SEO Dictionary – Definitions

SEO Dictionary – Definitions

I will explain the meanings of some important SEO terms:

Web Page

A web page is an individual page on the Internet. The web page that appears for the first time when you go to a website is the start page (often the home page). Other pages of the site are referred to as subpages. And the sum of these pages is called the website, which consists of several web pages.


The keyword can be a single word or a group of words, for example “roses” or “types of red roses”. Each of them is called a keyword, although there are many words in it.

Search term

The search word can be a single keyword or a group of words, for example “dentist” or “dentist in Riyadh”. Each of them is considered a search word, even if there are many words in it.

Search Engine

It is a digital portal with a simple interface that allows any user to search on the Internet for anything via writing, sound or image, and among the most famous search engines are “the American search engine Google, the Bing search engine, and the Russian search engine Yandex. The goal of website owners is always to get a high ranking in The search results of these engines increase the value of their sites and their profits.

Search Results Page (SERP)

Are the results that appear on the search engine page when performing any search, and it is an abbreviation for Search Engine Results PageThe search engine results page allows displaying the “title of the page, its link, and a brief description about it” so that the user can easily choose between the pages that appear first in the search engine results.

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Search results can be divided into two types:

  • natural search results Here you will see all the websites in the search engine index related to the search word. The search engine’s internal evaluation algorithm determines what position a website will receive in search results. It is not possible to pay to move a website to a place higher in natural search results. In addition, natural search results often return entries from Google Places, or photos or videos related to the search term. These entries usually appear at the top of search results.
  • sponsored search results Here you will see the websites that have placed ads with the search engine. Sponsored search results are determined by factors such as click price, click rates, and keyword competition.

Organic Traffic

They are visits that come to the website by clicking on the natural organic search results on the search engine results page without the need to run funded campaigns to get visits, and these are called natural or organic visits.

Search spiders (Crawlers)

When a search spider visits a website, it reads the entire content of the site (ie text) and stores it in its data store. It also stores all external and internal links to the site. The search spider will frequently visit the stored links at a later time, which is how it travels from one website to another. Through this process, the search spider captures and indexes every website that has links to at least one other website.

Broken Links

Causes of broken links include programming errors, websites that are temporarily unavailable, or if the address of the website to which the link is connected has been changed. Broken links reduce the quality of the website and make the search spider’s job more difficult. For these reasons, a website with defective links will appear at the bottom of the search results page.

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  • Visitors see an easy-to-use and visually appealing site that may contain, for example, little text and lots of graphic or multimedia elements.
  • Search engines are limited in their ability to recognize graphic and multimedia elements, which is why they are presented with a different website (with the same URL).

Notably, this site contains text optimized for search engines. Anonymity is a violation of search engine guidelines. If the search engine learns about the anonymity, it will penalize the site by permanently removing it from the search engine index. The website will no longer appear in search results.

Tip note: If a website is created differently for computers and mobile devices, this is not considered anonymity. Search engines will allow websites that have a different mobile version.

Alt Attribute Description

This description appears if, for some reason, the image cannot be displayed. The ability of search engines to recognize the contents of images is still limited and that is why they rely on the alternate description in order to determine what the image contains. The alt attribute can affect the content that search engines consider a website to be relevant to. Ideally, the alternate descriptions should also contain the search terms for which the website was optimized.

Duplicated Content

Repeating the same content in several places on the Internet. Search engines aim to give the user the best search results for a particular search word and consider it unhelpful when the exact same content appears in several places. For this reason, search engines check for duplicate content and give less attention to websites that contain duplicate information.

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