Sound pistols and their prices in Saudi Arabia 2023 – Our trade

Sound pistols and their prices in Saudi Arabia 2023 – Our trade

sound pistols and their prices in Saudi Arabia, Possession of weapons has become very important, whether for individuals or states, in order to preserve national security and preserve natural and industrial resources from sabotage operations for multiple reasons. For imprisonment of up to 18 months and a fine of 6000 riyals, and in this article we talk about stun guns and their prices in Saudi Arabia.

The best types of sound pistols in Saudi Arabia

The sound pistol is a tool used to produce a sound as a sign to start a race, as well as a tool to intimidate and protect, knowing that the sound pistol differs from the traditional pistol in that the barrel of the pistol is blocked and therefore does not allow a projectile to exit. We mention the following as the best types of sound pistols in Saudi Arabia:

Beretta 92FS pistol

  • This is one of the most widely known types of pistols in the world.
  • And use in the presentation of many films, as well as in the standard service of the United States Army, and the Marine Corps since 1985 AD.
  • Its main feature is the presence of a safety lever and anchoring on the slide, with the ability to move the lever down to activate the safety.
  • It is also framed from aluminum, which contributes to its heavier weight and thus reduces recoil.
    Sound pistols and their prices in Saudi Arabia

CZ PIOC pistol

  • This gun has a polymer frame and is further reinforced with fiberglass.
  • It also features three interchangeable backstraps, and the trigger design was chosen to prevent the firearm from discharging if not fully depressed.
  • Another notable feature is the presence of a firing pin block, with the trigger having a very short reset.
    Sound pistols and their prices in Saudi Arabia

GLOCK 17 pistol

  • The most sold types of pistols globally, especially in the United States of America.
  • Its small size makes it easy to carry discreetly, and it has interchangeable backpack straps.
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    Sound pistols and their prices in Saudi Arabia

Heckler & Koch USP pistol

  • The series was released in 1994 AD, and it is unique.
  • One of its advantages is that it is large and compact and holds 15 rounds of ammunition.

Sig Sauer P226 Pistol

  • It is characterized by accuracy and high quality.
  • This type is also characterized by its heavy weight, which helps to reduce recoil.

MS Smith & Wesson M&P9

  • Launched in 2012, this series is a carry gun.
  • Its design is very similar to Glock pistols.
  • Its standard capacity is 17 full-size rounds.
  • In addition to the existence of the compact model of it 2.0, which holds only 15 rounds.

Taurus G2C pistol

  • It is a double stack, compact and fired pistol that has earned a reputation in many countries for its quality and reliability.
  • It has a double recovery ability that enables its carrier to fire bullets in succession simply.
  • It has been fitted with an internal lock and key to lock the gun.

Browning Hi Power pistol

  • It is distinguished by its classic design, as well as it is light and smooth.
  • It is also framed with a steel frame which makes it thinner overall, comfortable in the hand and therefore very comfortable.

Springfield XD 9mm Pistol

  • It is considered one of the best in 9mm and comes in a variety of sizes and shapes.
  • It’s easy to shoot, and its low-weight slide allows it to rotate faster with less felt recoil than a lighter reciprocating slide.
  • It is the best choice in the case of self-defense and home defense.
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Ritaye 2023 sound gun price

The Retay sound pistol is considered one of the most famous pistols ever, and many are keen to own it, especially its modern version, the RETAY G17 model, noting that its price in Egypt amounted to 4 thousand pounds, and the revolver has many specifications that qualify it among all types of sound pistols, and we mention the following specifications Raitai’s voice:

  • Retay sound guns are mostly manufactured with fiber and iron metal in Turkish companies.
  • The Ritaye 2022 sound gun is also available in black in the Egyptian market.
  • The safe also contains 16 rounds of 9mm caliber.
  • And he shall have a 100% approved legal invoice to prevent legal liability.
  • It causes a lot of noise, as well as may result in terrorizing the citizens.

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What are the prices of handguns in Saudi Arabia?

The prices of the series vary according to the quality, so the price of the “HS” pistol is estimated at about $2,400, while the “Breta” pistol is $3,500, and the “CZ” is $2,400, and the price of a bullet box that contains fifty bullets and Turkish-made and originated is 60,000 dinars. That is, about 40 dollars, while the American one is 120,000 dinars, or about 80 dollars, and the Croatian is 90,000, or 60 dollars. As for Kalashnikov bullets, the price of one ranges from 400 to 600 dinars, 27-40 cents.

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Use stun guns

Legally, the law did not prohibit the carrying of such weapons, and perhaps the reason for that is that they are non-lethal in nature, and therefore it does not require a license, just as the bearer is not subject to legal accountability. Perhaps the most prominent The uses of the stun gun express the start of a jogging or swimming race, as well as it can be used in intimidation or quarrels, as well as beating, burglary, and swindling.

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Procedures for obtaining a Ritaye sound gun

Although injury and harm did not occur from the Retai sound gun, it can be changed and modified to become lethal. Perhaps the non-criminalization of sound weapons is one of the reasons why they are widely circulated and turned into a lethal tool. As for the procedures for obtaining a Retai sound gun, we explain them as follows:

  • An individual who wishes to obtain a stun gun must state the main reason for his possession, and in the event of a desire to own a stun gun, go to the security authority and obtain approval to carry a stun gun.
  • An individual can also obtain a permit to obtain a stun gun through the police station to purchase a stun gun.
  • The person wishing to purchase a sound gun must be from one of the approved stores that sell Retai sound guns, and a registered number must be present on the gun.
  • The original purchase invoice must be kept sealed and the commercial registration number written on it, as well as the tax card.
  • Moreover, the person must go to the department to register the weapon, its number, and possession of the stun gun.
  • He must obtain his license and weapon within a short period of time.

The most expensive pistols in the world

There are many different types of pistols, whether in the manufacturing process or the availability of unique characteristics and specifications, and many of them carry historical value, especially the use of them in the famous global battles, as well as in the implementation of crimes that changed the fate of the world, and therefore we mention the most expensive pistols in the world:

  • Where, the gun that killed Lincoln with
  • Pistol of President George Washington
  • Like, Simon Bolivar’s revolver
  • Colt revolver
  • Also, the Colt Patterson revolver
  • Colt Walk revolver
  • The gun that killed Jesse James
  • Also, Wyatt Earp’s gun
  • Hitler’s gun
Sound pistols and their prices in Saudi Arabia. Possession of a sound or lethal pistol requires a license and registration in the police office, especially after the sound pistols have been turned into a lethal tool in many Arab countries.

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