Strategies to retain customers and attract new customers – our business

Strategies to retain customers and attract new customers – our business

Strategies to retain customers and attract new customers It is the golden rule in light of the strong competition prevailing in any field at the present time. The project is considered successful over its competitors based on its strong customer base, which is not limited to attracting new customers only, but also by maintaining them and gaining their loyalty. Yes, loyalty, because true success is measured by the value of customer satisfaction and loyalty, and not only by the number of customers, and this is because he will work as a reliable and free marketer for your services or products without feeling that out of loyalty to you. So what if you own a lot of them? It means that you have successful promotion for yourself without paying any high costs for audio, print or visual ads.

Given the importance of this topic to all project owners, and based on our endeavor to develop Arab trade, we have worked hard to provide the best customer retention strategies, and then the most accurate strategies for attracting new customers, as well as methods of attracting customers through social media platforms, with accurate examples to be more professional. In providing information so follow us.

Customer retention strategies

Customer retention strategies are varied to include:

  • Customer service strategy.
  • Customer Rewards Strategy.
  • Email communication strategy.
  • Customer communication strategy.
  • Credibility strategy with clients.
  • A strategy for forecasting customer needs.
  • Social events strategy.

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Customer Service Strategy

The most important customer retention strategy is the customer service strategy. And that is by gaining their trust by a distinguished customer service team that works to meet customer requests and respond to their inquiries and even complaints quickly, taking into account accuracy and transparency. It is worth noting that most companies have begun to develop customer service to be more professional through an application that smoothly organizes customer information, including calls, e-mails, invoices, notes, etc., which are available to the customer service employee to use before responding to the customer. In order to respond appropriately after seeing a complete picture of the client’s personality, which gives the client an impression of interest.

For example, a hotel has a database about every guest’s hobbies, notes, etc. When a customer calls to book again, he is asked if he’d like a wine drink in his room fridge as he requested last time.

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Customer Rewards Strategy

Rewarding customers with discounts is one of the most successful customer retention strategies. As a large number of customers choose stores that offer gifts on a continuous basis, or that offer a discount according to the degree of customer loyalty or according to the purchasing value of the customer. For example, a sportswear store offers a discount on the purchase invoice if it exceeds a certain limit for the customer. Also, in the case of service, a training center can offer a discount to customers who have registered for previous courses in the same center, or even a random selection of one of them can be given and the course is presented as a gift to him.

Customer retention strategies

Customer retention strategies

The electronic communication strategy is one of the strategies to maintain customers

In light of the current technological development, we find that most individuals spend a long time on social networking sites or prefer online purchases. Which makes this strategy one of the important customer retention strategies that require creating groups or pages on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. In addition to another electronic way to communicate is to create your own attractive website. Here it should be noted that the choice of method depends on the surrounding environment or place. For example, Facebook is the most used in Syria, while it is different in Saudi Arabia where Twitter is the dominant one.

Customer communication strategy

This strategy is also one of the strategies for retaining customers by showing them attention, their needs and their opinions very accurately. As well as demonstrating the possibilities that are constantly working on growth and change to keep pace with changes and developments in the market. This is done through communicating with customers by the work team and seeking their opinions at the time and manner that suits them, whether via e-mail, communication sites or phone number. Then work on making some necessary changes to prove the importance of their opinion and concern for their satisfaction. For example, a hotel sends a text message to the customer’s phone number after he leaves the hotel to thank him for his reservation at the hotel and ask him about the service and if he is satisfied.

On the other hand, you can follow up on the comments and respond to the positive and negative ones. Here, negative responses can be used to respond to them intelligently and calmly, or present them with a gift to prove the opposite and misunderstanding.

The credibility strategy is one of the strategies to keep customers

Customer retention strategies extend to a credibility strategy and this strategy is very sensitive. The main reason is to exaggerate the provision of the product or service, whether in terms of benefit or quality, to appear, later on, the opposite and the loss of credibility, and then the customers for sure. For example submitting a fake advertisement about a power tool as being the best undisputed. In fact, it does not have 30% of the mentioned benefits and is of low quality, contrary to what was mentioned in the advertisement. At first, a large number of customers are attracted, but soon discover the matter and their loss.

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Social Events Strategy

In the same context, but more fun, this strategy ranks among the list of customer retention strategies. This is through the pursuit of many stores or companies at the present time to hold some events or meetings that may be to present awards or the annual celebration of the establishment and many others, and then invite a large number of customers. For example, inviting a celebrity or influencer to an award ceremony for raffle winners.

Forecasting strategy for customer needs

Predicting the requirements and needs of customers is one of the successful customer retention strategies to outperform competitors, and gain customer loyalty in satisfying their future desires and satisfaction. This is done by seeking comprehensive knowledge of customers’ requirements by searching for the challenges they face, or by taking the role of the customer so that he can imagine what he might want or think. And then work on creating or presenting what he may find appropriate for that. For example, training courses on marketing strategies are common, but customer retention strategies are rare despite the sellers searching for them. Here, a training course can be provided that addresses all the needs of sellers in the environment in which they are located.

Strategies for Attracting New Clients

To complete our article on customer retention strategies, the strategies for attracting new customers can be said to be:

  • After sales strategy.
  • Simple style strategy.
  • Goal setting strategy.

The goal setting strategy is one of the strategies to attract new customers

One of the strategies for attracting new customers which is considered as a first step is to set goals by the service provider or store owner in a measurable and realistic way. This is done by conducting studies on their spending methods and the extent of their proximity to existing customers in order to identify the new target segment of customers that suit their services or products, and then focus on targeting them accurately.

Methods of attracting customers through social media platforms

Customer retention strategies

The simple method strategy is one of the strategies to attract new customers

Simplicity plays a big and real role in various life topics, and this is what made it one of the strategies to attract new customers. As the simplicity and clarity in providing services or products achieves a greater attraction for customers, especially that more than 70% of potential customers abandon some stores or shopping centers as a result of the presence of unknown or previously authorized financial fees. Also because of the request for unjustified long steps. Finally, a service or product is presented in a vague and complex manner that lacks fluidity or an element of pleasure.

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after sales strategy

After-sales services fall within the strategies of maintaining customers and attracting new customers, due to their great ability to create trust between them and customers to ensure the customer’s return and attract him to buy the service or product again. Since the existence of ways and means of communication between the seller and the buyer after the end of the sale process for the buyer to provide opinions and notes and the seller’s expression of his affection and care for the opinions presented is a very emotional thing for the customer that must be exploited. For example selling an electrical part to a customer and after a while sending an email. This is to ask him how well the product covers his needs, and whether the product matches what has been described.

Strategies to retain customers and attract new customers

Strategies to retain customers and attract new customers

Methods of attracting customers through social media platforms

After identifying each of the customer retention strategies and attracting new customers. We will explain to you the methods of attracting customers through social media platforms in particular, as follows:

  • Creating Groups: Despite the importance of a brand page on Facebook. However, having a group of its own is necessary because of the great benefits of introducing the service or product emotionally as if you are a friend of the audience and not a seller.
  • Create conversations: To attract customers, you don’t have to wait for a customer to talk to you. Rather, create conversations on social platforms like Twitter by answering all the questions about your product or service and participate in related conversations.
  • Creating informative content: The published content should be educational, informative and interesting, catering to the needs of the audience. So be sure to create fun videos, demos that include strengths, weaknesses, feedback and how to use the product correctly.
  • Create contests: You can create contests where you ask your followers to participate in a certain activity or complete a task, invite friends or share photos of your previously purchased product and then offer a prize that may be a free product or a discount.
  • Creating videos: It can be said that the annual customer attraction through published videos is 66%. Therefore, you should start creating attractive and interesting clips with a sense of humor or videos to respond to the audience and share your experience with them.
  • Respond to inquiries as quickly as possible: The rapid response rate plays a major role in attracting customers who find that the response to their inquiries should not exceed 6 hours as a maximum.
  • Having a committed publishing schedule: In fact, less activity means less interest. Therefore, you should set a weekly publishing schedule of at least 3 publications.

Finally, the most important Strategies to retain customers and attract new customers. Here, we note the importance of the commitment of any project owner to build a strong client base and ensure their loyalty. And that is through the strategies mentioned in our article to increase its market share and enhance its competitiveness.

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