Shipping rates per kilo in DHL in Turkey

Shipping rates per kilo in DHL in Turkey

Shipping price per kilo in DHL in Turkey. There is no doubt when dealing with shipping companies that you know the shipping rates, and for this reason we decided in this article to get acquainted with DHL shipping rates Specifically DHL shipping price per kilo in Turkey.

Where DHL is considered one of the fastest and best postal shipping companies inside and outside Turkey, and it is an official company supported by the government, and it has more than 55 branches in Turkey, but the most important question is how much does it cost to ship a kilo in DHL, specifically how much is the price of shipping a kilo in dhl from Turkey to any country In the world, whether to Saudi Arabia, Syria, Germany, Egypt, America, Iraq, or to any other country, and you ask how do I know the price of shipping in DHL? This article will definitely help you.

Shipping rates per kilo in DHL in Turkey

Many customers wishing to ship their goods inquire about the prices of shipping companies, as prices vary between shipping companies in terms of time and quality of transportation in addition to costs.

One of the most prominent companies that was discussed was the DHL shipping company, which is one of the best shipping companies in the world, which is spread in 200 countries distributed all over the world.

There are 55 DHL branches in Turkey alone, where the company works to meet the needs of customers quickly, and all this is thanks to the sea and air fleet that the mentioned company owns, but the question is still confusing to some customers about the costs of shipping goods in DHL, as prices vary according to offers and customers Also.

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In order to answer all inquiries, today in our article we will discuss knowing the shipping rates per kilo with DHL in Turkey.

What is DHL?

In the beginning, we will present the most important information and details about DHL, in fact, it is one of the most important leading companies in freight operations in the world, as the company’s opening dates back to 1969, when the company’s founders worked in search of a unique way to deliver packages before the ships arrived at the ports.

The idea succeeded and gained great popularity, and they later expanded their business to reach China, Japan, the Middle East and Africa within a short period of no more than six years until the company covered most parts of the world and was able to outpace other high freight companies and enter fiercely competitive markets.

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How much is the price of shipping per kilo with DHL in Turkey?

To take into account, you should know that there is no fixed price for shipping per kilo with DHL in Turkey or from any other country, as there are many factors that you must know before calculating the shipping price with DHL, and the factors are classified as follows:

  • The country’s address takes the largest share, as if the country is far from the place of shipment, the price will certainly be higher than that of nearby countries.
  • The size factor is taken into account, as the company depends on the comparison between the actual color and the volumetric weight, where the volumetric weight is calculated by multiplying the length times the width times the height, and then the company chooses the largest weight.
  • Determining the day and time of arrival of the item plays an important role in determining the price.
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Although the prices are different and it is difficult to compare them without taking into account the previous factors, the company has provided a DHL shipping cost calculator, which the customer can use to estimate the approximate word for shipping costs, what are the customs duties that apply to the shipped item, and how much are the taxes involved, and we will provide Approximate prices for countries that have shipping relations with Turkey:

  • Germany: The price of shipping per kilo in DHL from Turkey to Germany is 20.88 euros.
  • United States: Shipping price per kilo: 18.5 euros.
  • Russia: The shipping price per kilo is 21.12 euros.
  • Netherlands: The shipping price reaches 20.88.

What are the services provided by the DHL freight company in Turkey?

The services of the DHL shipping company in Turkey vary, as it provides many services to customers, such as sending parcels, documents, and important papers from Turkey and to all parts of the world. At the top left of the page, then you must enter the shipment number, and the site will show all information about the shipment, from which the customer can know the location of the shipment and what time it will arrive.

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What are the working hours of the DHL shipping company in Turkey?

The days that DHL knows are specific in Turkey, as they start from Monday to Saturday, starting from 9 am to 6 pm, but work on Saturday is from 9 am to 12 noon, and the company breaks down on Sunday.

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What are the DHL shipping company numbers in Turkey?

As we mentioned earlier, the company has 55 branches covering almost all of Turkey. Customers can contact the company through the following unified number for the company: 444040.

How long does DHL international shipping take?

In fact, it is not possible to set a specific date for the arrival of the shipment due to the presence of some factors that must be taken into account, such as the weather or customs delay, and the delivery address also plays a role if it is in the city or a remote area, but as a general rule, the delivery process does not take place before the passage of 4 or 6 days after the shipment arrives at the DHL address.

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What are the DHL shipping terms?

Shipping conditions vary in DHL, as there are many conditions imposed by the company in order to ensure proper workflow, and the company rejects all of the following:

  • Rare coins.
  • Weapons, guns and other dangerous items.
  • Trees and plants.
  • Platinum and silver jewelry.
  • Regular and electronic cigarettes.
  • Unlicensed drugs.
  • batteries.
  • alcoholic beverages.
  • perfumes.
  • makeup.
  • Flammable liquids and solids.
  • All kinds of meat, fish and cheese.

In conclusion, we have come to the end of our article for today, after we gave you the most important information about DHL in Turkey, and what are the approximate prices for shipping costs, and DHL, how much is the price per kilo? In addition to the conditions imposed by the company.

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