Specifications and price of Toyota Yaris 2022 in Saudi Arabia

Specifications and price of Toyota Yaris 2022 in Saudi Arabia

The topic of our article today, in which we will learn about the Toyota Yaris 2022, where we will learn about “Specifications and price of the 2022 Toyota Yaris in Saudi ArabiaWhere the economic sedan Toyota Yaris 2022 has an elegant design that is popular with many sedan lovers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is very popular in the Saudi car market and even in the Gulf countries in the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain, as the Toyota Yaris 2022 has a very high dynamic design.

So, what are the specifications of the Yaris 2022, full, and how much is the Toyota Yaris 2022 price in Saudi Arabia? Whether from Abdul Latif Jameel or from Haraj, so follow us to learn more about this topic.

Specifications and price of the 2022 Toyota Yaris in Saudi Arabia

Toyota Yaris is one of the most famous Japanese industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its exclusive agent is Abdul Latif Jameel Motors Company. What distinguishes Toyota Yaris 2022 is its attractive, modern and youthful look. It also contains a beautiful cabin with many technologies inside to make the trip easy and smooth. Our article today is about the most important specifications of the Toyota Yaris 2022 We will also provide you with the necessary data about its exclusive agent.

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Toyota Motor

Before we talk about the Yaris car, we will get to know its Japanese manufacturer, Toyota, which today has become the 12th largest in the world according to revenues and has about 330,000 employees and more from all over the world, as Toyota produced 200 million cars during 2012 and it has become in One of the first manufacturers, as it produced more than ten million cars in one year, and it is considered one of the international companies in the automotive industry.

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Toyota is also making an effort to produce cars of various types, whether small or large.

Kiichiro Toyoda, the founder of Toyota, where Toyota has developed into one of the largest international companies and produced its first car, Toyota AA, in the year of its founding, and persevered in providing the finest products to all parts of the world.

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Yaris 2022

The Yaris 2022 is characterized by its modern and attractive exterior, and its headlights are integrated and match the front grille with several rear lamps, which gives it a wide shape to its rear part. The Yaris 2022 is also designed with upper front grille bars integrated with the shape of the main searchlights with the sides to give a wide appearance to the view of the vehicle.

The Yaris 2022 is also very graceful, as it has streamlined exterior lines to reduce air friction and save on fuel consumption, and its lower grille and column appearing at the bottom add to it a strong impression when the upper grille pours a focus on the Toyota brand and automatically merges with the hood and headlights from the front. The front and rear lights of the car are made of LED.

The length of the Yaris 2022 is 4425 mm, the width is 1730 mm, and the height is 1475 mm.

Yaris cabin 2022

It is designed from the inside in a modern model, which gives a wide space to her room, as it is characterized by various specifications and luxuries inside her room, such as an audio system, a touch screen, and movable seats. It is also available within the cabin. USB ports.

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And AUX audio ports, an anti-fog system for the rear crystal, and electric windows.

Yaris 2022 technologies

The Yaris 2022 contains a lot of safety equipment and means, such as the structure designed to absorb shocks and protect the front doors to protect passengers in the event of accidents.

Yaris specifications

The car has a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of one and a half liters and a capacity of 105 horsepower, and the torque of the car reaches 140 Newton per meter, a CVT transmission, and a manual gearbox is available with seven movements.

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The price of the Yaris 2022 car in Saudi Arabia

The car is available at its exclusive agent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Latif Jameel, with its different segments and prices, which are included in the VAT:

  • SEDAN Y FLT, priced at 570,242 riyals.
  • SEDAN Y CVT category, price is 580325 riyals.
  • SEDAN Y PLUS CVT, price 620952 riyals.

Ten years after the establishment of the company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1955, Abdul Latif Jameel Company obtained the exclusive Toyota agency and began providing sales and maintenance services to its customers. Showroom and available for you to request a test drive.

The company is also working to maintain its customers through after-sales services, as it provides maintenance and replacement parts in forty maintenance branches spread throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where we will mention the most important ones, which are:

  • Al-Jouf Toyota Abdul Latif Jameel Center is located in Al-Shifa area on King Saud Road in the northern region of Sakaka.
  • Yanbu Toyota Abdul Latif Jameel Center is located on Jeddah Road in the northern region of Yanbu.
  • Makkah Road Toyota Abdul Latif Jameel Center located in Madain Al-Fahd in the western region of Jeddah.
  • Hofuf Center No. 3 Toyota Abdul Latif Jameel, located on the northern Riyadh Road, Salmaniya, in the eastern region, Hofuf.
  • Dammam Center No. 1 Toyota Abdul Latif Jameel located on King Saud Street in Al Jalawiya – Eastern Province in Dammam.
  • Al-Khafji Toyota Abdul Latif Jameel Center located on Prince Sultan Road in the Eastern Province – Al-Khafji.
  • Tabuk Toyota Abdul Latif Jameel Center located on King Khalid Road in Old Aziziyah within the northern region.
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And here we have come, and you, to the end of our article for today, through which we provided information and all the specifications and prices of the Japanese car, Yaris 2022 AD, with the data of the exclusive agent and its branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We hope that you will like it.

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