Seasonal work in Spain 2023 and obtaining seasonal work contracts

Seasonal work in Spain 2023 and obtaining seasonal work contracts

The topic of our article today will be about “Seasonal work in Spain 2023and method Obtaining a seasonal work contract in SpainAs seasonal work in Spain is an opportunity for men and women, and today, God willing, we will learn how to search for seasonal work contracts in Spain 2023, what are the conditions for seasonal work in Spain, and other matters related to seasonal work in Spain.

Seasonal work in Spain 2023 and obtaining seasonal work contracts

Seasonal work in Spain 2023

Many people pay great attention to know how to obtain seasonal work in Spain in 2023, if it is for immigrants or residents in Spain, and the quality of seasonal work in Spain has many associated factors, including:

Hourly wages in Spain, their number and nature, just as the agricultural and tourism sectors are the most seasonal contracts in Spain for the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and Spain sets clear conditions for those wishing to work seasonally, such as determining the appropriate age, competence, activity, and health problems for those wishing to obtain a seasonal contract in Spain.

In general, Spain does not impose complex restrictions on seasonal work, and at the same time it needs seasonal workers during work and in various fields such as working in agriculture, farms, or other fields. This indicates that seasonal work in Spain is a win-win deal for both parties, as it has good and excellent financial income.

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Through our article today, we will talk about everything that is useful regarding seasonal work in Spain, as well as we will talk about work contracts in Spain and how to obtain them, so you can follow up with us.

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Profile of Spain

Spain is a member of the European Union, and it is located in the southwest and the farthest part of Europe. Spain is also a developed country, and it ranks ninth in terms of economy in the world, according to its domestic product and high standard of living. The Spanish economy is also various manufacturing, financial services, medical drugs, textile business, apparel, shoe industry, chemicals and thriving arena.

The economy in Spain gets 68.2 degrees of freedom, and this made its economy rank 41 in freedom in the 2023 index, and Spain ranks number 26, competing with 45 European countries.

Seasonal wages in Spain

Work contracts in Spain are distinguished by their good salaries earned by the worker, where the worker receives 10,000 euros as a minimum and 137,000 euros as a maximum. The hourly wage in Spain for the year 2023 was set at 16 euros. Certainly, the wage varies according to the type of work, city, experience and level, but in total 50% of Workers earn more than 32,000 euros annually, and these wages are subject to financial taxes that are deducted from the wages, in addition to that you will be given incentives and bonuses to encourage you to work.

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Seasonal work in Spain and obtaining seasonal work contracts

The need for workers in Spain has become an urgent need, due to the increase in the goods required in Spain, which leads to a large demand from workers and in various fields. As a result, the country, like other countries, was exposed to the spread of the Corona epidemic, which lost many people and stopped work. It opened the door of acceptance for workers who wish to come to it And working in it within seasonal contracts, which gave them many advantages and facilities to attract them.

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Also, Spain does not set any conditions or restrictions for its seasonal work contracts, so it is possible for anyone to apply for seasonal work without complications, as its seasonal contracts are characterized by the following:

  • It is constantly required throughout the year, and therefore it is available to secure suitable work for you and at any time you wish in Spain.
  • Good return and profits.
  • There are no conditions, restrictions, or any difficulty, especially for those working in agriculture.

Requirements for obtaining a seasonal work contract in Spain

You must obtain a work visa in order to obtain a contract for seasonal work, and this requires you to:

  1. You must possess a valid passport.
  2. You must have two personal photos of yourself with a white background.
  3. To obtain a summary of a criminal record that does not contain any criminal penalties or misdemeanours.
  4. A health declaration proving that you are free from communicable and contagious diseases, especially Corona.
  5. The basic copy of the employment contract must be submitted from a Spanish company or from an employer in Spain.
  6. All documents must be submitted in Spanish, provided that they are translated by the translators at the Spanish Embassy.
  7. You must pay all the required fees of 60 euros to obtain a Spanish citizenship visa, and you must also pay a residence fee in Spain of 11 euros
  8. And then you sign a written undertaking to leave Spain at the end of the contract stipulated as a seasonal work contract.

Conditions for obtaining a seasonal work contract in Spain

In order to obtain a seasonal contract in Spain, there are conditions that must be met, namely:

  • Being fluent in the Spanish language is a prerequisite for the majority of job opportunities in Spain, which is the basis for acceptance of any job, while companies of a multinational nature accept proficiency in the English language.
  • You must possess excellent experience and skills, especially in the field of agriculture, since the majority of students require proficiency in the Spanish language.
  • You must adapt to markets and salaries, because wages are often high, which forces you to work in any field to earn money, and with the passage of time you will gain experience that allows you to obtain a good work contract with a good salary.
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Seasonal work sites in Spain to obtain seasonal work contracts

It is possible for you to browse the Internet to secure an employment contract before you travel to Spain, as there are many employers and companies that offer the workers they need on the Internet.

You can also take advantage of the site infojobs To obtain a contract of employment in Spain.

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And at the end of the article

We got acquainted with seasonal contracts in Spain and how to obtain them. They are also available throughout the year and do not require any restrictions or difficulties to be accepted. It is also an excellent opportunity for all workers of both sexes to earn income and new experiences. Goodbye.

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