Small business success story – our business

Small business success story – our business

Success story of a small project, success is one of the most feelings that transcend a person and ascend him to soar high in the sky with the stars. In the sky his name and success shine to see the fruit of his labor after enduring difficulties and trampling on thorns and doing everything he can to reach what he has reached. In this context, we discuss the success story of a small project.

Success stories of Saudi small projects

Any success story when we listen to it seems to us to be laid on a paved road, but the truth is that every success one achieves suffers with many pains and calamities until he proves his presence in this context. We discuss the success stories of Saudi small projects:

first story

  • The young man was called Ahmad Musa al-Shihri from the village of Al Hudayla, and no one knew him or knew anything about him.
  • He lives in an area far from the crowded residential areas, just a small village that lacks many of the ingredients.
  • Every day he travels from one area to another in order to work and get a little pay to help his family and parents.
  • But he was able to achieve great success when he benefited from the reward that he had obtained in his work and decided to invest it in something useful so that he could help his family.
  • He says I had the idea of ​​a small project in my head, but I did not have the money, and when I got it, I did not hesitate for a moment to implement it.
  • I thought well and did a deep study so that I could open a small workshop to change car oils, change tires, and provide a car wash service manually.
  • Those around me were afraid of my failure and losing money, but that only motivated me so that I could succeed in what I was doing.
  • Despite all the obstacles that were around me and the harassment from the owners of other workshops, I managed to stand firm and prove myself and my presence in front of everyone.
  • Indeed, I have succeeded in that, and everyone is talking about my success and my project, which has become a whispering source of income for me.
  • Therefore, I invite every young man to persevere and work hard and diligently until achieving success and reaching what he aspires to in his life.
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Successful Entrepreneur Stories

Wherever there is a woman, there is success. Women are able to prove themselves in all the fields they encounter. Whatever difficulties they face, they become, thanks to their patience, catalysts for success. In this context, we discuss the stories of successful projects of successful businesswomen:

first story

  • The owner of the story, Maha Ahmed, has an artistic and aesthetic sense.
  • She also carried between her beautiful fingers the hobby of cake making, applying her love for drawing and artwork in the decorating process.
  • She holds a master’s degree and has her own business, but that did not stop her from thinking about starting a project of her own.
  • Indeed, she started making cakes and started selling her product to her relatives, colleagues and those around her.
  • Its events become bigger and the demands of its customers are increasing day by day.
  • Today, she is a successful businesswoman who used her talent to establish herself in the business world.

second story

  • Sahar Hani, a miserable Iranian woman in England.
  • Because she loved coffee and frequented cafes to enjoy its wonderful taste, she thought of doing her own project, which she called the Kingdom of Coffee.
  • She presented her project to a funder and agreed to finance it for her in the amount of 75,000 pounds.
  • And I started building the café, which proved successful and widely accepted by people.
  • Today, Sahar is a famous businesswoman who owns her own shares in the stock exchange.
  • Today, her fortune is 805 million pounds.
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A small project turned into a big one

Some of the ideas that we do in our lives are seen by some as small and of no value, which makes the owner of the idea despair and leave it because of the frustrating words around him, but every work needs to persevere in order to succeed in this context. We deal with a small project that turned into a big one:

The first project

  • There was a young man named Yankee Cadell who very much liked to practice coloring with crayons.
  • He wanted to present a gift to his mother, so she thought of the idea of ​​melting wax colors and turning them into a candle with a fragrant scent.
  • Indeed, he managed to make one, and his neighbor saw it and persuaded him to take it from him for two dollars.
  • He then expanded the matter and asked for help from his school friends.
  • Indeed, they helped him in the capital and began to manufacture candles with a beautiful smell.
  • In 1998 his company was sold for half a billion dollars and it still exists today and reaps many profits.

The second project

  • A young man named John decided to help his father with a pizza shop that was on the verge of closing due to his bankruptcy.
  • Indeed, he sold his car and bought equipment for cooking pizza.
  • He took advantage of the presence of the room where the old pizza equipment was located and allocated it to the manufacture of pizza.
  • Indeed, the pizza he prepared was delicious and everyone liked it, and the sales poured out on him afterwards.
  • Then, a year later, he moved to a new place dedicated solely to making pizza.
  • Today, the restaurant has more than 4,600 branches, and its profits exceed $1.5 billion.

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Projects starting from scratch

It is not necessary that projects at their inception contain a large capital. It is possible to start from scratch and with a little effort, good study and self-belief can achieve a lot in this context. We deal with projects that started from scratch:

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Summer Moon Fish Factory

  • Factory owner Hani Noureddine says I was on a trip to Cyprus and we were there my friends invited me to lunch.
  • The session was about fish, but I noticed that they serve appetizers of salted or smoked fish and it was very tasty and everyone liked it.
  • The idea occurred to me to learn how to prepare these appetizers.
  • Indeed, I began searching on the Internet and many references until I got to know its components.
  • I decided to apply it in my country.
  • As expected, it was admired by many and became very popular.
  • Today, Summer Moon Factory has become one of the financiers of salted and smoked fish for the Gulf countries, Greece, France and Canada.

Success and struggle stories

Achieving any success will never be easy for one, as each individual must work with great activity and effort in order to be able to achieve everything he aspires to, no matter how risky his path is. In this context, we address success and struggle stories:

Hessa Al-Abdullah’s success story

  • Hessa is a girl from a middle class Saudi family.
  • Her father passed away, and she could neither read nor write, but her father left her two houses, both of which she rented.
  • Over time, I started saving the rental amount and so on until I was able to buy the third house.
  • Hessa remained in this state and the houses she owned began to increase, which was helped by the high real estate prices in Saudi Arabia.
  • Now Hessa owns the largest real estate company in Saudi Arabia and has many properties registered in its name.
  • The success story of a small project, and its investments amounted to millions, and that was nothing but the product of constant patience and struggle.

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Finally, we have presented in this article everything related to the success story of a small business, as well as the success stories of Saudi projects and the success of projects that started from scratch, in addition to successful projects of successful businesswomen.

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