and the United Kingdom as well, as it is possible for the researcher to find a job opportunity on the site and book it, and many Moroccans and Algerians use it to search for work in France 2023.

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It is one of the best websites that those wishing to travel to France and get a job resort to, as the site provides a lot of information about the public about how to obtain a work contract in Europe, in addition to information about obtaining a seasonal work contract in France.

Seasonal work in the agricultural sector in France 2022

Working in the agricultural sector is one of the most existing jobs in France, as it is known that working in harvesting or harvesting does not require any practical experience or scientific certificates, but rather requires a strong body capable of working actively, and the French farmer is looking for foreign workers who work seasonally in order to employ them and the ability To be trusted to work in various agricultural tasks.

How much is the salary of agricultural workers in France 2022?

The farmer who works permanently in France receives more wages than the farmer who works with a seasonal work contract in France, where the farmer’s salary in France ranges at about $13,000 per year. If you want more information about farmers’ salaries, you can search more and in detail about the salaries with their detailed names.

In conclusion, we have come to the end of our article, where we have provided you with the most important information about obtaining a seasonal work contract in France 2023, as well as an explanation about the procedures and conditions for obtaining a work contract with the provision of some initial salaries for work in the agricultural sector.

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