snapchat advertising companies

snapchat advertising companies

You need to advertise on Snapchat as brands and content creators use Snapchat ads to market stories that attract many people around the world.
With 166 million daily active users, more than 50% of whom are 25 years or older, Snapchat provides one of the best ways to reach individuals between the ages of 13 and 34 through their mobile devices. Snapchat ads and what these companies can offer to help you reach the largest possible segment of potential customers.
In this article, we will learn about the role that these companies play and how they work in the field of Snapchat ads:

The importance of snapchat advertising companies

  1. Increase sales of your products: Snapchat ad companies make it easy for people to find and share information about your products.
  2. Searching for new clients: Snapchat ad companies help you find new customers and deepen relationships with potential customers who will choose to get and buy your products.
  3. Marketing a new product: Advertising companies work to generate excitement and maintain momentum around a new product or services and present it to the public in an effective manner.
  4. Finding potential clients: These companies help you find the perfect potential customers and give them persuasive offers or information about your products.
  5. Marketing for mobile apps: Snapchat advertising companies seek to make your application reach the right people and market your application in a creative and attractive way.
  6. Marketing your videos: Advertising companies aim to make sure your videos or commercials are seen by your target audience.
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Why you should care about advertising on Snapchat

Although there are many reasons to advertise on Snapchat, the most important is that people spend 25-30 minutes each day on this app, so Snapchat has two times higher visual interest than competing social media sites, it actually has five times the rate of scrolling The rapid gained it from the availability of many advantages over competitors, including:

Snapchat has a huge audience

The user base of Snapchat is made up of people between the ages of 13 and 34, although Snapchat users are mostly younger generation, it also has users with more purchasing power.
People aged 25 or older are currently more than 50% of new Snapchat users per day.

Snapchat has more creative space

Allow Snapchat For brands to tell their stories creatively, it doesn’t matter if those stories are for consumers or professionals, all stories have an audience.
On Snapchat you can see new product releases, press releases, exclusive coupons, behind-the-scenes content, introductions of new team members, and many other events from companies. Snapchat allows and encourages brands to be honest and creative which makes them stand out from other platforms.

Snapchat creates real relationships with the audience

No matter what your business does to generate revenue, there are several ways you can use Snapchat to create unique content for your niche audience.
For example, if you own a restaurant, go behind the scenes and give secrets and ideas about recipes, and if you’re an artist who brings your fans backstage life, Snapchat is the perfect opportunity to form a real relationship with your customer.

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What kind of ad targeting does Snapchat offer you?

Like Facebook, Snapchat allows you to target users based on their interests, demographics, locations, user devices, and custom audiences, done in an innovative and simple way.

  • interests : Snapchat has more than 60 interest categories including motherhood, political news, music festivals and many more based on users’ activities on the app.
  • Demographics : Snapchat offers basic and advanced demographic targeting options, including name, age, language, household income, and education.
  • Location : You can target by country, state, region, or specific market area.
  • The operating system : You can target by device, operating system, carrier, and cellular connection, such as wi-fi or 3G.
  • Snap Audience Match (SAM) : You can target customers from your customer list (accepted data are email addresses and mobile identifiers), an audience similar to yours, and an engagement audience (audience that interacts with your filters and content).

Snapchat gets information about its users from two sources: The first source comes from online information that Snapchat users provide, this includes information they provide when they sign up and information Snapchat collects about their activities (what they watch and where they take snapshots).
The second source comes from third-party data providers, such as Oracle And the comScore And the PlaceIQ who track offline activities.

What kind of metrics does Snapchat provide about the effectiveness of ads?

With the help of third-party measurement companies, Snapchat offers five ways you can measure the effectiveness of your ads.

  1. Display possibility: Using first-party data and third-party reports, Snapchat provides measurements of the number of users who have viewed your ad.
  2. Reach: Information from first-party data and third-party reports will show you how many users your ad has reached, and additionally the reports will share information about the age and gender of those users, among many other things.
  3. Polls: Using in-app surveys and data from partners, Snapchat can provide information about people’s thoughts and feelings about your brand.
  4. reaction: Snapchat can tell you how much your Snapchat ad is driving offline in-store purchases.
  5. Verification: Snapchat and its third-party partners can give you information about how often your ads are shown
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Where do Snapchat ads appear?

Snapchat ads appear in Stories, Shows, and User Stories, so if you decide to advertise using Sponsored Filters or Lenses, the Filters and Lenses will appear in the Filters list.

Snapchat ads can perform up to nine times better than letterbox mobile ads.

Who is the Snapchat audience?

Snapchat has 166 million daily active users who spend between 25-30 minutes taking pictures and watching snapshots, and these users take snapshots and watch them at 81% at home, in restaurants at 80%, at concerts at 70%, in gyms 50% and at airports 49%, and while Snapchat is an app mostly used by the younger generation, more than 50% of new users are 25 or older.

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