Study costs at Oxford University – our business

Study costs at Oxford University – our business

study costs at oxford university, Oxford University is one of the oldest universities in the United Kingdom. It is one of the most famous educational institutions in modern history, having the best educational system in the world. Many students turn to study at that university because of the benefits that outweigh what the individual learns in classrooms and books, and it is an opportunity For the student to develop his skills, expand his horizons, network of knowledge and life experiences, and let us explain in this article the costs of studying at Oxford University.

Oxford University majors

The University of Oxford belongs to the finest and best teaching systems, as it includes the best geniuses of the most distinguished scholars and university professors in the world. Students who graduated from Oxford University made the best inventions that benefited all of humanity, whether ministers and scholars in all fields. We mention the specialties of Oxford University:

  • Where, astrophysics.
  • Renewable energy engineering.
  • Likewise, forensic sciences.
  • Forensic science and the development of critical understanding.
  • psychology.
  • Sciences.
  • Well, art and design.
  • natural therapy.
  • Law.
  • Also, Mathematical Sciences.
  • Paramedical Sciences.
  • Computer science.
  • As, psychology in sports.
  • Medicine and surgery.
  • Well, marine biology.
  • Chemistry.

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Oxford University Admission Requirements

According to the international rankings, the University of Oxford ranks first in the United Kingdom for the quality of its world-leading research, as the career prospects for distinguished graduates in the United Kingdom remain, so after five years of the embarrassing period, the average salary of Oxford graduates is 43,000 pounds, as follows: Here are the admission requirements for Oxford University:

  • It is required to choose from among the specialist programs offered by the University of Oxford, and then the college’s campus code is placed on the UCAS application form.
  • Also, a letter of up to 2,000 words is submitted to convince the admissions committee that you are a good candidate for the scholarship.
  • The student’s basic academic certificates are also submitted and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • A school grade point average (CGPA) must be submitted and you must have achieved an A grade in all of your subjects, plus a minimum CGPA of 7+ out of 10 is required.
  • Furthermore, submit a comprehensive and clear CV that includes academic certificates, external activities and academic achievements.
  • A certificate of passing standardized tests (GRE / GMAT / SAT and IELTS / TOEFL) must be submitted, depending on the type of scientific disciplines being applied for.
  • And do not forget, pass the personal interview, and if the application for admission is accepted, the student will be summoned to conduct the personal interview, and for international students, the interview is conducted electronically.
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Study costs at Oxford University

When accepting study at Oxford University, the second step lies in preparing for university costs, which include study and living, especially as they are expensive compared to other universities. To clarify more, we mention the costs of studying at Oxford University:

  • Where the costs of studying the English language are about 10,000 euros per year.
  • As for the preparatory year, the cost of studying in it per year is about 8200 euros.
  • Regarding the Faculty of Medicine, the study program is 4 years in length and costs €35,380.
  • As well as the Faculty of Mathematics Sciences, and the length of the study program is 3 years at a cost of 31,230 euros.
  • Specializing in Management Sciences, the duration of the study program is 3 years and costs 31,230 euros.
  • He also specializes in archeology and anthropology, and the length of the study program is 3 years and costs 28,370 euros.
  • Also majoring in geography, the study program is 3 years long and costs 35,380 euros.
  • and the Department of History, the length of the study program is 3 years and it costs 35,380 euros.
  • As for the Faculty of Law, the duration of the study program is 4 years, at a cost of 28,370 euros.
  • and oriental languages, and the length of the study program is 4 years, at a cost of 31,230 euros.

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How to get into the University of Oxford, UK

The university provides nearly 50 undergraduate programs, as well as 250 postgraduate courses, and the registration process for that university is electronic by filling in personal data on the following link: from here.

  • Then followed by submitting the application and the required papers on time according to the university system.
  • The shortlisted applicants will be interviewed online and the final decision will be made in March 2023.
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Scholarships at University of Oxford

The costs of studying at Oxford University for international students from all over the world range from 27,840 pounds to 39,010 pounds. Income level of students, here are the conditions for obtaining scholarships at the University of Oxford:

  • Registration for a new stage of study and not to complete the current study, meaning that it is clearer to register to study a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree from the beginning without completing or equalizing previous academic years.
  • The application must be within the period specified by the university administration so that the application is not considered rejected, as the selection process for students applying for grants takes place between February and June, and the application will not be accepted after the previously announced application period has passed.
  • Most importantly, the applicant’s qualifications match the qualifications needed for the scholarship.

Advantages of studying at Oxford University

Oxford is known as the city of dream towers, a reference to the harmonious architecture of the Oxford University buildings. Recently, it has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination, so that thousands of tourists come every year to see the traditional annual May holiday called Labor Day, and Christchurch College where the legendary Harry Potter movie was filmed, Also, the most prominent advantages that a student can enjoy are explained below:

  • Where the Oxford University graduate remains an example of the highest scientific level.
  • Students can also spend their time in the activities offered by the university, such as playing music and playing sports.
  • Note that most university graduates are employed shortly after their graduation.
  • Furthermore, the average salary for Oxford graduates is £43,000 5 years after their graduation.
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Notable personalities who graduated from Oxford University

English educational institutions are characterized by a specific teaching method, which is based on the training of highly qualified specialists in order to fill the niches in huge international companies with experienced employees, and we mention the most prominent personalities who graduated from Oxford University:

  • Note that four of those who assumed the British throne have graduated from Oxford University.
  • Also 47 of those who have received Nobel Prizes and 25 Prime Ministers of Britain.
  • Among the most prominent of these ancient personalities, Sir Thomas More.
  • As is the economist Adam Smith.
  • Also, author Aldous Huxley
  • Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi
  • Add to that, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

The costs of studying at Oxford University, in this article we discussed many details about Oxford University, the world leader in the field of higher education, and the biggest witness to this is the graduation of world leaders from it, and the outstanding personalities that played a major role on the global stage.

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