Terms of cancellation and return in e-commerce in Turkey

Terms of cancellation and return in e-commerce in Turkey

What you should know about the terms of cancellation and return in e-commerce in Turkey. There is important information that businesses that want to be successful in e-commerce should know about cancellation and return terms. In this week’s article from Go Start Business; We have prepared a how-to article with important information about e-commerce cancellation and return terms.

What are the cancellation and return policies?

The cancellation and return policy states that the product purchased in the online shopping can be returned according to the conditions. E-commerce companies lay the foundations for good service quality by declaring a cancellation and return policy to their customers. Several studies show that consumer-focused cancellation and refund policies have produced positive returns over the long term. When a customer purchases a product and returns it, the process is as expected, which encourages repeat purchases. The important thing in this process is to define a customer-oriented return and cancellation policy. cancellation and return policies; A trusted brand impression is very important in terms of encouraging sales and contributing to the conversion path.

What is the right of return and return period?

The consumer has 14 days to exercise their right to return. The period starts from the date the product is received. There are no conditions for returning products. If the seller does not inform the consumer of the right of return in the distance sales contract, the withdrawal period is updated to 14 days + 1 year.

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Customers who find answers to all of these questions on a brand’s website tend to give the brand a chance. as a result of; Brand credibility and sales will be affected positively.

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